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21. Dezember 2019
I was looking for a video chat solution for my membership site so I figured I'd try this plugin. However, this 'plugin' is really like a free affiliate link to their site. It only lets users stay in the room for a few seconds before it forces them to create an account with them. Then it takes your users to their site where they will have to buy a subscription to their service to continue using the chat service. The purpose of integrating chat--for most site owners anyway--is to keep users our sites. This plugin wants to snatch users your site without paying for it i.e. spam (sorry). Then there are the other issues like the plugin itself is poorly written and there are way too many ads. Your users will be bombarded with popups and ads if you use this plugin. I recommend this plugin maker take some time to research what a good plugin looks like. Good plugins offer a good solution for a site owner. Very few site owners are interested in sending traffic away from their sites for free.
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