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16. März 2018
The first and only plugin I found after years of search that really solved that bloody „Leverage Browser Cache“ issue! 5 Stars well deserved. Thanks
22. Februar 2018
It has all the potential to make your site faster but be careful you might crash your site while using it. Just keep on toggling the best feature for you, will let you experience the speed of „flash“.
22. Februar 2018
This plugin is so good. I got my site 99 point with a normal shared hosting
12. Februar 2018
Word to the wise: If you install this plugin, begin to click around it’s dashboard and find yourself sweating or saying „WUT“ a lot, it’s a great indication that you shouldn’t proceed. Not that you shouldn’t try to learn it, you should; but please, do so in a staging area or development environment, not on your live, production website.
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