Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon


Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon plugin helps you to add or update Amazon Associate tag parameters in links.

The plugin automatically changes out shortened amazon links (e.g., that hide the Amazon Associate tag to a long-form link:

Why is this important?

Many website creators use shortened Amazon links. However, if you want to change your affiliate ID tag, you will need to manually find and replace these shortened links with articles.

This plugin will automatically find all shortened links on your website, and replace them with long links that embed your affiliate ID tag.

You save hours of time finding and replacing links, and can immediately start earning revenue to your Amazon Associates account.

Features of the Plugin

  • Automatically finds shortened links in all articles.
  • Expands the links to their original long-form.
  • Replaces the Amazon Associates affiliate ID tag to the one you provided.
  • Automatically replaces all links to their long-form with your own tag.
  • Ability to add “rel=nofollow” to links.


  1. Upload the Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon plugin to your wordpress website.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Then you’ll find the new menu items in sidebar.
  4. There you can enter desired tag and add/update all the links across website.


Why change from shortened to normal affiliate links?

  • Shortened links have an old or previous owner’s Amazon tracking ID embedded. You will not get credit for any sales generated.
  • Cannot use a Amazon specific plugins to manage the affiliate links.
  • Difficult to sell the website in the future since new buyer will have to change over affiliate ID tags.

Should I take a backup before using the plugin?

Yes! Take a backup before each update.

We are not liable if any issues are caused to your site. Backup is always recommended.

How can I verify the Amazon Affiliate link after being replaced is working?

If you would like to double check, you can use the Amazon Link Checker tool within your Amazon Associates account. Enter a final Amazon affiliate link outputted by the plugin from one of your articles into the tool to check whether the structure is correct.


26. Dezember 2021
This is a very simple plugin that does exactly what it says. This plugin saved me weeks of work manually finding all of my amazon links and updating them because my amazon associate ID had changed. I'm very happy with this plugin and highly recommend it. A time saver!
26. Juni 2021
Plugin is good and it changes the tag code what about camp= and creative= code change there is no any option.
31. März 2021
The plugin is very valuable to replace Amazon IDs or expand short Amazon URLs. Thank you for doing it. Some enhancements are required: It does not provide any status of progress; it doesn't always scan all pages; it scans the same pages multiple times (if run multiple times) even if the pages were not edited. All this should be improved. There is an option "Is Scheduled?" besides the tag ID which is unclear what it does, and there is no documentation available.
4. August 2020
I don't leave reviews but since this is a new plugin and it saved me so much time I figured the least I could do was leave a quick review. Easy to use and got the job done thanks!
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  • Release Date – 19 December 2019*
  • Plugin create
  • Add Support for short and full amazon links


  • Release Date – 29 December 2019*
  • Check permission per post/page during update/backup processes
  • Add ajax support


  • Release Date – 29 December 2019*
  • Add preloader icon
  • Fixed readme file
  • Make unique callback actions with prefixes


  • Release Date – 08 March 2020*
  • Add ability to make only expand shortended links
  • Add ability to add no-follow attribute for amazon links
  • Add ability to remove tags from affiliate tags


  • Release Date – 29 November 2021*
  • Update readme file


  • Release Date – 27 December 2021*
  • Update readme file
  • Update Settings page
  • Update Menu Links Title