Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

AJAX Donations via Stripe Checkout


The Stripe Donations for WordPress plugin creates a super easy way for your users to donate on your site without having to refresh the page. It uses Stripe Checkout to overlay the page and then posts the donation through AJAX to keep your users engaged on your site. Whether it’s during a YouTube Video, Ustream.tv Live Broadcast, Chatroom or other activity where you don’t want the user to navigate away from the current page or lose focus with task at hand, then this is the plugin for you!

Easy to Setup

This plugin has a settings page where default values can be setup and donate button can be added using standard shortcodes, an ‚Add Donation‘ media button or with PHP. This plugin was also developed with developers in mind. There are tons of attributes that can be passed to it, specific CSS classes in place to style your buttons however you need without having to override the plugin and also the ability to create custom layouts for your donation form.

More Documentation: https://halgatewood.com/docs/plugins/stripe-donations


This plugin uses Stripe’s own Stripe Checkout system which is automatically updated as they continue to improve and secure their system.

Stripe Notes

This plugin can only be used with a valid Stripe account that you must create at Stripe.com. Stripe also recommends (if not requires) that your site utilize SSL (HTTPS) to make transactions.


  • Stripe Checkout Popup
  • Basic View
  • Stripe settings, found in the admin under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Stripe Donation’
  • More settings for the checkout part


  1. Add plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin in WordPress über das Menü ‚Plugins‘
  3. Add settings:

More Documentation: https://halgatewood.com/docs/plugins/stripe-donations


3. März 2018
Seeing that 2star review, I just want to chime in: While I too was *frustrated* that this plugin author didn't bother to reply to 6(!) support requests (because the plugin did not work!), and way more than "for a week" lol, one can't expect an author to respond in a weekl dear co-reviewer - but in 3 months?? Really, not nice... Regardless. We finally hired a coder to figure out why it didn't work... (maybe because we use ssl) and since then this plugin works WONDERFUL! So, compliments to the author! In fact let me say: Contrary to others (even PAID ones), THIS stripe plugin is so well thought out and coded, and works so beautiful, and non-obtrusive, and lightening fast, and safe, and SMART(!) that.... I love it! I compared/tested them all. And ONLY Hal Gatewood's here is ueber-good! Incredibly good! As user you just must LOVE to donate with this, so EASY it makes it. I haven't tried/used it yet for product payments (only donations) but I see no reason why it wouldn't serve for payments too, and since stripe now offers recurring billing, and bitcoin and everything any business could wish for, I would bet: if this author had the "business" attitude so many other plugin authors here have (Hal, do half of what that WSSO author does...; don't do all, he's outright greedy if I may say so?) then this author (Hal) could make a fortune with this ONE plugin. SO good it is! In my point of view: This Stripe plugin beats EVERYTHING Paypal offers. You can BIN paypal (crappy greedy too), enjoy the pleasure of working with friendly, customer-centric Stripe. This plugin got me to love Stripe, and loathe Paypal. And for that, I have quietly forgiven the author (and really, he only harms himself, not being there for his plugin users/testers). The plugin though is among the BEST ever coded. If YOU are looking for a way to accept any kind of payments, donations,... don't look any further. And certainly not to Paypal 😉
20. Dezember 2016
Because of the way the the plugin calls the checkout window the window is blocked by android devices. Without altering the code, this plugin does not work with android browsers. Support request on the topic has been open for over a week with no response. The plugin has just the right amount of design options and configurability, but unfortunately by not supporting android it has limited usefulness.
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1.2.1 – Changed on click handler

1.2 – Latest Stripe API, More Error Handling

1.0 – Initial Release