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Bob's Simplistic Navigation


I have noticed a lot of Themes come without the Navigation Links to move forward
back. I hate when I can’t navigate a blogs posts directly from one to the
next so
I decided to create this plugin. If the owner of the blog chooses to include
links, now they can and not have to know how to code them in. I know a lot
of bloggers
are not necessarily php coders, so I figured I would create this plugin
to make it as
easy as possible for them to add this functionality.


I just wanted to add some of my friends and community to this readme, after all, its all for them!

Have you checked out Saman’s site? You really should – a great hard working blogger!

Have you checked out http://www.PureBlogging.com? David has one heck of a site going there!

Other Sites I would like to mention:
http://www.nice4rice.com – Nick
http://www.kellycho.com – Kelly
http://two-perfect.blogspot.com – BJ


1) Upload the ‚bobsnav‘ folder to your plugins directory along with all content
2) Activate the plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress
3) Set your desired settings in this Plugin’s Option Page to choose the locations


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