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Enables users to easily manage and organize multiple locations. With integrated Google Maps functionality, it also provides a seamless store locator experience.

The Google Maps Locations plugin empowers users to effortlessly add a location, multiple locations, or points of interest to a Google maps.

Location Detailed Description

Each map location is showcased on a dedicated page, featuring comprehensive details like descriptions, images, videos, full addresses, and zip codes.

Furthermore, all locations are highlighted on Google Maps, with each marked by a distinct icon based on its category or user selection.

Map and Index Page with all Locations

The Google Maps plugin generates an index page displaying all locations on a Google Map and as a list.

Clicking on any location on the map or the list can either direct users to the location page or display a tooltip with additional details when clicked on the map.

Google Maps and Locations Plugin Premium Editions

The Google Maps and Location Plugin Premium editions includes even more powerful features, such as: versatile shortcodes, use of polygons for marking locations and areas, user location tracking support, API support and much more.

Google Maps and Locations Plugin Introduction Video

Locations Plugin Use Cases

  • Store Locator – Easily add multiple physical store locations, customize the location icons, images and description.
  • Business Locations – Create a directory index of businesses with their locations visible on Google Maps.
  • Niche Business – Ideal for showcasing locations on Google Maps in a structured and stylized way.
  • User Aggregated Directory – Increase engagement by letting users post locations and content. The admin edits the content before approving and publishing the submissions.

Basic Features

  • Place a location on a Google maps
  • Add description for each location
  • Show all locations on an index page showing one map for all locations
  • Allow user to see all their posted locations in a dashboard, add new locations or control the status of existing locations
  • Images and videos can be added to each location

Pro Version Features

Pro Version Detailed Features List | Demo Site

  • Locations index map display – Choose between several display templates to support use cases such as store locator, store list, point of interest and more
  • Import and export locations using KML, GPX or CSV format
  • Categories – Place locations in categories and assign a unique icon for each category
  • Weather information – Weather information is shown near each location
  • Location Icon – Override location category icon with a unique icon per each specific location
  • Upload Location Icon – Upload your own location icon
  • Images – Images and videos can be added to each location
  • Shortcodes – Several shortcodes are supported. Shortcodes can be embedded in posts and show a single location, a map with all locations in a category, and more
  • Tags – Tags can be added to locations and allow filtering of locations
  • Search – search by any keywords in location description or title
  • Search location using zip, radius and text
  • Modify all text labels in the plugin
  • Access Control – Set which role can create or view locations
  • Location moderation and notifications
  • Allow users to use an iframe and share location map on another site
  • Tiles/Layers support – Show extra information from external services as an additional map layer
  • Polygon support – Draw a beautiful shape overlay
  • Track users location – Create a link that allows user to show their location on the map in real time
  • Automatically add links to Waze and Google directions for each location
  • Create time-based locations and polygons. Users can filter the map according to date and time to view these locations
  • Route Manager – Integrates with the Route Manager plugin to show both locations and routes on a joint map

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  • Showing location finder on Google maps
  • Single location page.
  • Plugin setting options.
  • Locations admin dashboard.
  • Location editing – adding image and video.
  • Location editing metadata.
  • Location editing – updating address and zip.
  • Selecting icon to display on map.


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin in WordPress über das Menü ‚Plugins‘
  3. Add a Google API key.
  4. Add as many locations as you want. Each will have it’s own location page and will show up on the index map
  5. There are a handful of other optional preferences available in the dashboard.


5. Dezember 2022 1 Antwort
This is a poorly developed app that uses a combination of front and back end to accomplish what should be done entirely on the back end. It also requires a theme with a side bar to function at all. Of no use to me.
13. Juli 2018
I cannot recommend this plugin at all. The interface to setup locations is horrible and bumps you out of the admin panel and takes you to a front end entry form. After entry you have to go back to the admin section each time. Not very user friendly.
3. Februar 2017
Navigating around this plugin is very cumbersome. Especially when it comes to adding a new location and selecting an icon. Some things are added via the backend, some via the front end. It would be nice if it were consistent and not jumping between constantly. When you add or edit a new location it seems to be missing any navigation to return to the list view which compounds the already rough workflow.
3. September 2016
After installing, I found that the plugin lacked some necessary functionality. I contacted support and they quickly responded and assisted with my requested changes. Appreciate their hard work and the use of their great plugin!
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Release Date: 25 December 2023
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Release Date: 14 Aug 2023
* Compatible with WP 6.3


Release Date: 04 Aug 2023
* Bugfix related to geolocation js library


Release Date: 22 Mar 2023
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Release Date: 23 Feb 2023
* Added a code that fixes 404 problems after permalink change automatically
* Resolved PHP Notice and Warning


Release Date: 9th Nov 2022
* Replace Internal support links

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