Category Import Reloaded


Category Import Reloaded is a wordpress plug-in which allows user to bulk create categories and taxonomies with a custom input format.

Plugins allows to :

  • Bulk create categories or taxonomies
  • Specify custom slug delimiter
  • Possibility to specify a custom slug for each categories

Default format for importing is the following :

  • Without Slug :







  • Specifying slug :








  1. Upload category-import-reloaded.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Create categories or taxonomies in bulk using through the Category Import Reloaded menu


20. Juni 2019
I am building a website with a ton of categories and custom taxonomies. My theme adds these to all the posts, most of my posts are just images. Having tons of tags/categories means I don't have to write a detailed description of each image, just click click click to add tags/cats. But this makes it very difficult to play with the website on localhost. If I try a new plugin or theme then decide I don't like it I had to rebuild the whole site on localhost. I know I know just save a backup, but that doesn't always work and I would have to rebuild again, and just importing tags/cats through phpmyadmin led to a lot of problems. Now I just save a text file with the cat$slug/cat-2$slug-2/ .... and use this plugin. PERFECTION! Just one thing I noticed is you have to make sure the Category name is different not just the slug, so you can't have Apples$apple/Red$red-1 Apples$apple/Red$red-2 because red-2 category will just get skipped. You have to do Apples$apple/Red-1$red-1 Apples$apple/Red-2$red-2 Or just Apples$apple/Red$red-1 Apples$apple/Red-2$red-2+ p.s. I love this so much this is my first ever review!
5. April 2019
Works for me with latest WP installed. All I had to do was copy my text from a text editor and paste back into a box on the plugin config page. One thing I would mention is a forward slash (/) is used to separate parent / child taxonomies. "If you want to make a hierarchy, put a slash between the category and the sub-category in one line. Example : Level A/Level B/Level C" I did have forward slashes in my data so had to change that content. Not sure if it can be escaped or use quoted text. Thanks for the plugin - saved me some time 🙂
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Category Import Reloaded“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • Total rewrite of „Category Import“ plugin by Jiayu (James) Ji.
  • Now support multiple sub categories with the same name (example : Level0/Level1, Level1/Level1).
  • Now support taxonomies.


  • Taxonomies support fixed (Was not working in v1.0.0)