Build App Online


This plugin will help you to create and run mobile app for woocommerce.

Create your mobile app in 5 minutes.

Watch our youtube video on how to create a mobile app for woocommerce

  1. How to Build app online
  1. How to customize your app
  1. How to integrate Firebase into your app

Steps to create mobile app:

  1. Install this plugin
  2. Go to
  3. Enter Purchase code – BUILDAPPONLINE
  4. Enter your site URL
  5. Click Continue
  6. Enter Your app name
  7. Enter your woocommerce consumer key and consumer secrete
  8. Upload logo
  9. Upload app icon
  10. Upload app splash screen
  11. Enter google map API key (Optional)
  12. Upload GoogleService.json file
  13. Select APK If you build for testing.
  14. Select APPBUNLDE When you build for uploading to play store
  15. Clock Save
  16. Click Build
  17. Download and Upload to play store

Steps to customize your app:

  1. Download design my app from play store
  2. Or Download design my app from apple store
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Add your site
  5. Login to your site using admin or editor role user
  6. Go theme
  7. Customize your app theme
  8. Customize theme colors
  9. Customize app bar theme
  10. Customize button theme
  11. Save Customization



  1. Integarte Firebase
  2. Pushnotification
  3. OTP Login
  4. Google Login
  5. Payment Gateway Support
  6. Unlimited access to build app online
  7. Unlimted Update
  8. Flutter src code
  9. Build app using android studio
  10. Build ios using android studio
  11. Support not included



  • Home screenshot screenshot-1.png.
  • RTL screenshot screenshot-2.png.
  • Category screenshot screenshot-3.png.
  • Cart screenshot screenshot-4.png.
  • Checkout screenshot screenshot-5.png.
  • Payment screenshot screenshot-6.png.
  • Account screenshot screenshot-7.png.
  • Design app screenshot screenshot-8.png.
  • Design app screenshot screenshot-9.png.
  • Design app screenshot screenshot-10.png.
  • Template screenshot screenshot-11.png.
  • Template screenshot screenshot-12.png.
  • Template screenshot screenshot-13.png.
  • Template screenshot screenshot-14.png.
  • Template screenshot screenshot-15.png.
  • Template screenshot screenshot-16.png.


  1. Upload \“test-plugin.php\“ to the \“/wp-content/plugins/\“ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \“Plugins\“ menu in WordPress.


Can I create a mobile app for free?

Yes, you can create a mobile app for free. You can build app online 5 times for a site

How can I create a mobile app?

Watch our youtube to create a mobile app

Google login and OTP Login not working

Integrate firebase in to your app. Google login and OTP Login will not work on test apk. Upload app bundle to play store and Integrate firebase to your app. Google login and OTP Login will work for the app downloaded from play store. How to integrate firebase:

Play Store Error. Your app that requests the permission: android.permission.CAMERA. Apps using this permission in an APK are required to have a privacy policy set.

Add a privacy policy in play store
Open Play Console and go to the App content page (Policy > App content).
Under „Privacy Policy,“ select Start.
Note: If you’ve previously added a privacy policy and want to make changes, you’ll see and select Manage instead of start.
Enter the URL hosting the privacy policy online.
Save your changes.

Wallet is not working

Install TeraWallet Plugin version 1.3.10 to wallet function properly
Download TeraWallet plugin Version 1.3.10:

How refer and earn works?

Refer and earn works with Dynamic link and TeraWallet plugin refer and earn program
Integrate Firebase and Configure dynamic link –
Download and Install TeraWallet plugin Version 1.3.10:


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