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  • A WordPress Flipbook to impress your readers: With dFlip you can create amazing and realistic 3D HTML5 Flipbook that will attract your customers eyes into the PDF content. It is way more intuitive and engaging than traditional PDF Readers.
  • Want easy PDF to Flipbook conversion? dFlip is very easy to use. You just need the PDF link to convert your PDF to flipbook. Powered by Mozilla’s PDF.js Library, the PDF is readily available as a PDF Flipbook WordPress post in no time.
  • Best Rated Premium Flipbook WordPress Plugin in Codecanyon Used by more than 4000 happy premium users and rated 4.9 out of 5. Pro Version

Note: FREE PDF Flipbook Reader for your Browser? We have a FREE!! Google Chrome Extension available where there are no limits like in this lite version. So you can further test your PDF to full extent without installing a plugin to any site. Just open the PDF with Chrome and you have your 3D Flipbook ready. Free Chrome Extension

Amazing Flipbook for WordPress and others

WordPress Flipbook Live Demo
Online Documentation
WordPress Flipbook Pro Version


  • 3D Flipbook to showcase portfolios for Artists
  • Image based HTML5 Flipbook for photographers to add custom hot-spots and link to social sites
  • PDF Flipbook for companies to showcase annual reports
  • CSS HTML5 Flipbook for reading crisp text e-books


  • Realistic 3D Flipbook powered by modern Webgl technology
  • Full Fledged CSS HTML5 Flipbook, available as a fallback when speed matters most
  • Support for links in the PDF Flipbook
  • Easy creation with Post Type and shortcode
  • Custom Hot-spots for Image Flipbook
  • Deep Linking feature so that you can share the flipbook link with others
  • RTL mode for Arabian and RTL mode languages
  • Categories support to display flipbook wordpress post by categories
  • LIGHTBOX MODE for multiple flipbook in a wordpress page
  • Controls Customization
  • Controls LANGUAGE Translation
  • Disable PDF Download for PDF Flipbook
  • Any number of pages.
  • Custom background image
  • Custom Outline/Table of contents for PDF Flipbook

Creating a PDF Flipbook WordPress Post with PDF

  1. Goto ‚dFlip Books > Add New Book‘
  2. Enter the title of the PDF flipbook in Title box
  3. Click on ‚Select PDF‘ button and select a PDF that you want to use for creating your 3D PDF Flipbook
  4. Upload the PDF file if you have not uploaded already and select the PDF file
  5. CLick on ‚Publish‘ button and the page should save and reload

Creating a 3D Flipbook WordPress Post with Images

  1. Goto ‚dFlip Books > Add New Book‘
  2. Enter the title of the 3D Flipbook in Title box
  3. In ‚Book Source Type‘ select ‚Images‘ to create a WordPress Flipbook from images
  4. Click on ‚Add new Page‘ button and select the images you want to use for creating your 3D Flipbook WordPress post
  5. Arrange the order of images by dragging the images left or right
  6. Click on ‚Publish‘ button and the page should save and reload

Adding Flipbook to a WordPress Page

  1. From the 3D Flipbook you just created, copy the shortcode from ‚Shortcode‘ box. Similar to [dflip id=“525″][/dflip]
  2. Goto the page where you want to insert the flipbook and paste the shortcode

Creating a PDF Flipbook with just link

You can create a flipbook with just the link and without creating the dFlip post
1. Goto the page where you want to create a flipbook from pdf
2. Use a shortcode to embed the flipbook: [dflip source=“example.com/wp-content/uploads/file.pdf“]
source is the link to the PDF file that you want to convert to Flipbook


  • Photography Flipbook with custom image background
  • Magazine Flipbook with high number of pages eg.: 240
  • Realistic 3D Flipbook created with a PDF file named MeatAtlas
  • CSS HTML5 Flipbook as fallback ; when the browser doesnt support 3D Webgl
  • Image flipbook for artists
  • PDF FlipBook with table of contents


To install the flipbook plugin, follow these steps inside your WordPress Admin

  1. Goto ‚Plugins > Add New‘ inside WordPress Admin
  2. Search for ‚dflip‘ in the search plugins text box
  3. Locate dFlip – 3D Flipbook WordPress and click on ‚Install Now‘ button
  4. Click on ‚Activate‘ to activate the plugin


How to create a PDF flipbook in a WordPress Page?

  1. Upload a pdf file to your WordPress site.
  2. Inside the Edit page/post, add the following shortcode
    [dflip source=“Path\To\PdfFile.pdf“]
    For more details visit the Online Documentation


23. Juli 2020
Great plugin - client is very happy with the look. Also fantastic response time from the developers and they are very helpful with fixing our specific display issues.
21. Juli 2020
So far so good with this free plug-in. I'm continuing to use it and I will update this if it changes but so far I'm very impressed with everything about it.
26. Juni 2020
I am using the free version and i have to say that is quite full in comparison with other plugins. Thank you very much and five stars from me
22. Mai 2020
Es muy intuitivo y amigable con el usuario, me gusta mucho los efectos que manejan muy recomendable de los mejores que utilice.
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This lite version is available in WordPress repo since version 1.2.8

Version 1.6.10:

[Fixed]: Font issue with multiple flipbooks in a single page.

Version 1.6.9:

[Improvement]: Code updates as per compliance to WordPress guidelines

Version 1.6.8:

[Improvement]: Pages are no longer limited to 30 Pages!!
[Improvement]: PDF Links are available

Version 1.6.7:

[Improvement]: RTL correction in admin area.
[Improvement]: External Translate Feature to support third party Plugin translate (Premium)

Version 1.6.5:

[Improvement]: Page Mode is now also available as Global Setting(premium)

Version 1.6.4:

[Removed]: Custom Fullscreen support for IOS, Lightbox are near alternatives.

Version 1.6.3:

[New Feature]: Page Size option for setting double internal layout
[Fixed]: disableFontFace not required in PDF.js new version so disabled by default.
[Fixed]: Better support for CloudFlare CDN RocketLoader, removed defer attribute as per customer case

Version 1.6.2:

[Fixed]: PageCount fix for booklet mode, Extra pages are not included

Version 1.6.1:

[Fixed]: UI controls name conflict with other custom name function
[Fixed]: FullScreen transparent fix on IOS

Version 1.6.0:

[Improvement]: PDF.JS updated to new version

Version 1.5.9:

[New Feature]: Translate option for loading, mail text and subject (Premium)
[New Feature]: PDF attachment page auto creates flipbook from the PDF file
[Improvement]: Lightbox closes with ESC key

Version 1.5.8:

[New Feature]: Auto disable lite-version when pro-version is activated.

Version 1.5.6:

[New Feature]: Link target options for PDF links
[Improvement]: HTTP and HTTPS file not found conflict is auto-corrected depending on the page protocol

Version 1.5.33:

[New Feature]: Google Analytics beta implementation
[Improvement]: openpage moved to getOptions
[Fixed]: Limit =“-1′ is now as default, no more limited to 5 books only

Version 1.5.21:

[Improvement]: Code refactor for ZoomScale
[Improvement]: Outline is hidden if outline is not avaiable

Version 1.5.19

[Fixed]: Fullscreen fix for Autoheight
[Fixed]: Open Page fix for multiple books with the same id

Version 1.5.15

[Improvement]: Save error details are displayed for debugging.
[Fixed]: Cron updates will also save the dFlip post

Version 1.5.142

[Fixed]: Compatibility issues with php7 if the shortcode is empty by mistake and small notices fixes

Version 1.5.141

[Fixed]: Lightbox size correction while in wp amin

Version 1.5.14

[Fixed]: Auto Height for lightbox set to 100%

Version 1.5.13

[Improvement]: Auto Height
[New Feature]: Controls Position setting
[Improvement]: Requirejs and ES6 compatibility

Version 1.4.3

[Improvement]: https mode is auto-detected when migrating from http
[Fixed]: cMap location updated for newer PDF.js version
[Fixed]: Booklet mode in mobile reverse flips were not clearing old images
[Fixed]: PaddingLeft and PaddingRight fixes

Version 1.4.2

[New Feature]: OpenPage parameter
[Improvement]: compatibility for php 5.2
[Improvement]: Category Limit fix
[Improvement]: Autodetection of code location
[Improvement]: Require.js compaitibilty
[Improvement]: PDF.JS update
[Improvement]: Thumb sync

Version 1.3.3

[New Feature]: Categories for WordPress
[New Feature]: New Short-code to support multiple books
[New Feature]: Range Size option added
[Improvement]: Smooth animated zoom
[Improvement]: Video Tutorials and easy shortcode in post screen
[Improvement]: CMAPs added in options
[Improvement]: canvas mode added in options
[Improvement]: morecontrols options is added
[Improvement]: autoplay options is added
[Improvement]: compatibility for php 5.3
[Fixed]: IE10 compaitibility
[Fixed]: Line-height was overridden in some themes
[Fixed]: Thumb animation removed in safari

Version 1.2.8

[New Feature]: Pinch To Zoom
[New Feature]: PDF annotation icons support
[New Feature]: WebGL shadow option
[New Feature]: Annotation class option
[Improvement]: Clear text in mobile
[Improvement]: Close button for thumbnail and outline
[Improvement]: Added mail and google plus share
[Improvement]: Support loading scripts when there are no script tags available
[Improvement]: Organized maincontrols order
[Improvement]: PDF.js Update
[Improvement]: THREE.js update
[Improvement]: Double size images support
[Improvement]: Webkit CSS support
[Fixed]: Center Align Issue in mobile
[Fixed]: Safari Fixes
[Fixed]: ESC button for full-screen resolved
[Fixed]: Page blur due to size miscalculation
[Fixed]: Missing Outline icon from font-awesome
[Fixed]: __extends() function is not isolated
[Fixed]: RTL booklet update