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The Best Classified Listing and Business Directory Plugin for WordPress to create Classified ads website, job directory, local business directory and service directory.

Classified Listing is a fully responsive WordPress plugin by using this plugin you can create a classified listing website easily.

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Classified Listing is among the best classified ads WordPress plugins available. It comes with all the features necessary for building a classified listing website. This classified ads WordPress plugin boasts a plethora of backend admin settings and an excellent frontend posting management system. It lets you create as many ad listing categories as you want so that each ad listing page will be as clean as possible.

🏆 Business Directory:

Classified Listing makes it incredibly easy to build a business directory website. The price fields can be controlled from the front end so that users can add prices, price ranges or leave out prices for their listings. We included business hours as well as social profile features on the listing submission page.

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You can create unlimited custom fields and set them category-wise. Alternatively, you can create groups and fields under these groups.

  • Text Box
  • Text Area
  • URL
  • Number
  • Select
  • Radio
  • Checkbox
  • Date & Date Range [Pro]

Classified Listing plugin offers extensive admin control over the fields that your pages will display in the listing page of all your ads. What’s more, you’ll also have control over the fields visible in the detail view of the ads. It is in each detail page of your ads that you will have the main descriptions. With Classified Listing Pro, you can display the custom fields in the list view. Your custom fields will even appear in the search filters if you want.

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🏆 User Friendly

Classified Listing is crafted to provide the best possible user experience to all users, including the admins, buyers, and sellers of ad listings. All your users will enjoy a smooth interface on any device since this plugin is fully responsive. This classified listing WordPress plugin makes your elements look great on all devices, whether they’re using desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.

Classified Listing’s mobile-friendly nature gives your mobile users an unmatchable experience. Ad buyers will have unmatchable experiences as they browse through ads. They can compare similar ads and settle on the ones they prefer easily. The quick view feature of Classified Listing draws the attention of users to ads, notifications, contact forms, or whatever you want them to notice.

Classified Listing supports the use of maps to showcase the location of listings. Whether you prefer Google Maps, this plugin has you covered. Google Maps will display locations with latitudes and longitudes. What’s more, it comes with a radius search function, which makes such searches more straightforward.

🏆 Search and Filter Functions

The search and filter functions of this plugin are incredibly powerful. The Ajax search and filter functions accommodate multiple search options. You can even filter your search results by custom fields, category, location, and price. The Ajax autocomplete function that makes the search process even smoother. The premium version of Classified Listing has the radius search function, which enables users to find listing items near them.

🏆 Frontend User Dashboard Options

Each of your users can control their own data and listings from your website’s front end. Users can manage their own ad listings by editing, deleting, and promoting them. Classified Listing allows them to manage the ads they want to be their favorites. They can also manage the payments they receive from selling their ads. If any of your users need to edit the information on their accounts, they can do so at will.

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🏆 Admin Ad Control Options

This classified ads WordPress plugin gives the site admin immense control over various elements and features. Since it grants you Permalink control over links in your listing detail page, you can easily modify the links you want.

If you want to use Classified Listing for a directory website more than an ad listing one, you will still enjoy some features crafted especially for you. One such feature is the opening hours setting. A directory website will also rely heavily on the social sharing feature.

Images play a significant part in an ad listing website; having control over them ensures that they remain your protagonist. With Classified Listing, the admin has control over the maximum number of images that can be used in each listing. With this classified ads, WordPress plugin enables you to set a maximum image size threshold for image uploads. The sizes of images on your gallery and thumbnails are also in your control.

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🏆 Ad Control

This classified listing WordPress plugin gives you a choice between automatic and manual approval of your listings. If you have too many users, automatic approval is best. On the other hand, manually approving listings help screen ads in detail before posting them.

With Classified Listing, you will have immense control over the ad listings. You can set the number of days for which a listing should last before being removed. This ad directory WordPress plugin allows you to set the threshold of days within when a listing will be marked as ‘new’ and given prominence.

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🏆 Location

With Classified Listing, you can set up to a maximum of 3 location levels. The default location types include state, city, and tow; however, you can set your own custom levels.

This classified listing WordPress plugin lets you import location. The import option for locations is via CSV; therefore, you can import bulk location data easily.

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🏆 Payment Options

The payment options on your site should depend mainly on your location and that of your users. You can receive payments on your site via

  • Offline methods
  • PayPal payment system
  • [ Store addon]
  • Stripe [ Store addon]
  • WooCommerce payment system [ Store addon]

🏆 Earning From Your Listings

You can make money from posting ads where users pay for each ad or for ad promotions, such as

  • Featured ads – Featured ads highlighted with a special background color so this ads get
    more view
  • Pay Per Ads – You can set pay per ad option so after post ads user need to pay.
  • Top ads [Pro] – Top ads display top of archive page and search page with a special highlighted color so this ads get mote view
  • Bumpup ads [Pro] – Bumpup ads changes the ads data daily so it show top of list in archive page and search page.
  • Membership [Pro]: Classified Listing comes with the Store and Membership addon, which allows you to enable membership packages for sellers. You can offer an ad promotion option along with the membership packages.


  • Unlimited category
  • Unlimited custom fields.
  • Fields control for Listing View.
  • Fields control for detail View.
  • Contact form on Listing detail Page.
  • Auto or manually listing approve.
  • Support Database location up to 3 levels like state, city & town.
  • Offline & PayPal Payment system Pro version support Authorize, Stripe & WooCommerce Payment
  • Front-end & Back-end listing submission.
  • Front-end user dashboard to manage listings.
  • Unlimited custom fields and set the fields group by category.
  • Builtin SEO optimized also support Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Ajax powered listing search and review submission.
  • Listing images slider.
  • Listing reviews and ratings.
  • Display business hours and social profile for directory website.
  • Import Category & Location.
  • Google MAP & Google Location [Pro]
  • Radius Search [Pro]
  • Live chat [Pro]
  • Mark as sold [Pro]
  • Quick view & Compare [Pro]
  • And many more…….

🏆 Email Notification Options

Admin Notifications
Classified Listing – Classified ads WordPress plugin gives you complete control over the email notifications that you receive.

The admin will be automatically email notified when users report ads as abuse due to inappropriate content. This directory WordPress plugin also allows you to receive notifications each time a new listing is submitted. You can also receive notifications for ads that need your approval before going live. Classified Listing also notifies you every time a listing is edited. Admin get following email notifications.

  • New Listings Submission
  • Listing Edited
  • Listing Expired
  • Order Created
  • Payment Received/ Order Completed
  • Contact message is sent to a Listing owner

You will receive email notifications each time an order is created for a listing. The plugin will also ensure that you’re notified when you receive a payment or upon the completion of an order. When a contact message is sent to the owner of a listing, you will also receive a notification.

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🏆 User Notification

With Classified Listing, your users can receive various email notifications as they interact with you, your site, and other users. Sellers of ad listings will be notified of any communication that comes from you and other users. Every time a listing submission is successful, they will be notified when it’s approved and upon its publishing. User get following email notifications

  • Listing Submission
  • Listing approved/ Published
  • Listing about to expire (reached renewal email threshold)
  • Listing expired
  • Listing expired & reached renewal reminder email threshold
  • Order Created
  • Order Completed

Classified Listing notifies users when their listings are about to expire and have reached their renewal email threshold. It also notifies them when a listing has expired and when it has expired and reached the threshold for a renewal reminder email. As the admin is notified about order creation and completion, the users are also notified.

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🏆 User Interaction

Classified Listing and Business Directory plugin has a social share function integrated for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The users on your website can use it to communicate and share content with their social connections. Your site’s sales will also benefit from this feature.

As your users interact with ads, they can add those they like to favorites. That way, they’ll be notified of all activity on those ads. If ads have any inappropriate content, this classified ads WordPress plugin allows your users to report it as abuse.

Classified Listing comes with Re-Captcha control for when users want to register. This feature protects you from being spammed. It also applies to when users report any activity as abuse or when they submit ad listings and contact forms.

From the front end, the users get to control whether their item has a fixed price, price range, or no price at all.

🏆 Ad Publishing Control

Classified Listing – Business directory plugin allows you to choose whether you want ads to pass by you for approval or have them automatically approved and published by the system. If you choose to approve ads manually, you will have to publish them yourself after that. The users will be notified upon approval and publishing anyway—the same control applies when users edit their listings. You can allow them to publish them automatically after editing or approve them manually yourself.

🏆 Widgets and Shortcodes

Classified Listing is a widget-ready plugin. It works seamlessly with any widgets that your site already has. What’s more, it comes with some widgets of its own. You’ll have 4 widgets for categories, filters, listings, and the search function. Support following 4 widgets

  • Classified Listing – Categories
  • Classified Listing – Filter
  • Classified Listing – Listings
  • Classified Listing – Search

This directory WordPress plugin is also shortcode-ready. If you’re already using shortcodes on your website, you should find it incredibly easy to handle the ones that come with Classified Listing. Among the shortcodes that come with it include one for use on the ‘my account’ page, checkout page, and a few others.

👉 Check Documentation

🏆 Translatability

Classified Listing is fully translatable. However, it comes with a ready translation for Spanish. Still, you can translate it into whichever language you want using simple WordPress translation plugins, such as Loco Translate and the WPML plugin.

🏆 Some Pro Features

👉 Store & Membership Addon: You can utilize the Store and Membership Addon to let ad sellers open stores within your website so that all their ads can appear within their own stores. The membership options also allow you to let sellers become members in different packages. You can have them displaying free ads, give them some categories at no charge, or have them pay for other categories. You can set memberships to go with paid categories and allow members to do ad promotions.

The store addon avails various payment options, including, Stripe, and WooCommerce payment. When you choose to use the WooCommerce payment option, you get to use any payment gateway that supports WooCommerce.

👉 Custom Conditional Fields: You can create conditional fields. For instance, when you have car make, model, and year of release, the model depends on the make, while the year depends on the model.

👉 Google Map and Location: The premium version of this plugin enables the display of Google Maps in the ad detail views as well as Map views. You can showcase Google Locations using Google place API.

👉 Radius Search: The PRO version allows radius searches using Google place API so that users can search for listings close to them.

👉 Mark As Sold: If any items are sold out, but you feel the need to keep them active on the site for SEO purposes, you can mark them as sold. In this case, such ads will show in the front end, but communication on them will be disabled.

👉 Live chat: Another important feature is communication between sellers and buyers via live chat. This eliminates the need for sharing contact information. They can communicate via live chat about the ad items.

👉 Quick View & Compare: The PRO version facilitates quick view, enabling users to view brief details of ad listings without going to the ad details. They can even compare ad listings quickly for differences in prices and other details easily.

👉 WPML addon: If you want a multilingual website, you can get it quickly since the pro version supports WPML. For translation, you may need WPML Plugin and our WPML addon. By WPML plugin and Our WPML addon you can translate all ads, category, locations, custom fields.

👉 Mobile APP: If you want to build mobile app for your classified ads or directory then you need the Pro version of the plugin, By using the Pro version you can build both Android & IOS apps.

Need Any Help?

  • For any bug, support or suggestion please submit your ticket here.



  • Listing layout and filtering
  • Widget
  • Category widget
  • New listing form
  • User backend
  • Payment History
  • User account settings


Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‚Add New‘ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‚Classified Listing‘
  3. Click ‚Install Now‘
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‚Add New‘ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‚Upload‘ area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click ‚Install Now‘
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the classified-listing directory to your computer
  3. Upload the classified-listing directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


Is this plugin allow front end submission?

  • Yes ads can be submitted from front end.

Is user submit listing free?

  • Yes we have settings if you want full free or pay for featured listing can enable that.

Can I make renew from ad listing?

  • Yes can enable payment for featured listing.

Is this plugin has custom fields?

  • Yes unlimited custom fields can created and set as category wise?

Is this plugin allow nested category?

  • Yes

Is this plugin allow Country – City – State?

  • Yes it support 3 level of location you can the level as your need.

Is admin end email notification?

  • Yes we have different setting so admin get notification for different action.

Can admin send email notification to ad posting?

  • Yes admin can send email notification to ad poster.

Is listing auto approve?

  • We have settings if you want to approve or manual approve you can change it.

Can I change email notification text?

  • Yes all email notification text can changeable from admin end.


10. November 2021
This is the best directory plugin on the market. I tried all and wasted 10s of hours and finally found Classified Listing. Thanks for this awesome plugin.
2. November 2021
Their support team is very responsive to my questions and they give clear instructions/solutions. Appreciate it!
7. Oktober 2021
On September 9th I bought 2 plugins. I tested it on the site. I didn't like how my site looks after installing these plugins. I asked for a refund (they promise within 30 days). The money was really returned. During this time, they try to solve the problems that arise, but in this case there was a conflict with the topic. In general, everything is fine.
19. September 2021
This is an awesome plugin and as a developer I'm really happy with the thorough documentation and swift support if needed. I also recommend getting the pro version with the theme, saves you a lot of time 😉
30. Juli 2021
I have been used the classified listing for 1.5 years and love it. I will consider buying the premium version if I upgrade my listing website. Thanks to the author.
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2.0.8 (November 24, 2021)

  • Add Promotions filter at admin end ad listing

2.0.7 (November 15, 2021)

  • Ajax Multilingual bug fix
  • Change RTCL log folder path to upload directory (October 27, 2021)

  • Inline search multilingual bug fix
  • order history search issue fixed (October 08, 2021)

  • Category duplicate issue fix while loading via ajax (September 28, 2021)

  • Keyword search issue fix for apostrophe and others special character
  • Update payment coding structure to Order
  • Update Oder hook
  • Fix Order Note issue (September 13, 2021)

  • Ad new endpoint for payment confirm (rtcl-api)
  • Update Email order printing format
  • Widget support for WordPress 5.8

  • Add post type at rest API
  • Fix call to undefined function is_user_logged_in function call
  • Fix widget checkbox data save issue

  • Add No listing hook for shortcode listing
  • Add offline instruction to API


  • Fix WPML Page id issue
  • Fix Filter widget taxonomy js issue
  • Compatible for WordPress 5.8 version

  • Mark as sold issue fix


  • Registration issue fix
  • Password required issue at new listing form fixed


  • Add Password strength and minimum length
  • Add Code sanitization


  • Fix password reset issue


  • Search Widget javascript Issue fix


  • Search Widget Issue fix


  • Compatible with external addon