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Advanced Sermons is a brand new beautiful, modern sermon plugin that integrates seamlessly with any WordPress theme. An easy to use interface allows you to add video and audio sermons to your website with ease.

Would you like to see the plugin in action before installing it? We have a Advanced Sermons demo website showcasing all of it features!

Beautiful Modern Sermon Plugin for WordPress

Your website represents your church online. It reflects the power of your community, the beauty of your buildings, the passion of your members, and the traditions of your church. A beautiful and functional website is not an additional expense, it is an investment to your church and community. Advanced Sermons is designed to bring beauty and functionality into one simple package.

80+ Built-in Design Modules

We know how important your brand and image is to you. That’s why when we built Advanced Sermons we made sure to give you the ability to completely brand and style your sermons the way you want to.

Gone are the days of hiring a developer to make minor CSS changes. Advanced Sermons design modules are so easy, any team member can customize the look of your sermons in minutes.

Developer Friendly

There are many hooks available to customize Advanced Sermons further. Everything from adding custom metabox fields, more filter sermon options, and new sections on the single sermon template.

Have a custom feature you’re interested in? Our developers are here to help when you need it.

Free Version Features + Solutions

  • Video & Audio Sermons – Your media can be uploaded via WordPress or from popular sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.
  • Filter by Series, Topics & Speakers – Filter your sermons with the easy to use filter bar allowing you to select your favorite speakers, topics, or series.
  • Assign Speaker & Series Images – Create a more personalized experience by adding speaker and series images.
  • 80+ Built-in Design Modules – Take full control of your sermons appearance without touching a line of code.
  • General Settings – Change the function, style, and look of your sermons with our in-depth easy to use settings pages.
  • View Count – Track view counts of sermons to get a better understanding of what your congregation is interested in.
  • Title Design Settings – Hide, customize, and style the title areas of Advanced Sermons to match your theme.
  • Custom CSS – Easily add your own custom CSS for a more custom appearance.
  • Comments – Display or hide comments on the single sermon page.
  • Hide Filter Bar – Master switch to remove the filter bar on the archive page.
  • Quick Links – Manage your sermons quickly and easily with the Manage Sermons quick links in the toolbar.
  • Compatible with any Theme – We’ve worked hard to make sure Advanced Sermons is compatible with nearly every WordPress theme on the market.
  • Easy To Use & Manage – Designed so that any staff member, volunteer, or paster can easily add and edit sermons and series.
  • Developer Friendly – There are many hooks available to customize Advanced Sermons to your needs.

Pro Version Features

  • Accent Color – Choose a personalized accent color to match your church’s branding.
  • Bible Passages – Add a bible passage reference to sermons that automatically links to Bible Gateway.
  • Bible Version and Translation – Customize the bible passage version and translation.
  • Archive Page Slug – Change the slug of the sermon archive page.
  • Customize Sermon, Speakers, and Topics Label – Use the term Messages instead of Sermons? No problem! Customize the verbiage for your needs.
  • Display Series Details – Display series image, title, and description above sermons on the single series page.
  • Display Speaker Details – Display speaker image, position, social links, name, and description above sermons on the single speaker page.
  • Search Results – Display sermons in the default WordPress search results.
  • Powerful Sermon Shortcodes – Sermon Shortcodes – Display sermons anywhere on your website using our parameter shortcodes.
  • Powerful Series Shortcodes – Series Shortcodes – Display series anywhere on your website using our parameter shortcodes.
  • Powerful Speakers Shortcode – Speakers Shortcode – Display a beautiful grid view of all speakers anywhere on your website that links to their sermon.
  • Powerful Widget Shortcodes – Widget Shortcodes – Display beautiful widgets to add throughout your churches website.
  • Customize Filter Bar – Customize which filter options you would like to display on your website.
  • Social Share Section – Add a social share section to the single sermon page.
  • Related Sermons – Display related sermons on the single sermon page that are in the same series.
  • Hide Meta Box Fields – Simplify the edit sermon page by hiding meta fields your church doesn’t use.
  • Duplicate Sermons – Duplicate sermons allows you to duplicate existing sermons to save you time and energy.
  • Sermon Sidebar – Display a sidebar on the sermon single page.
  • Always Default Image – Display the default image on the single sermons page instead of the sermon image.
  • Thumbnail Sizing – Change the sermon and series thumbnail height.
  • Pagination Customization – Change the number of sermons you would like to display before pagination is enabled.
  • Excerpt Length – Customize the number of words to be displayed per sermon on the archive and shortcode list.

Shortcodes – Pro Version

Example Shortcode – [asp-sermons order="DESC" post="3" speaker="john-smith"]


[asp-sermons order="DESC"]

‚DESC‘ – Ascending order from newest to oldest.
‚ASC‘ – Ascending order from oldest to newest.

[asp-sermons orderby="date"]

‚date‘ – Order by date.
‚title‘ – Order by title.
‚rand‘ – Random Order.
‚modified‘ – Order by last modified date.

[asp-sermons post="3"]

‚int‘ – Number of sermons to show. Use -1 to show all.

[asp-sermons series="the-journey"]

’series-slug‘ – Enter series slug to display only that series. Seperate with comma to display multiple series.
I.e: the-journey,stronger

[asp-sermons speaker="john-smith"]

’speaker-slug‘ – Enter series slug to display only that series. Seperate with comma to display multiple series.
I.e: john-smith,george-krenz


Displays the latest series in a grid format.


Display a beautiful grid view of all speakers.


With multiple style options you can add sermon, series, and speaker widgets throughout your churches website.

Thank You

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy Advanced Sermons. If you have any suggested features we would love to hear them! You can contact us here.



Using this plugin is very simple. All you have to do is:


  1. Upload the advanced-sermons folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure settings by going to Sermons > General Settings


How do I get support?

In the case that you need help with Advanced Sermons, you can submit a support ticket on our support page. We will make sure to get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Most likely the same day during our business hours.

Does Advanced Sermons work on my WordPress multisite?

Not yet as a network activated plugin, however you can install it individually on a multisite setup. We hope to work on network activated in the future.


23. Mai 2020
You can tell that the developers both understand the needs of the users (very functional and complete), while at the same time understand the technical limits of who will be using it (backend very clearly/simply designed). Everything pretty much works right out of the box and tailoring the details is easy. Also I'm very impressed with the support. They are super responsive and really want to help fix things. That really puts me at ease as I plan on relying on this plugin for the foreseeable future with clients!
20. April 2020
We had an issue when adding Youtube video links. Kevin actually answered an email to support on off-support hours, and after a few exchanges and suggestions, directed us right to the problem, which was a setting in the Smush plugin causing a conflict.
7. Februar 2020
I'm a newbie to all of this and was looking for a plugin to help organize our sermons when I ran across Advanced Sermons. It's a great resource and solved my problem. On top of that, I know little of CSS or HTML and Kevin was amazing, patient and best of all, super prompt in responding to my requests. It has been a pleasure working with him. I highly recommend this plugin if you are searching for a way to organize your content!
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  • Fix: Modified the_post_thumbnail default size to increase compatibility with some WordPress themes that had a set post thumbnail size defined
  • Updated: CSS stylesheets to remove unwanted text padding and margin spacing that is automatically applied by some WordPress themes


  • Updated: Font Awesome to 4.7
  • Updated: Sermon position on dashboard menu moved to help reduce any conflicts
  • Updated: User capability to access general settings has been changed to manage_options
  • Updated: Plugin optimizations
  • New: Disable Font Awesome settings
  • New: Element design options
  • New: Sermon speaker detail fields
  • New: Pro Feature – Bible Passage field added to sermons
  • New: Pro Feature – Display series details on single series page
  • New: Pro Feature – Display speaker details on single speaker page
  • New: Pro Feature – Option to hide meta fields from sermon edit page
  • New: Pro Feature – Speakers shortcode
  • New: Pro Feature – Sermon widget shortcode
  • New: Pro Feature – Series widget shortcode
  • New: Pro Feature – Speaker widget shortcode


  • New: Customization menu item for developers to add custom options to Advanced Sermons
  • New: Added more hooks for developers


  • Updated: Ready for WordPress 5.3


  • Fix: Filter button background color design settings not working


  • New: Show filtered search criteria on archive page in new criteria bar
  • New: Archive option to hide criteria box
  • New: Single sermon option to remove archive button
  • New: Customize sermon label
  • Fix: Filter bar button hover background color value wrong in design settings
  • Fix: Archive speaker name in-correct when sermon had multiple speakers
  • Updated: Select and display up to five speakers for a single sermon


  • New: Select and display up to two speakers for a single sermon
  • New: Version control Advanced Sermons CSS stylesheets
  • New: Added a all sermons button on single sermon page
  • Update: Hide single sermon content border if there is no content


  • Fix: Multiple inline styling spacing on design settings for a better UI
  • Fix: Minor single sermon CSS theme compatibility modifications
  • Update: Language translation compatibility


  • New: Customize topic label
  • New: Style pagination button design options
  • New: Style filter bar dropdown design options
  • New: Style filter bar button design options
  • New: Style archive sermon details design options
  • New: Style single sermon details design options
  • New: Add action hooks throughout Advanced Sermons to allow custom modifications
  • New: Customize filter bar with the ability to hiding filter options
  • New: Display filter criteria in archive title
  • Fix: 404 redirect error on subdirectory installs


  • Update: Styling compatibility to have better format results with all themes.


  • Fix: Remove on-change event from speaker and series filter bar. Will filter when selecting filter button now.
  • New: Disable Sermon image option. Display the default title background image on the single sermon page instead of the sermon image.


  • Update: Plugin Optimization
  • New: Added sermon content width options
  • New: Archive Sermon title font customization
  • New: Archive Sermon excerpt font customization
  • New: Sermon title font customization
  • New: Sermon paragraph font customization
  • New: Sermon details font color customization
  • Fix: Sermon content default width compatibility with more themes.


  • New: Add page background color to design settings.
  • New: Add custom CSS to design settings.
  • Fix: Set default ASP page templates to background color white.


  • Initial Release!