Google Map for Contact Form 7


This plugin enables the insertion of google maps into contact form 7 as an input field, functionality available with this plugin include
* the zoom and default location to be configured in the form edit page itself, thus different forms can have different default map zoom levels and pin location
* the front end form displays the configured map and registers the location change of the pin which can be included in the email notification.
* play nice with the Post My CF7 Form plugin
* a search field is available to lookup addresses
* an optional set of address fields can be enabled from the cf7 tag to display reverse-geocode text address
* if a user changes manually the first line of the (optional) address field, the reverse-geocode is frozen. This allows for address corrections.
* google map is disabled for Airplane Mode plugin activation to allow you to develop without an Internet connection.
* the plugin makes use of JQuery Google Maps (gmap3) plugin.

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Final slide-form data


  • Save your Google API key in the settings, else your map will not function
  • Insert a Google Map tag into your cf7 form
  • You can set the default parameters for your map, this will be used to display the default zoom level as well as pin location in the form
  • The map is by default set to take up 100% width in the form, and a height of 120px. Override this in your child css stylesheet to size up your map.
  • Optional address fields get auto-filled by the reverse-geocode lookup. The map as contains a search field to locate an address (you will need to enable the appropriate Google APIs).


  1. Unpack to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Get a Google Map API key and insert it in the plugin Settings->CF7 Google Map page. Make sure you enable the required APIs (see faq #).
  4. Create a new form in the CF7 editor. Select the [Google Map] tag, and configure your map.
  5. The plugin creates 2 email tags for submitted location, the lat-<field-name' andlng-`. This allows you to include multiple maps in a single form if needed.


1. My map is darkened , or ’negative‘ and is watermarked with the text „for development purposes only“.

This is an issue with your Google API key not having the APIs enabled. You need to ensure several things. If you have enabled both Geocode API option and Google Places in the plugin settings, then you need to make sure those APIs are enabled on your key. To enalbe the APIs, log into your Google dashboard, select your project (or create a new one) and navigate to the APIs & Services section. You can then enable/add APIs and search for the Geocoding API and the Google Places API and enable the ones you need. If you are still facing this issue, check Google’s other steps in this FAQ on this issue.

2. I am based in Brazil/Canada/India and my map is not working.

If you are facing the issue described in faq#1 above, and you have enabled all the required APIs but your map is still not functioning, then likely the issue you are facing is related to billing. Request from Brazil/Canada/India need to have API Keys for projects that are linked to a billing-enabled account. See this issue on Google’s faq.

3. How do I retrieve a lat/lng value when my form is submitted?

The forms submits a $_POST['lat-<map-field-name>'] and a $_POST['lng-<map-field-name>'] which you can access by hooking the cf7 action hook wpcf7_mail_sent as well as wpcf7_mail_failed just in case the mail failed but the form still submitted successfully,

add_action('wpcf7_mail_sent', 'get_lat_lng_values');
add_action('wpcf7_mail_failed', 'get_lat_lng_values');
function get_lat_lng_values(){
  //assuming your map field is named your-location,
  if(!isset($_POST['lat-your-location'])) return;
  $lat = $_POST['lat-your-location'];
  $lng = $_POST['lng-your-location'];
4. How can I display a link to a google map location in the notification mail?

Assuming you created a map field called ‚your-location‘, the mail tag [your-location]`, will by default display the ‚lat,lng‘ coordinates of the location your user selected.
You can build a google map link such as,

<a href="[lat-your-location],[lng-your-location]&ll=[lat-your-location],[lng-your-location]&z=8">Location map</a>

this will create a link to a map centered on the coordinates with a location pin at the coordinates. You can also change the zoom z value to the desied level.

5. How to setup custom address fields ?

In some countries (Japan, Germany, Spain…) the order of address fields change and so it may be desirable to design a form with address fields in the order in which the user would naturally write a postal address. For this purpose, v1.4 of this plugin introduces custom field functionality. It is up to your to create/add additional text fields in your form that will be populated using javascript events.

Here is an example of a form with a map tag and additional address fields, along with some custom javascript to ensure your fields are correctly populated when a user interacts with the map.

  <p>[map your-location custom_address "zoom:7;clat:12.044014700107471;clng:79.32083256126546;lat:12.007089;lng:79.810600"]
 <p id="line">Your address (street) [text your-address-line]</p>
 <p id="city">Your address (city) [text your-address-city]</p>
 <p id="pincode">Your address (pin) [text your-address-pin]</p>
 [submit "Send"]
 <script type="text/javascript">
     $(document).ready( function(){
       $('.cf7-google-map-container.your-location').on('update.cf7-google-map', function(e){
         //the event has 5 address fields, e.address.line,,, e.address.state,
         //some fields may be empty.
         $('p#line input').val(e.address.line);
         $('p#city input').val(;
         $('p#pincode input').val(;


21. September 2018
This plugin meets what I expect from it. It's easy to use it. But it was just necessary to place shortcode into any html tag.
13. Juli 2018
Configured the plugin with an valid Google Maps API key and built a basic form on a site. Address fields did appear but no map appears on the form page. Only this plugin and Contact Form 7 installed, using a stock WordPress theme. Not seeing much response in support forum. Is this plugin abandoned?
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* setup submitted address field to cf7 posted data.
* fix boolean flag bug on maps with not address fields.
* add custom address fields.
* capture map centre on zoom change in admin page.
* check on admin page if post_type is set.
* added FAQ to retrieve lat/lng.
* added FAQ to populate custom address fields.
* fix search box results bug.
* url scheme bug fix.
* settings for Geocoding API and Google Places API.
* faq updated with more info.
* searchbox places marker are now draggable.
* searchbox places marker delete default marker location.
* fix optional address field bug.
* fix map not being displayed for std cf7 forms.
* fix WP_GURUS_DEBUG constant warning.
* airplane-mode plugin compatible.
* bug fix: validation error message
* bug fix: map centre on drag.
* bug fix for loading existing draft form maps.


  • enable loading map coordinates in saved draft forms.
  • map inputs not cleared when draft form saved using Post My CF7 Form plugin.
  • bug fix saving map details using Post My CF7 Form plugin.


  • added search field
  • added optional address fields with reverse-geocoding


  • first version, only in english locale