Element Pack Lite Addon for Elementor


Ultimate essential addon for Elementor Page Builder with 15 of the most popular and essential elements that you need for everyday use in website page building.

Development of the Element Pack addon for Elementor has the world’s best practices in code standard and meets proper validation using the latest CSS, HTML5 and PHP 7.x (Tested up to 7.3) technology to bring you a professional addon for the Elementor Page Builder Plugin that is WordPress 5.2.x ready and compliant.

Element Pack for Elementor includes the most commonly used elements (called widgets) that help you easily manage your website content by simply using the drag and drop ability. There is absolutely no programming knowledge required, seriously!

Widgets Demo

  1. Call Out – Call out addon is the ultimate call out design for elementor from element pack. You can hightlight your content using this element. Check the demo now.
  2. Custom Gallery – Custom gallery with modern design and customization options with lightbox support for your website project. You can use it with any theme or project.
  3. Simple Contact Form – Simple Contact Form widget with element pack pro can give your website a much more dynamic way and interactive way to contact
  4. Cookie Consent – If you are looking for the ultimate cookie consent addon for elementor page builder, this addon of element pack is the solution. It complies site with GDPR
  5. Countdown – Element Pack plugin for Elementor provides easy solution to add countdown timer to your elementor website. Watch the demo to know how to add countdown.
  6. Flip Box – To show your content with more dynamic and interactive way – flip box is a widget you should must use with your content. Enjoy our live demos.
  7. Image Compare – Helps to compare two images with Horizontal Example, Vertical Example,After and Before Background and Color Example,Bar Color Example.
  8. Lightbox – Lightbox examples with Image Example,Video Example,Google Map Example,Icon Example,Button Example
  9. Member – To show member profile – default, Alternative Photo Example,Phaedra skin Example,Calm skin Example,Parfait skin Example,Text Alignment Example and other
  10. Panel Slider – Panel Slider examples with Infinite No Example,Button Background Example,Title, Text And Button Color Example Shadow Mode Example & other options
  11. Progress Pie – After Before Middle Text Example,Line Width Example,Delay Example,Duration Example,Background Example with element pack pro plugin.
  12. Scroll Button – With examples like -Scroll Down Example,Scroll Up Example,Duration Example,Offset Example (50px),Before Icon Position Example and others
  13. Slider – Slider to make your website more versatile, sometimes you need slider, with basic functions, modification and customization
  14. Toggle – Toggle Default Example,Icon Change Example,Toggle With Icon List Example,Toggle With Image Gallery Example with elemet pack pro plugin
  15. Trailer Box – Product With Trailer Box,Salon Product With Trailer Box,Fashion With Trailer Box Element pack pro widget WordPress plugin
  16. Business Hours – Business hours show your company or business hours as a beautiful list of workin hours.

More widgets are coming soon…

Pro Version Widgets

  1. Carousel – Touch Custom Carousel with modern looks and fell with customization options according to your needs. You’ll get awesome experience with it.
  2. FAQ -Every service or website need FAQ sections to help its visitor give a comfort. We’ve basic FAQ, Multi Open FAQ,Collapsible All Item and many more options.
  3. News Ticker – News Ticker Default Example,Label Hide With Animation Example,News Content Excerpt With Animation Example,Without Navigation Animation & many more options.
  4. Post Slider
  5. Post Card -Without Image Example,Without Tag Example,Without Excerpt Example,Read More With Icon Color Example for your blog and websites.
  6. Post Grid -Skin (Alter) Example,Skin (Paddle) Example,Skin (Trosia) Example, Skin Elanza Example,Skin Modern,Skin Carmie post grid widget – elementor page builder
  7. Post Grid Tab -Post Grid Pagination Example with modification options and basic color, background,gradient background color changes
  8. Post Gallery – Post Gallery widgets with Filter Example,Skin (Trosia) Example,Skin Fedara Example,Skin Abetis Example,Masonry Example to show post more dynamic way.
  9. Post List – Post list for your next elementor page builder to show it in more dynamic way with title, date excerpt, thumbnail style modifier.
  10. Post Block – Post block on websites with more dynamic way with managing its number, style and other things.
  11. Post Block Modern – Another way to show your post with desired number, designs, styles and other things, helps you to branding your sites more than any other things.
  12. Single Post – Single Post Example,Single Post Title and Excerpt Example,Category & Date Hide Example to make up your websites and give it a master stroke.
  13. Testimonial Grid – Different style Testimonial Grid, comes with element pack pro WordPress plugin. You can use Top Avatar,Reverse,Image Hide skins to do that.
  14. Table of Content
  15. Testimonial Slider – Single skin,Thumb skin,Post Limit Example,Arrows Style Example,Thumb Border Example,Dots Size (15px) Example and other examples with element pack pro
  16. Testimonial Carousel – Skin Twyla Example,Skin Vyxen Example,Skin Vyxen Gradient Example,Shadow Mode Example,Shadow Mode Color Example and many more examples
  17. Thumb Gallery – Default ,Skin Custom Content,Content Style,Thumb Position Top Left,Thumb Position Top Right and other examples for you elementor plugin websites
  18. Timeline – Timeline with different style like default, Skin Olivier Example,Without Background Example,Skin Olivier Without Image Example and others.
  19. Accordion
  20. Advanced Image Gallery
  21. Circle Menu
  22. Custom Carousel – Touch Custom Carousel with modern looks and fell with customization options according to your needs. You’ll get awesome experience with it.
  23. Comment
  24. Device Slider – Fully responsive and SEO optimized module for your next wordpress site. Create beautiful sliders and tell stories without any code.
  25. Document Viewer – Our pdf and docs file Document Viewer for WordPress site module can read your pdf and doc files and show you in your page or post.
  26. Pricing Table – Default Example, Tooltip Example,Skin Parfait Example,Badge Example,pricing table with background options and many other variations.
  27. Pricing List – Pricing list with some different examples like Item With Image Example,Pricing Background Color Example,Border Radius Example,List Style Different Color
  28. Modal – Modal Default Example,Modal Layout,Custom Link With Heading,Modal Optional Example,Modal Button Style Example customization and many more options.
  29. Navbar – Responsive Navbar options with lots of possibilities and modern design. Really easy to use and user friendly navbar to make sure your job easy.
  30. Scroll Image – Height With Badge Example,Image Caption Example,Lightbox Icon Position Example,External Link Example with element pack pro
  31. Slideshow – Variations, easy positioning, customizations gives element pack pro plugins slider give a ninza way to make your website classic.
  32. Switcher – Switcher to showcase your content with more interactive way. You can add two different content to show with element pack pro switcher.
  33. Tabs – Element pack pro Tabs is a tremendous tools to show your content with more disciplined way.
  34. Video Gallery – Default Example,Thumb Layout (Horizontal) Example, Video Title & Description Hide Example and many other examples with element pack pro WordPress plugin
  35. Advanced Button
  36. Advanced Heading
  37. Advanced Google Map
  38. Animated Heading
  39. Advanced Icon Box – Make your content more organized and eye catching with element Pack Advanced Icon Box. Great tools for your website to present your content.
  40. Audio Player
  41. Charts
  42. Cookie Consent
  43. Dual Button – Fancy modern premade dual button for your sites more engagement. its group button and you can modify the buttons every elements.
  44. Dropbar – To get more engagement with your visitors, drop bar is a must have widget with elementor page builder and element pack pro plugin
  45. Icon Nav – Icon nav helps to create modern responsive and device friendly website designs. The best part it – you can modify its every part.
  46. Image Magnifier – Image Magnifier converts your website more interesting and more interactive. You can see every part of the photos and zoom it.
  47. Instagram – You can easily display your instagram images on your website with options like : Default Instagram,Carousel Example,Masonry Example and others
  48. Open Street Map – Open Street Map with Default Example, Map Height Example​,Tooltip Background Color Example,Tooltip Radius Example,Tooltip Box Shadow Example
  49. 360° Product Viewer
  50. Help Desk – Here we’ve shown Help Desk example, just insert this element then you can add your social share link/id. For Example… WhatsApp, Messenger and others
  51. Iframe – Options with audio,video google map embedding options and lazy load scroll bars,360 degree view, basic elementor dashboard customization examples
  52. Marker – Marker can makes your sites more enjoyable with marker and tooltip. You can modify the basic – color, background color, typography with this widget.
  53. Mailchimp – Mailchimp integration and customization dashboard options – you can modify and place it’s shortcode anywhere you want on your theme.
  54. Offcanvas – Default Example,Custom Menu Example,Offcanvas Overlay Example,Offcanvas Flip Example Choose Sidebar Example and many other examples.
  55. Protected Content – Password protected WordPress form and style changer from your dashboard with the help of element pro plugin. Fancy way to style and protect content.
  56. Search
  57. Social share – Social share widget gives element pack pro plugin a diversive way to make their clients comfort. Also it helps visitor to share their feel about the site.
  58. Table – Element pack pro Table can display your content more dynamic way and it gives your site looks more professional and elegant.
  59. Twitter Carousel – Twitter Carousel examples page Default Twitter Carousel,Columns (4) Example,Shadow Mode Carousel, Shadow Mode Color Carousel and other examples.
  60. Twitter Slider – Twitter Slider example page like – Default Example,Execute Buttons Example,Time Hide Example,Navigation Bottom Center Example to show case you tweet.
  61. QR Code – Background Color and Shadow Example,Border Example,Fill and Font Color Example,Corner Radius Example with other options with QR Code widgets.
  62. User Register – WordPress default User register system brings in frontend and you can modify the design and give a fine touch to match your design.
  63. User Login – Fancy User Login widgets for your WordPress website with element pack pro plugin. you can change and customize also your ready blocks.
  64. Video Player
  65. Weather – Some different layout examples with Weather widget with custom design options like – background, color,typography location selections.
  66. Booked Calendar
  67. bbPress
  68. BuddyPress Member
  69. BuddyPress Friends – BuddyPress Friends profile customization is now easy like anything. You can add color, customize their borders looks and feel. Start now.
  70. BuddyPress Group
  71. Contact Form 7
  72. Caldera Form
  73. Download Monitor – Now you can provide an interface for your downabell files and the other elements for your visitors, with more engagement.
  74. Event Calendar Countdown – Event Calendar Countdown style can be customized with color,border,background color, padding margin and position with element pack pro plugins dashboard.
  75. Easy Digital Downloads – Easy digital downloads product display with price, modified style, border options. It gives your site another level of functionality.
  76. Easy Digital Downloads History – Easy Digital Downloads History customizations options, tbody background color to match with your brand color and website design
  77. Easy Digital Downloads Purchase History – Easy Digital Downloads Purchase History : modifications and other options like border color, background color matching modules.
  78. Easy Download Portfolio Editor – Easy Download Portfolio Editor : you can set text color,padding,margin,border type, border width, color and size with our widget.
  79. Gravity Forms – Gravity Forms and elementor pro pack integrated service with modification options can blow you mind because of its flexibility.
  80. Instagram Feed – Example of Instagram feed widget showing on the websites and it comes with lightbox effect image gallery.
  81. Layer Slider – One of the best WordPress slider in market with lots of options and features. Its shortcode supports elementor page builder.
  82. Mailchimp For WordPress – Mailchimp For WordPress can sky rocket your subscriber list if you use it on your site. Can integrate it with elementor page builder.
  83. Ninja Forms – To collect more subscriber & to make sure your visitors more return on your site-Ninja Forms is a must have plugin.Modify its looks and feel.
  84. QuForm – Quform is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily build multiple forms. And its compatible with element pack pro
  85. Revolution Slider – Slider Revolution is an innovative, responsive jQuery Slider Plugin. And it works great with elementor page builder with a beautiful way.
  86. TablePress
  87. WP Forms – Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder plugin supported by your element pack pro WordPress plugin to make the design work much more easier.
  88. WooCommerce Add to Cart – To increase more sales and post engagement, WooCommerce Add to Cart button widget help you to do it. You can offer your customer with more engaging design.
  89. WooCommerce Cart Page – WooCommerce Cart Page customization to match with your design and brand. You can change the table heading,body,button and badge.
  90. WooCommerce Categories – To display your categories on any page with products, to attract and make US more positive way WooCommerce Categories widgets is great options.
  91. WooCommerce Checkout Page – To match your brand design, Customize look and feel on your ecommerce website WooCommerce Checkout widget tools is a great way.
  92. WooCommerce Carousel – A wow way to give master touch on your ecommerce website with WooCommerce Carousel, lots of feature,badge,customization to increase CTR
  93. WooCommerce Products – Amazing way to display your products on your website.Its dynamic looks and feature will blow your visitor and convert them to customer.
  94. WooCommerce Slider – Amazing and fancy product slider for your ecommerce site, to display and show featured product with price and other style modification
  95. WooCommerce Tracking Form – To track your order please enter Order ID in the box below. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email.
  96. Element Parallax – Element Parallax is an excellent tool to engage the visitor and this amazing UX can catch the visitors attractions with animations and appearance.
  97. Parallax Background – Parallax Background widgets is a awesome tools to design your sections and blocks to brush up more to fine tune its looks.
  98. Parallax Section – This parallax options give a fine touch with interactive way to present your content. Gets more attractions of your visitors.
  99. Scrollnav – Scroll Nav Can Modify Unlimited Way,Scroll Nav Can Set Icon with Text,Scroll Nav Can Set Offset and you can change the looks and fell
  100. Schedule Content – Learn how to create schedule content with element pack pro, makes your job more easier and maintain your routine perfectly.
  101. Section Particles -Section With Particles Effects with different design effect and particles with element pack pro
  102. Sticky Section
  103. Widget Tooltip – Very useful tools to describe content or give a short note as tooltip in element pack pro plugin to make your content more user friendly.


  • Custom Gallery with hover effect.
  • Custom Gallery video example.
  • Flipbox widget example.
  • Countdown example.
  • Progress pie widget example.
  • Trailer box widget example.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload bdthemes-element-pack-lite folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Start use it by go to elementor editor.


What page builder is support Element Pack plugin
  • Nowadays Elementor Page Builder is a powerful page builder for WordPress as like as Visual Composer. So it supports only the Elementor Page Builder. But we have plan more in the future.
Is Element Pack compatible my theme
  • Normally our plugin is compatible with most of theme and cross browser that we have tested. If happen very few change to your site looking, no problem our strong support team is dedicated for fixing your minor problem.
How should I get updates
  • When we release a update version, then automatically you will get a notification on WordPress plugin manager, so you can update from there. Thereafter you want to update manually just knock us, we will send you update version via mail.
where i get documentation?
  • We made lot’s of videos for each widgets for better explanation. Just look at our BdThemes Youtube channel Element Pack Playlist. Regardless if you have any issue or don’t understand anything just ask us anytime in forum.


26. September 2019
I am rewriting my review. The support staff finally answered my demand. They were attentive and tried to help me with what was within their reach. I appreciate the attention and time spent helping me.
23. September 2019
Great collection of free widgets for Elementor. There are 15 of them to enhance current Elementor widgets and 3rd party plugin support. There will be more, I am certain. Although I use the Pro version, this Lite version is fully functional too. Keep up the good work, Selim.
23. September 2019
So happy to see a free version of the Pro version I already love to use for quite a while now. Especially for the very specific third party plugin support. I hope this free version does just a good and helps saving time for many users. Well done Selim!
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1.1.0 [12th October 2019]

  • Added: Business Hours widget unlock from pro
  • Fixed: Optimize all css and JS files
  • Fixed: some style issue fixed

1.0.3 [25th September 2019]

  • Cleanup some un used codes and improve code quality
  • Rooten theme compatiblity issue fixed
  • Member tooltip issue fixed

1.0.2 [20th September 2019]

  • Remove some usued codes

1.0.1 [20th September 2019]

  • Pro version conflict issue fixed

1.0.0 [20th September 2019]

  • Initial release