How the German Community handles PTE Requests

deutsche Version

Following the path of some other locales, here are the guidelines for all WordPress Devs who wish to have their products (themes, plugins) localized in German (de_DE, Germany), to give it a wider chance to be adopted by German users.

In order to assure the best possible quality for all translations (and therefore for the products you so dearly worked on), we have established a few rules to grant you PTE (Project Translator Editor) status for your product(s):

  1. If YOU want to become PTE, we follow the WordPress meta handbook for translations recommendations. We’ll not accept such a request if you don’t speak German.
  2. If you don’t speak German and will have a TRANSLATOR working on your product, please have them work on the WP translate platform
  3. You should all follow these steps (either YOU, the Dev, or the Translator):
  • Get yourselves (again, you AND/OR the translator – both would be best for perfect communication) on the German Slack Community, channel #polyglots
    German tutorial how to join our Slack channel.
  • Read the Style Guide;
  • Read the Glossary;
  • Translate as a Contributor;
  • Use our Slack #polyglots channel to get answers for questions that may arise – if you’re not sure, ask first;
  • Do not use Google translator, please. The German de_DE translations are for people who speak German correctly, unfortunately, machines don’t know how to do it. If you are unsure about a translation, let another member of the community translate it;
  • A PTE or a GTE will review the translations;
  • A PTE or a GTE (General Translator Editor) will give you (or translator) the opportune feedback;