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Control, manage or replace both header and footer scripts and styles on your WordPress site with this user friendly interface. Updated and tested 2021 Version

The Header and Footer Script Loader plugin support managing and controlling additional scripts and styles on your WordPress site.

You can pre-load all scripts and styles in the plugin settings as well as inject javascript and custom codes to fit your needs.

The header and footer plugin allows the user to choose if a script should be automatically or manually uploaded in all posts. In the Pro version, On each post you will find a header and footer metabox which controls the various scripts and styles.

The plugin improve site load time and client side memory usage easily and efficiently.

Basic Plugin Features

  • Add unlimited number of scripts and styles
  • Manage which scripts load on header or footer
  • Manage which scripts load of post or pages

Benefits of Going Pro

  • Support custom post types
  • Support script loading on custom posts
  • Control script loading on specific posts using a metabox


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Plugin usage instructions

  1. Fill the „Script Name“ field and paste „Script Code“
  2. Select „Script Type“ (CSS or JS), „Script Location“ (header or footer), and „Autoload Option“
  3. Check „Custom Post Types“ on which script should be loaded if necessary
  4. Click „Save Changes“

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  • Plugin settings when loading on specific custom posts (pro)
  • Adding multiple scripts in plugin settings
  • Metabox control on specific posts


  1. Upload cm-onboarding folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin im Menü ‚Plugins‘ im WordPress Backend.


19. März 2020
I´d installed CM Header & Footer Script Loader recently because I changed my wordpress theme and needed a way to insert a <script> before </body>. First I tried to insert this with a php function and I don´t know why the script started to block navigation on my site in some browsers. So I found CM Header & Footer Script Loader and my problem was resolved. I also needed support for a php error and CreativeMinds Team Support gave me a quicky and accurate response even I´m using a free version. 5 stars.
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Release Date: 9th Nov 2022
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