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8. Februar 2017
I like with blogger plugin. It's very cool do one click reposting from ather blogs.
8. Februar 2017
Never, never, never use this plugin. Once they get your email you will be spammed constantly. Is this effective to your business? Not for me. Stay away my inbox!
8. Februar 2017
I get 10(!!!!) "personal" emails with invitations. All the same. Nothing personal, just SPAM. Don't bother me. Stop sending SPAM.
8. Februar 2017
Look at this cheaters and don't use their products anywhere. Remember — AtContent is unfair company. Spamming is bad for any business.
8. Februar 2017
I never suggest using this plugin, because of authors use dirty ways to get users. I do not know what else they can do. Stay away from these dishonest guys.
8. Februar 2017
I got same message as users before. F***ing spammers! Hi, your blog ***.net looks quality and interesting. I am CEO of AtContent, a platform which helps bloggers dramatically increase their audiences and drive more traffic to their blogs! It is free and super easy to use, and over 10,000 blogs are aleready on board. I personally invite you to join AtContent! To join, connect your blog to AtContent via WordPress plugin: What bloggers say about AtContent: Have a great day and see you on AtContent. Alexey Semeney, CEO [email]
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