Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

CMB Field Type: Sorter


This plugin gives you two CMB field types based on the Sorter script:


`tb_sorter` – Select box with with typeahead-style search. Example:

        'name'    => 'Page Layout',
        'id'      => $prefix . 'ingredients',
        'desc'    => 'Select Page Layout',
        'type'    => 'tb_sorter',
        'options' => array(
            'enabled'  => array(
                'highlights' => 'Highlights',
                'slider'     => 'Slider',
                'staticpage' => 'Static Page',              
            'disabled' => array(
                'services'   => 'Services'

Out put

    get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), '_yourprefix_about_ingredients', true);

IMPORTANT: The key pair of ‚placebo‘ => ‚placebo‘ IS NO LONGER REQUIRED.


  • admin panel
  • drag drop
  • output value


You can install this field type as you would a WordPress plugin:

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Place the plugin folder in your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
  4. Alternatively, you can place the plugin folder in with your theme/plugin. After you call CMB:

Add another line to include the cmb-field-sorter.php file. Something like:
require_once ‚cmb-field-type-sorter/cmb-field-sorter.php‘;


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