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One interface for Cookie Consent and DSAR Compliance. Covering GDPR, CPRA and more.

One interface for Cookie Consent and DSAR Compliance. Covering GDPR, CPRA and more.


Website Compliance Simplified

With Clym, you can expect a software solution that covers all global data privacy regulations, including the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and more. Our platform allows you to manage consents, legal documents, and data subject requests all in one place.

Installation guide

Here is a step-by-step guide for installing Clym on your WordPress website using the Clym Plugin


Consent management

  • Business friendly approach: Using Clym helps your attorneys sleep better at night,but what about your marketing team? We’ve got them covered too: the data is thelifeblood of your marketing team’s efforts to drive top-line revenues. That’s why at Clym we believe in striking the right balance between legal compliance and marketing optimization. Our platform allows the maximum amount of data to be collected in accordance with the regulation imposed by your website’s visitors.
  • A user interface and experience customers expect: You put a lot of money into the look and feel of your website, and we’re not here to intrude. Our customizable platform provides you with the ability to have the look and feel you want: widget placement, color scheme and branding for your company can reduce the friction your website visitors experience when browsing your website.
  • Global Coverage: New regulations are introduced into law on a regular basis and existing regulations are frequently amended. Clym’s platform configures the location-specific settings needed to ensure you are set up for success.
  • Easy to implement: We’re here to reduce your headaches associated with data privacy law compliance, so our cookie consent manager starts working on your website with a simple copy and paste of Javascript code. We have default settings for all major data privacy laws around the globe, and our clean, crisp user interface makes it easy to customize how you want your website to look and feel. And if you run into questions, our support team is available around the clock to assist.
  • Audit trail: For every visit to your website a record of given consent is registered through our tool, which helps you have an audit-ready trail of data. This way you are always prepared to show when, where, why, what and how consent was obtained.

Data subjects’ requests

  • Collect and store DSARs: Clym’s Privacy Widget not only collects your website visitors’ consent, it also allows your visitors to submit DSARs
  • Verify submitted requests: When a DSAR is submitted through Clym’s Privacy Widget, an email is sent to the individual that made the request in order for them to validate the request through the verification link within that email. This is a precaution against spam requests.
  • Notifications: You can view all requests submitted by your customers in real time by logging into your account. In addition to viewing DSARs within your admin console, you can also assign one or more email addresses to receive a notification any time a new request has been verified by the user, keeping you up to date with everything.
  • Efficient reply system: Clym makes it easy for you to timely respond to DSARs through your admin console so that all responses and correspondence are time-stamped and tied directly to the request. Also, to save time for you and your team, Clym provides default reply templates for various types of requests, that can be customized as needed, based on your preferences and language.

Policies and other legal documents

  • Manage Terms, Policies, Agreements, and Procedures: Clym helps you simplify and streamline policy management, adaptable by jurisdiction. Create, update, and communicate policies at any time, in a transparent way, letting users know what the latest version is and when it was updated. Manage public or private agreements and procedures.
  • Embed and share policies: All policies, agreements and procedures managed through Clym can be easily included in your domain or shared with partners by using embed codes and unique document URLs. Whenever a new document version is created, we automatically sync and update it everywhere.


Continuous website scanning

  • This feature gives you comfort in knowing you are up-to-date with the categorization and classification of your scripts and cookies. It scans every visited page, automatically without affecting the website’s performance.

Privacy widget

  • The Clym widget is regulation and location specific covering 35+ privacy regulations (including GDPR, CPRA, LGPD), 40+ languages, and it lets users interact with legal documents, terms, contracts, DSARs, and policies, relevant to their location.
  • The widget is customisable to ensure the user’s seamless navigation experience: you can add a logo and choose the colors to display in order for the design to follow your brand guidelines, select the privacy widget’s position that best suits the flow of your website visitor and make opt-in and opt-out easy by clearly presenting their options.


  • Clym uses IP addresses of your website visitors to determine where they are and automatically show them the legal content relevant to their country or region: location-specific scripts, cookies, and legal documents, content language set automatically, and allow users to toggle between languages and jurisdictions.
  • Clym’s robust settings allow you to adhere to all location-specific privacy regulations by using Clym’s database of regions and countries with their corresponding data privacy laws, add and customize jurisdictions for less common locations, and adjust the widget, cookie settings, documents, and other features of each jurisdiction.


  • Get a 360° data overview of all your website consents and DSARs along with audit-ready data reports through round-the-clock updates on page views, cookies, scripts, and consents, user-friendly statistics dashboard, transparent consent analytics broken down into categories.
  • Keep track of open, in progress, overdue, or closed DSARs, analyze requests filtering them by device type, browser, regulation, country, language, and use visual charts and graphs for clean reports showing DSAR changes over time.
  • Use predefined filters and views to obtain accurate data that will help you improve consent rates and brand perception. You have the ability to analyze pageviews by country, device, browser language and type, check consent changes in time by cookie/script purpose category and consent type, apply detailed filters to display all the information you need to acquire customer data fairly

Embedded content

  • Let users know what their consent is needed for, what data they disclose, and who will receive it. You can automatically block external resources collecting user data without prior consent, add iFrames from another site directly to your website to embed content in a compliant manner, and display the consent message layer before loading the iFrame to keep your visitors informed


  • If you only use simple privacy content, you don’t need to hire a translator. Clym offers turnkey translations for the most common consent purposes, such as labels or cookie classification available in 30+ languages through legally-approved translations.
  • You can also upload your own translations of complex documents, such as terms of service or privacy policy through the customizable appearance and behavior of the privacy widget and an easy to use editor that doesn’t require technical skills to add translations.



14. November 2023
Clym’s plugin has proven to be a great solution for our site, covering a wide range of regulations with all US State and European data privacy regulations, which is essential for our e-commerce business. One of the standout features is how user-friendly it is. Everything is pre-set based on the regulation requirements, covering over 30 regulations, not to mention, we don’t have to use another tool for accessibility requirements as it’s also built within the tool as well. Their support is also very responsive and helpful! Highly recommend it!
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