Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

Mozilla Persona (BrowserID)


Mozilla Persona is an open source identity system from the Identity Team at Mozilla. More information on Persona can be found at https://login.persona.org/about.

This plugin allows users to sign up, sign in, and comment on your site using Persona.

** Reporting problems: **

Please report any issues on GitHub.

** Beta features: **

  • bbPress 2 integration: create topics / reply with Mozilla Persona

Getting Involved



This plugin uses:


  • WordPress login with Persona
  • WordPress login with "Disable Non-Persona authentication"
  • Login widget
  • Comment with Persona
  • Persona dialog using siteName, siteLogo and backgroundColor


Using the WordPress dashboard

  1. Login to your weblog
  2. Go to Plugins
  3. Select Add New
  4. Search for Mozilla Persona
  5. Select Install
  6. Select Install Now
  7. Select Activate Plugin


  1. Download and unzip the plugin
  2. Upload the entire browserid/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


Where can I find out more about Persona?


What is ‚Custom login HTML for?‘

Try putting the following into this option:

<img src="https://login.persona.org/i/persona_sign_in_red.png" />

Now you will see a red ‚Sign in with Persona‘ button instead of the traditional CSS button.

Which server verifies the assertion?

The assertion is verified by the server at https://verifier.login.persona.org/verify.

I get ‚Login failed‘

Only users that registered before can login. The e-mail address used for Mozilla Persona should match the e-mail address registered with.

I get ‚Verification failed‘

Are you cheating?
If there isn’t an error message, turn on debug mode to see the complete response.

I get ‚Verification void‘

Something went terribly wrong.
If there isn’t an error message, turn on debug mode to see the complete response.

Where can I ask questions, report bugs and request features?

You can write comments on GitHub.


Für dieses Plugin gibt es keine Rezensionen.

Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Mozilla Persona (BrowserID)“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:



Development version

Follow these steps to install the development version:

  • Download the development version by clicking on this link
  • Go to Plugins on your WordPress dashboard
  • Deactivate Mozilla Persona
  • Delete Mozilla Persona (Yes, delete these files)
  • Click Add New
  • Click Upload (a link at the top)
  • Click Choose file and select the file you downloaded before
  • Click Install, then Activate Plugin


  • New Feature: Ukranian translations – thanks Michael Yunat (http://getvoip.com)


  • Bug Fix: Fix strict errors displayed on admin page. thanks @jasondmoss!


  • Bug Fix: Allow signed in users to comment without using Persona. Allow comments from admin panel.


  • Bug Fix: Disable error reporting – thanks @jonchang!


  • New Feature: Use the WordPress color picker when selecting a background color – Thanks @janw-oostendorp!
  • New Feature: Use the WordPress media picker when selecting the site logo, terms of service and privacy policy.
  • New Feature: Automatically convert site logo’s into dataURIs so that any site can specify a logo.
  • New Feature: Japanese Translations – Thanks @makotokato!
  • Improvement: Separate general and advanced settings.
  • Improvement: Serve minified Javascript and CSS by default.
  • Improvement: massive refactor to make code easier to browse.
  • Bug Fix: Fix typo in Privacy Policy description – Thanks @KryDos!
  • Bug Fix: Make sure URLs are written to browserid_common.js unescaped.


  • New Feature: Russian Translations – Thanks Ruslan Bekenev (@KryDos)!
  • New Feature: French (CA and FR) – Thanks Fabian Rodriguez (@MagicFab)!
  • New Feature: backgroundColor support!
  • New Feature: termsOfService and privacyPolicy support!
  • New Feature: Select one of 3 Persona button styles
  • Improvement: Localize widget buttons
  • Improvement: Updated Dutch translation – Thanks @janw-oostendorp!
  • Bug Fix: Prevent comments being accepted without assertion
  • Bug Fix: Admins can add new users
  • Bug Fix: Use Persona button for comments
  • Bug Fix: Fix live events not working with jQuery 1.9+ – Thanks @davidmurdoch!
  • Bug Fix: Get rid of the warning on the Persona settings page – Thanks @KryDos


  • Improvement: Commenting for new Persona users is simpler
  • Improvement: New member registration with new Persona users is simpler
  • Improvement: Separate CSS into its own file for maintainability
  • Improvement: Replace .png signin buttons with localizable CSS buttons
  • Improvement: Pre-fill input fields with default values in configuration screen
  • Improvement: Do not show the lost password link if „Disable non-Persona auth“ is selected
  • Improvement: Do not show the „default password nag“ if „Disable non-Persona auth“ is selected
  • Improvement: Code Cleanup.
  • New feature: A .PO file with all strings has been created for localization
  • New Feature: Spanish translations. Thanks Guillermo Movia!
  • Bug Fix: site name can now contain ‚ and &
  • Bug Fix: no more static warnings in strict PHP mode
  • Bug Fix: remove plugin options from database when de-activated
  • Bug Fix: incorrect button link for example button link in the FAQ


  • Continue with 0.41
  • Bug Fix: Fix the missing arguments errors
  • Bug Fix: HTML Escape the hostname when printing debug information
  • Bug Fix: Logout link from the widget signs the user out of Persona
  • Security Improvement: Remove the „Noverify SSL Certificate“ option


  • Revert to 0.37


  • Bug Fix: Fix the „missing arguments“ error due to not declaring the number of expected variables to Set_auth_cookie_action.


  • New Feature: Add option to disable normal username/password auth.
  • Improvement: Convert from navigator.id.get to navigator.id.watch/.request API.
    • New Feature: If user signs out of Persona, they are signed out of the WordPress site as well.
  • New Feature: Easier user signup when using Persona – no email verification required.
  • Improvement: Better comment integration, especially for new users.
  • Improvement: Update the login/logout widget to match styling of other WordPress widgets.
  • Improvement: Add a „Settings“ link to the BrowserID list item in the plugins list.
  • Bug Fix: Fix a bug where server clock skew from the Persona servers could prevent users from signing in.
  • Improvement: Update „Sign in“ buttons to use the new Persona button style.
  • Improvement: Unify signin and comment Javascript.


  • Bump version number for new maintainer info.


  • Bugfix: browserid_error


  • Bugfix: redirect option, thanks Lwangaman!



  • Updated URL to verification server
  • Updated Mozilla CA certificates


  • Fixed notices
  • Updated French translation


  • Renamed Mozilla BrowserID into Mozilla Persona
  • New feature: site name/logo in login dialog
  • Both by Shane Tomlinson, thanks!
  • Added French translation
  • Updated Dutch and Flemish translations
  • Tested with WordPress 3.4.1


  • Added Swedish (sv_SE) translation
  • Improvement: load scripts at footer by Marvin Rühe
  • Tested with WordPress 3.4


  • Improvement: POST assertion by Marvin Rühe
  • Improvement: included Mozilla CA certificates
  • Improvement: included BrowserID logo
  • New feature: login button localization
  • Added German Translation by Marvin Rühe


  • Bugfix: remember me


  • New feature: BrowserID for comments (beta, option)
  • New feature: bbPress integration (beta, option)
  • Improvement: added title/class to BrowserID buttons
  • Improvement: files instead of inline JavaScript script
  • Improvement: added ‚What is?‘ link
  • Improvement: more debug info
  • Updated Dutch and Flemish translations
  • Updated Norwegian (nb_NO) translation by Stein Ivar Johnsen


  • Improvement: store debug info only when debugging enabled
  • Improvement: add trailing slash to site URL
  • Improvement: respect login redirect to parameter
  • Improvement: better error messages
  • Thanks to mitcho for the suggestions and testing!



  • Improvement: compatibility with WordPress 3.3


  • Re-release of version 0.21, because of a bug in wordpress.org


  • Bugfix: renamed valid-until into expires
  • Improvement: fixed a few notices


  • Bugfix: shortcode still not working


  • Bugfix: widget, shortcode, template tag not working


  • Improvement: workaround for bug in Microsoft IIS


  • Improvement: applying filter login_redirect


  • Improvement: only load BrowserID script on login page


  • Protocol change: verification with POST instead of GET
  • Improvement: no logout link on login page
  • Updated Dutch and Flemish translations
  • Updated Norwegian (nb_NO) translation by Stein Ivar Johnsen


  • New feature: option to redirect to set URL after login


  • Bug fix: correctly handling WordPress errors


  • Improvement: check issuer
  • Improvement: more debug info


  • Fixed IDN


  • New feature: shortcode for login/out button/link: [mozilla_persona]
  • New feature: template tag for login/out button/link: mozilla_persona
  • Updated Dutch and Flemish translations
  • Updated Norwegian (nb_NO) translation by Stein Ivar Johnsen


  • New feature: option to set verification server
  • Improvement: checking assertion valid until time (can be switch off with an option)
  • Improvement: using idn_to_utf8 when available
  • Updated FAQ
  • Updated Dutch and Flemish translations


  • New feature: support for Remember Me check box
  • Updated Norwegian (nb_NO) translation by Stein Ivar Johnsen


  • New feature: option Do not verify SSL certificate
  • Updated Dutch and Flemish translations


  • Improvement: more debug info
  • Tested with WordPress 3.1


  • Bug fix: using site URL in stead of home URL
  • Updated FAQ



  • Bugfix: custom HTML for login page
  • Added Flemish translation
  • Updated Dutch translation


  • Initial version


  • Development version