Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha (v2 & v3)


Show any type of Captcha (such as noCaptcha or invisible Captcha) on any form on your WordPress website, such as on comment forms, Contact Form 7, bbPress, BuddyPress, woocommerce, Login, Register, Lost Password, Reset Password. With this plugin you can implement any type of Captcha check to any form easily, within just minutes.

  • Erlaubt mehrere Captchas auf einer Seite.
  • Bedingtes Anmeldecaptcha (Du kannst einstellen, nach wie vielen fehlgeschlagenen Anmeldeversuchen reCaptcha gezeigt wird.)

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Maintained & Supported by WP White Security

WP White Security is a European development company that builds high-quality WordPress security & management plugins. Check out our list of WordPress plugins that can help you better manage and improve the security of your WordPress websites and users.

Zeigt noCaptcha auf den folgenden Seiten:

  • Comment forms
  • WooCommerce
  • Login page
  • Registration page
  • Multisite user signup
  • Lost and / or reset password
  • Contact Form 7
  • FEP Kontaktformular
  • bbPress(New topic, reply to topic & registration)

Additional features

  • You can select which version of reCaptcha to use (v2 I’m not robot checkbox, v2 invisible or v3)
  • Sprache kann geändert werden
  • Fehlermeldungen können angepasst werden
  • Für v2 (Ich bin kein Roboter): Vorlage und Größe können geändert werden.
  • Für v2 (unsichtbar): Vorlage und Position können geändert werden.
  • Für v3: Punkte und Ladezeitpunkt können konfiguriert werden.
  • Option zum Anzeigen oder Verbergen für angemeldete Benutzer
  • Das Captcha wird auch bei deaktiviertem JavaScript angezeigt (optional)


  • This plugin sends the visitor’s IP address to Google for captcha verification (this is normal on all websites that use any type of Captcha). Please read the Google Privacy Policy for more information.
  • Wenn Du „Zeige das Anmelde Captcha nach wie vielen Fehlversuchen?“ auf mehr als 0(Null) setzt, dann wird ein Hashwert der IP des Nutzers in der Datenbank gespeichert. Nach der erfolgreichen Anmeldung wird der Hashwert aus der Datenbank gelöscht.


  • Captcha im Kommentar-Formular
  • Captcha in Contact Form 7
  • Captcha in WooCommerce (mehrere auf der selben Seite)
  • Captcha in Anmeldeformular
  • Captcha auf Registrierungsseite
  • Captcha auf Passwort zurücksetzen Seite
  • Advanced noCaptcha reCaptcha Einstellungen
  • Advanced noCaptcha reCaptcha Installationsanleitung


  1. „advanced-nocaptcha-recaptcha“ in das Verzeichnis „/wp-content/plugins/“ hochladen
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin über das Plugins Menü in WordPress.
  3. Für Anpassungen geh zur Plugin Einstellungsseite.


Kann ich das Plugin in meiner Sprache nutzen?

Ja, dieses Plugin ist übersetzbar. Wenn deine Sprache nicht verfügbar ist, bist du herzlich eingeladen uns zu helfen und es in deine Sprache zu übersetzen.

Kann ich mehrere Captchas auf einer Seite nutzen?

Ja, Du kannst unbegrenzt viele Captchas auf einer Seite anzeigen.

Wie kann ich das reCaptcha v3 Script einbinden, wenn auf der Seite nur ein Formular ist?

Das v3 Script auf allen Seiten zu laden hilft Google bei der Analyse. Wenn Du das Script nur auf Formularseiten laden lassen möchtest, geh zu deinem Dashboard -> Einstellungen -> Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha -> v3 Script laden und setze den Wert auf „Formular Seiten“.
Wenn Du v3 nicht benutzt, lädt das Script nur, wenn ein Formular auf der Seite ist.

Wie nutze ich Captchas in Contact Form 7?

Um noCaptcha anzuzeigen, nutze [anr_nocaptcha g-recaptcha-response]

How to set captcha in WooCommerce?

If Login Form, Registration Form, Lost Password Form, Reset Password Form is selected in SETTINGS page of this plugin, they will show and verify Captcha in WooCommerce respective forms as well.

Wie melde ich mich an, wenn ich mich ausgeschlossen habe?

Du kannst per FTP oder Dateimanager auf das Filesystem zugreifen und den Ordner „advanced-nocaptcha-recaptcha“ umbenennen. Danach meldest du dich normal an und setzt den Namen des Ordners wieder zurück..


8. Oktober 2021
Plugin works flawlessly. I use the free version on my personal website and the PRO version on my eCommerce site. The free version works perfectly with default WordPress login forms and registration forms. I use the V2 Invisible, tested the forms using a bot and it displayed the image puzzle as expected.
7. Oktober 2021
I've been using this plugin for a while. It's under new management now. I hope it will continue to be as useful as it has been in the past. I'm thankful for a reasonable answer to captcha on wordpress.
10. September 2021
Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha (v2 & v3) has just been taken over by WP White Security. Straight away they are already selling a pro version for extraordinary costs per month, and have announced that they intend to greatly alter the functionality of this simple and effective plugin, by adding lots of unwanted functionality that to us will be bulkware. Other companies have taken over great plugins and destroyed the simple functionality and WP White Security are going that way already full-steam ahead. I for one will be looking elsewhere for another plugin that only does what it was originally intended for not a whole load of bulk code added on. Yet another good plugin ruined by a buyout.
8. September 2021
This is an extremely frustrating plugin to use. I had it implemented on all my sites, but now it simply doesn't work. It locks you out of your own site no matter what you do. The only way to access your site is to manually disable it by editing filenames. Unfortunate! Works great with CF7 forms, but as substantial spam gets through CF7 forms despite this plugin on a regular basis, it's pretty much lost its utility for me; certainly not worth the effort.
21. Juni 2021
We extensively use custom fields and recently discovered THOUSANDS of rows of data in our options table with an alpha-numeric value for many of our authors, contributors. This plugin was discovered to be the culprit after toying around with the plugins for a few weeks. Has since been removed and another put in its place - any clue what has happened to the developer for this plugin?
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6.1.7 (20211006)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated all the FAQs and help text links to point to the new documentation pages.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved the help text for CAPTCHA v3 to better explain the severity scoring system.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Ensure CAPTCHA is not loaded when a page is viewed via Wthe P customizer/Widget view (introduced in WP 5.8)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better support for PHP8
  • FIX: Updated the CF7 field to ensure error messages are shown correctly when validation fails.
  • FIX: Stopped CAPTCHA from being enforced on reset links, which causes sending of reset links via admin to fail.
  • FIX: Admin notice dismissal is improved to avoid load „blank“ tabs.
  • FIX: Updated how form submission is handled during validation to improve compatibility (CAPTCHA V2).
  • FIX: Fixed issue with CAPTCHA always failing validation on password reset screen (CAPTCHA V2).
  • FIX: Fixed issue with CAPTCHA validation failing on WooCommerce checkout.

6.1.6 (20210907)

  • UPDATE: Announcing new developer + future updates.


  • FIX: error in php version 7.4


  • Use tab navigation for settings. Remove extra menu items from admin sidebar.
  • Link to documentation on How to get google reCAPTCHA keys.
  • Increase footer hook priority as some theme add login/register form with higher priority.


  • domain added.
  • Error message now can be translated in file.


  • Add Contact form 7 integration instruction page link in settings page of this plugin.


  • recaptcha domain can now be changed from settings.
  • footer script hook priority changed.
  • use same settings if network activated.
  • for cf7, use this plugins captcha instead of cf7 captcha.


  • Kleinere Fehlerbehebung.


  • IP-Whitelist-Funktion hinzugefügt.
  • Zeitüberschreitungsproblem bei Captcha V3 behoben.
  • UM-Anmelde-Problem behoben.


  • Return last verify incase of duplicate checking.
  • Add google scripts src filters.
  • Custom hook and captcha shortcode now support logged in setup.


  • Fix: Multisite site signup during registration failed due to double verification.
  • Fix: Comment reply failed from back-end.


  • Benutzung von JS statt PHP für Schleifen.
  • Use number_formate_i18n to translate float
  • „Getestet bis“ aktualisiert.


  • Fix: Compatibility issue with reCaptcha v3 and CF7 version 5.1 & 5.1.1


  • Now support reCaptcha v3 also
  • Korrektur: Unsichtbares Captcha hat manchmal nicht funktioniert
  • anr_verify_captcha filter added


  • PRO Version veröffentlicht
  • anr_verify_captcha_pre filter added
  • anr_get_option filter added


  • Reset captcha if CF7 validation error occur
  • Changed Tested up to


  • BuddyPress mentioned in readme
  • WooCommerce checkout captcha sometimes did not verify
  • Reset captcha if WooCommerce checkout error occur
  • If WordPress version is 4.9.0 or greater then pre_comment_approved filter used for comment which we can now return WP_Error


  • Settings page redesigned.
  • anr_is_form_enabled function added
  • Captcha error show first before username password error. So if captcha is not validated then username password error is not shown.
  • enqueue login css only if normal captcha is shown
  • Enabled forms stored as an array in db. array key is enabled_forms
  • Add class ANR_Settings, removed class anr_admin_class
  • BuddyPress register captcha added


  • Sometimes fatal error if is_admin return true in front-end.
  • Do not show captcha in checkout if not checked for checkout.


  • Now show captcha when use wp_login_form() function to create login form.


  • Fix: Settings page checkbox uncheck was not working.


  • New: Show captcha after set failed login attempts (may not work if you use ajax based login form, fall back to show always).
  • Fix: contact form 7 deprecated function use.


  • New: Invisible captcha feature added.
  • Fix: Show captcha error when login form loaded
  • Move this plugin settings page under Settings


  • Bug fix: WooCommerce lostpassword corrupted link


  • Comment form captcha issue fixed.
  • Captcha now wraped in anr_captcha_field div class.
  • Comment form captcha p tag removed.


  • Sicherheitsupdate.
  • WooCommerce checkout form issue fixed.


  • Captcha in WooCommerce added (WooCommerce Login, Registration, Lost password, Reset password forms).
  • Allow multiple captcha in same page.
  • Text domain changed.
  • Einige kleine Korrekturen.


  • New filter ‚anr_same_settings_for_all_sites‘ added, Now same settings can be used for all sites in Multisite.
  • Multisite User Signup Form added.
  • Einige Korrekturen.


  • Now captcha size can be changed.
  • bbPress New topic added
  • bbPress reply to topic added
  • Einige Korrekturen.


  • Initial release.