ArtiBot Free Chat Bot for WordPress WebSites


ArtiBot is a Free Chatbot with 3 big features: Get Leads, Schedule Appointments, Collect Payment.

Capturing leads through a conversational flow that you design has never been easier. The conversation can branch based on user’s answers, allowing you to identify more urgent leads or asking a different set of questions based on the lead type.

Connect ArtiBot to your Google Calendar, and ArtiBot can offer appointment slots to your visitors so they can schedule an appointment on the fly, without the need for any human intervention.

Let ArtiBot collect payments for you. Simply connect a payment processor, like Stripe, provide some basic information to ArtiBot, and ArtiBot takes it from there.

It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! It’s super easy to setup and use. Plus, it’s free.

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  • ArtiBot Editor

  • Lead Details

  • Google Calendar Integration

  • Stripe Payments Integration

  • Chat Example

  • Installed ArtiBot


  1. Install and activate plugin.
  2. Click on the new ArtiBot button in your left sidebar.
  3. Click the button to take you to the ArtiBot selector.
  4. Sign in or create a new account (If you’re not already signed in to ArtiBot).
  5. Select a bot for your page.


Do I have to install any extra software?

No, just this plugin.

How could I change the questions of the ArtiBot on my page?

You can change all your ArtiBot settings from your ArtiBot dashboard.

What pricing plans do you offer?

It’s free!

Does ArtiBot support other languages?

Absolutely! You can customize all the messages that appear in the chat widget and write them in whatever language you want.

Are there any ads?

No! There are no annoying ads in ArtiBot.

How does work?
  1. ArtiBot will collect the leads on your website

  2. Export leads to take action and win more business

How do you setup
  1. Select a template

  2. Choose what you collect

  3. Test your ArtiBot

  4. Copy and paste to install


4. April 2019
This is got to be one of the best form styles ever. I've used a few other types of forms and nothing compares to this. The only downside to this, is I don't see anywhere else to leave a review for this.
14. Dezember 2018
Artibot is great for automated qualification of website visitors and capturing leads. Love the SMS feature to instantly text new leads to my phone.
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