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Dropshipping on Alibaba.com


Dropship products on sale from global manufacturers, no MOQ.

The dropshipping app is for all global dropshippers developed by Alibaba B2B, one of the leading B2B e-Commerce marketplaces in the world. Now, importing the products to your store from Alibaba B2B marketplace is much easier!

Easy sourcing

Browse millions of products from wide categories including beauty, fashion, home and garden, electronics, toys and more.

Discount & Promotions

Pick the best deals from factories offering discounts and promotions.

Fast shipping

Alibaba partners with major freight forwarders to provide ePacket, sea, air & landing shipping solutions with on time delivery, tracking information and fair pricing.

Hassle free

You can edit product descriptions, get the product photos from suppliers directly and manage the pricing and logistics in just a few clicks.

Shop & Pay with confidence

Alibaba Trade Assurance fully covers your purchases when suppliers do not meet the product quality and delivery schedule specified in the agreed contract.

Stay in the loop

Shoppers on the Alibaba.com app can follow their favorite suppliers to stay up to date on new products and promotions.

Languages & currencies supported

Alibaba.com supports 16 popular languages and 140 more local currencies.

Key benefits

Alibaba.com presents a wide range of popular categories including hot, trending and low-priced consumer products.

Alibaba.com provides ePacket, sea, air & landing shipping solutions with on time delivery, tracking information and fair pricing.

Add products to your store and use supplier’s pictures in just a few clicks.



2. März 2022
Seems pretty solid, stream lines the whole process easily, makes it very easy adding products and putting together the site, i like how it puts you inContact with suppliers on the dashboard too, definitely slept on by incompetent users, keeep up the good work
11. September 2021
All my woocommerce products are now with VAT 0 despite woocommerce is set to display it. I hope I can restore the system. NOW ALL woocommerce products do not show any text to edit No shipping cost / option displayed on the product, that is included on final price regardless where the buyer buy it from. You can only set 1 country for shipping costs (which won’t be displayed) to all the Alibaba products, and this will apply to buyers any country! No profit % just a multiplier (1X, 2X ETC) or an absolute value, and need to be set on products 1 by 1 Many products require minimum order of 10+ but you can order 1? There is no quantity control from the plugin? So in some cases to cover the high shipping cost and make a profit you need to set the price 12 times more! There are no setting controls on the plugin, no options, and most important (considering the above) no cancel stored setting after uninstalling the plugin.
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