CAPTCHA 4WP – Antispam CAPTCHA solution for WordPress


A free and easy-to-use CAPTCHA plugin for WordPress

Protect your WordPress forms and login pages from spam and automated attacks with CAPTCHA 4WP. Choose from multiple ReCAPTCHA versions and strike the right balance between security and user experience.

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Use the CAPTCHA 4WP plugin to add CAPTCHA checks to WordPress forms and logins. Choose from any of the below Google reCAPTCHA methods to ensure the best user experience at all times without compromosing security. Avoid false positives falling through the crack with V3 failover to ensure humans can still pass the test even if the result comes back below the passmark:

  • V2 (I’m not a robot)
  • 2 Invisible
  • V3 noCAPTCHA

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CAPTCHA 4WP key plugin features and capabilities

  • Add CAPTCHA to WordPress native forms such as login pages, user registration and comments forms etc
  • Supports multiple Google ReCAPTCHA versions
  • User-friendly wizards for easy, hassle-free setup
  • Set ReCAPTCHA V3 passmark score
  • ReCAPTCHA failover configuration (ensure no prospect is incorrectly marked as spam)
  • Plugin automatically detects visitors’ language and shows CAPTCHA in that language
  • Much more

Upgrade to CAPTCHA 4WP Premium and get even more

With the premium edition of CAPTCHA 4WP, you can choose from a wider range of CAPTCHA service providers, 1-click WooCommerce and other 3rd party plugin support, whitelisting, and much more.

Premium features list

  • Everything in the free version
  • Add CAPTCHA from hCaptcha and Cloudflare Turnstile on your websites, both free and GDPR compliant
  • Add Geoblocking on forms and WordPress comments form (block / limit form submissions or comment posting by country)
  • Customization options for the CAPTCHA checks text, visual and position on the forms
  • One-click integration with WooCommerce
  • One-click integration with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WPForms, BuddyPress & other plugins
  • Much more

Refer to the CAPTCHA 4WP plugin features and benefits page to learn more about the benefits of upgrading to the Premium version of CAPTCHA 4WP.

Free and premium support

Premium world-class support for CAPTCHA 4WP is free via email or through the WordPress support forums.

Note: paid customer support is given priority and is provided via one-to-one email. Upgrade to Premium to benefit from priority support.

For any other queries, feedback, or if you simply want to get in touch with us, please use our contact form.

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Installing CAPTCHA 4WP

From within WordPress

  1. Navigate to „Plugins“page and click the „Add New“ button
  2. Search for „CAPTCHA 4WP“
  3. Cick install and after that activate the plugin


  1. Download the plugin from the WordPress plugins repository
  2. Unzip the zip file and upload the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate CAPTCHA 4WP through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress


  • The wizard makes configuration a breeze.
  • Use the wizard to choose your preferred CAPTCHA version and seamlessly connect to the service provider.
  • When using ReCAPTCHA V3, you can also choose a failover action to avoid false negatives falling through the cracks.
  • ReCAPTCA V3 in the WordPress login form.
  • ReCAPTCA V2 „I’m not a robot“ in the WordPress comments form.
  • ReCAPTCA V2 „I’m not a robot“ in the password reset request form.
  • ReCAPTCA V2 „I’m not a robot“ in the password reset form.
  • The CAPTCHA configuration can easily be seen in the plugin’s configuration page.


Kann ich das Plugin in meiner Sprache nutzen?

Yes. this plugin is translator ready. If you want to help translating this plugin in your language please contact us.

Can i show multiple CAPTCHA’s on the same page?

Yes. You can show an unlimited number of CAPTCHA’s on the same page.

How can I add CAPTCHA to a form created with Contact Form 7?

Use the unique 1-click feature: simply click the „Add CAPTCHA“ button in the Contact Form 7 form builder to add the CAPTCHA to the form. Support for Contact Form 7, WPForms, Gravity Forms and other popular third party plugins is only available in CAPTCHA 4WP Premium.

How can I add Captcha to WooCommerce checkout and other pages?

Simply select the WooCommerce page you want to add CAPTCHA to in the plugin’s CAPTCHA placement settings. You can also specify where exactly you want to add the CAPTCHA test on the checkout page. Support for WooCommerce and other third party plugins is only available in CAPTCHA 4WP Premium. Get your free 14-day plugin trial today.


3. April 2024
I was receiving 50+ spam registrations a day and this plugin saved me. The support team was excellent in helping me realize I needed to enable a few setting to get this working for my needs but as soon as I enabled those settings everything worked great. Very happy with this.
13. Februar 2024
For the past week, my site has been inundated with fake account registrations. Since adding this plugin yesterday there haven’t been any new ones. I’m hopeful that it won’t cause any problems for students signing up for my courses.
8. Januar 2024
Had an issue on the Registration Form of a multi-site installation, where the reCAPTCHA field wasn’t being loaded and displayed, after a major PHP / WordPress upgrades. Robert and his team promptly helped, with active support and genuine interest to figure out the root-cause of the issue, and fix the problem. Thank you!
27. Dezember 2023 1 Antwort
Don’t work on Woocommerce review product page.
5. Dezember 2023
I started using the plugin a few weeks ago and it did not work right away, since we are using a special theme. After contacting the support team, the issue was resolved quickly, even thought it was a problem, which was no easy to find. But the support team was quick, very friendly, brought up some good ideas and solutions. I can recommend using this plugin!
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7.5.0 (20240319)

Version 7.5.0 introduces several enhancements and new features to improve the functionality and user experience of the plugin:

New Features:

  • Geoblocking for forms: Block submission of forms or comments based on countries (Premium).
  • Geoblocking for WordPress comments: Block comments, send comments to spam, mark comments for moderation based on the country of origin (Premium).


  • The „Settings & Placements“ page has been redesigned for a more spacious and visually pleasing appearance.
  • Additional wizard configuration steps have been implemented to allow users to easily activate captcha when setting up the plugin.
  • Applied enhanced labeling and terminology throughout the plugin, also addressing some grammar issues.
  • Internal links within the plugin have been adjusted, including updates to URLs directing users to the new pricing page.
  • Introduced an option to enable Signup form protection on multisite installations.
  • Notices for site administrators in multisite networks have been improved for clarity.
  • Updated the minimum required PHP version for the plugin from 7.2 to 7.4 to ensure compatibility with current standards.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an edge case issue preventing login to sites using the WooCommerce login form.
  • Corrected a minor CSS problem with the V2 Invisible method, preventing the captcha logo from appearing within the login form container.
  • Fixed an edge case scenario where users could become stuck within the configuration wizard.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the plugin was installed on site with PHP 7.2 or lower.

Refer to the CAPTCHA 4WP releases page for an over view of what is new and improved in every update of the plugin. Refer to the CAPTCHA 4WP plugin changelog for the complete detailed list of what was new, improved and fixed in previous version updates of CAPTCHA 4WP.