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Agile Store Locator is the most comprehensive WordPress Store Locator/Finder Plugin that offers you immediate access to all the stores in your local area with Google Maps V3. You can add unlimited stores with this stores with category management. It enables you to find the very best stores and accurate geolocation about each store that suits a customer inquiry.

Store Locator WordPress – Highlighted Features

  • Highly Responsive UI Design
  • Stores Management for unlimited Markers
  • Category Management with Markers
  • Logo Selection for each Store
  • API Key insertion Option
  • Set Default Lat/Lng for Google Maps
  • Sort to Map Screen View
  • Find Direction in KM and Miles in Store Locator
  • Stylish InfoBox for Google Maps
  • Show the Driving Direction of the Store from current Location
  • Search Direction by Zip, City, State, Country
  • GeoLocation API Supported within Store Locator
  • Draggable Marker to PinPoint Location in Admin
  • Show Timing of Stores
  • Category Markers can be applied to Stores
  • Customize the Default Zoom Level From Admin Panel
  • Enable/Disable a Store
  • Customizable Template using Plugin Editor
  • Multilingual plugins
  • Google Map Type Selection „hybrid“, „roadmap“, „satellite“, and „terrain“
  • Locate address by Zip Code, Town, City or State
  • Maps regions and Maps Language feature
  • Delete all stores Option
  • and so much more

Available Translations

  • German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, and Japanese

Agile Store Locator – Documentation
Store Locator Documentation with ShortCodes.
Store Locator Knowledge base.
Store Locator Blog.

Premium Version

Buy the Best Store Finder Plugin | Pro Version Demo Link

Store Locator Template 1 | Store Locator Demo Template 2 | Store Locator Template 3

  • 5 Beautiful Themes for the frontend Store Locator.
  • Multiple Layouts with Listing and Accordion Option.
  • Accordion template with a hierarchy of Countries, States, Cities and Stores.
  • Color Palette for Google Maps Plugin UI Color Selection.
  • Multiple Beautiful InfoWindow.
  • Extra Template for Deals Websites to show their exciting Deals on Maps.
  • Extra Template for Real Estate websites to show their Properties and categorize them into Sale, Rent, and Featured.
  • Easily customize your info window content, which is a unique feature.
  • Easily customize your store list by just adding few keywords.
  • Admin Dashboard with all the stats of your markers, stores, categories, and search.
  • Analytics Bar Chart to Show user searches which location they have searched most and which store is seen most.
  • Analytics Bar Chart to Show Searches, top stores, and top locations.
  • Time Selection for Each Day for Every Location.
  • Duplicate any Store with a Single Click.
  • Add Markers with Each Category, Switch between Category Markers and Default Markers.
  • 2 Prompt Location Dialog for GeoLocation.
  • Prompt Location 2nd Dialog the ask user to enter his Default Location in case site is not using SSL.
  • Assign Multiple Categories to a single store.
  • All the ASL Settings can be Overridden by ShortCode Attributes.
  • Add Minimum and Maximum Zoom Level for your Google maps.
  • Fetch Location Coordinates (Lat/Lng) as you type in store address.
  • Too many markers? Enable Marker Clustering.
  • Full-Width Interactive Google Maps Template.
  • Logo Management Panel.
  • Maps Marker Management Panel.
  • Choose Stores Time Format 12 or 24 Hours.
  • Choose Distance unit Miles/KM.
  • Draggable Marker to PinPoint Location.
  • Manage Markers icons with names ( UPDATE, ADD and Delete).
  • Set the zoom level of marker clicked.
  • Manage Categories icons with names ( UPDATE, ADD and Delete).
  • Import / Export Stores Excel Sheet with all the columns.
  • Delete All Stores with Single Click.
  • Choose a Google map type Hybrid, Roadmap, Satellite or Terrain.
  • Prompt Location shows the dialog box for confirmation to share current location.
  • Show Distance to each Store from Current Location.
  • Set Default Zoom of your Google Map.
  • Load on bound fetch Only markers of the Screen view of Google Map.
  • Custom Filter Option.
  • Disable Scroll Wheel of Google Maps.
  • Show additional Information about Store.
  • Enable/Disable Advance Filter.
  • Assign Marker to Each Category and Enable Category Markers.
  • Draw Shapes/Circle around your best locations.
  • Change Placeholder Text for your search field.
  • Show Category Icons instead of Marker icons.
  • Enable/Disable Distance Slider.
  • Distance Dropdown and Slider.
  • Sort by Distance, City and State.
  • Set Google Maps Language.
  • Set Default Lat/Lng of your Map.
  • Change Header Title Text.
  • Change font color for default Template.
  • Change Category Title Text.
  • Enable/Disable Store List Panel.
  • Search Stores with Search by search by Store ID, Title, Description, Street, State, City, Phone, Email, URL, Postal Code, Disabled, Marker, Start Time, End Time, Logo and Created Date.
  • Customize your Google maps with Drawing Overlay (Polygon, Rectangle, Circle) of Multiple Colors.
  • Choose Maps look and feel from Snazzy Maps.
  • Search by Address with an auto-panning option.
  • Add Google Layers to Show Traffic, Transit, and Bike Layers.
  • Enable Marker Animation.
  • Restrict your Google Search to Country.
  • Switch between Google Search and Title Search on Store Locator.
  • Enable Full Width for your Plugin.
  • Enable/Disable Analytics of Store Locator.
  • Enable/Disable Sort by Bound.
  • Add Text for „No Item Found“.
  • Show Nearest Stores from search location.
  • Default Category Selection Option
  • Option to select Map Language
  • Option to select Map Region for Tiles
  • Logo Manger with Listing
  • Full Screen Map and Fixed
  • Search on Bound Button
  • Show Limited Stores
  • Select Default Category
  • Show Center Button
  • 60+ Advance Options for Store Locator Admin.
  • GeoDirectory Supported.

Real Estate and Deals Maps are included in the plugin which makes it complete Location Finder plugin with beautiful Listing.

For Help, Please create a ticket here, we will reply at our earliest.


  • FrontView
  • FrontView with Infobox
  • FrontView with Direction Dailog
  • FrontView with Direction Panel
  • Add Store Panel


Installation of this plugin is pretty easy.

  1. Upload the extracted plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation, or upload it directly from your plugins section in the WordPress admin panel.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
  3. That’s it!


How to add it on Page or Post?

With the easy shortcode, you can add Store Locator on page, paste the [ASL_STORELOCATOR] shortcode on your page or post.

Why Search is not working?

Either Google Maps key is not added with service or you have Multiple inclusion of Google Maps API Key

Multiple inclusion of Google Maps

The most basic error is because of multiple times inclusion of Google maps, you can resolve the problem with the help of this guide „Plugin’s Map is Slow and Malfunctioning“.

Oops! Something went wrong

This error on maps occur when you haven’t added your Google maps API key in your ASL Settings, how you can generate Google Maps API Key?

What we do if there are too many markers?

The plugin does support Marker Clustering so it will not be a problem, you just have to enable marker clustering from admin panel.

Does this plugin support Category Markers?

Separate Marker for each category is available in Agile Store Locator Pro version.

Search Address field is not showing Google Address Type-ahead?

Please make sure the API key is added properly and you don’t have multiple markers inclusion issue on your page.

How to add a site link in the listing?

To add site link, follow the guide article Add a Site Link in Store Locator List.

Why GeoLocation not working?

SSL is must for GeoLocation feature in browsers, [guide article].(


24. September 2019
I really love this plugin. Immeninantly hackable and versatile once you get comfortable under the hood. Support is pretty responsive but the on-site FAQs usually have all the info you need to solve your problems. We're using this not as a store finder but as an internal mapping tool and we really really love it.
8. Juli 2019
I use both free and paid plugin and all I have to say is that the support is outstanding, very helpful and fast. Thank you very much
17. Juni 2019
That store locator is quiet well, but . . . you have only one chance to set the opening hours: When you establish a new store. Later on there is no way to adjust the opening times. That really doesn't fit my needs.
11. Januar 2019
The plugin has everything you need when you work with Google Maps, but I want to thank to the great support team that solved my problem in less then 10 minutes.
11. Dezember 2018
This is really a good solution with many settings and very good performance. And - with a very good support, if necessary.
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Updated Help Guide
Translation Updated
More Compatible


Added Distance in List and InfoWindow
Multiple Time slots per Day
Updated the Backend of Locator
Some new awesome updates


Sweetalert conflict
Bootstrap Conflict
Delete All Stores Optin
Maps Language feature
Maps Region feature


Show Closest Stores first (Sort by distance)
Show Distance from location
Added lat/lng in the Listing
Added shortcode attribute support
Added User Current Location Marker
UI Improved
UI fixes


  • Sweet Alert upgraded to new version
  • UI has been updated
  • Basic Dashboard with stats is Added
  • Translated Added French
  • Translated Added Spanish
  • Translated Added German
  • UI Improvements
  • XSS Security improved
  • Tested upto with 4.7.3
  • Update Coordinates Manually through Add/Edit Store


  • Map Clusters Added
  • Change Coordinates as you drag marker
  • Fixed Category issue
  • Add Marker Clusters
  • Initial Release

For more, Please create a ticket here, we will reply ASAP