commonWP is a plugin that enables usage of free, public CDN (jsDelivr) for open source JavaScript and CSS files. Those files are:

  • All files from WordPress core, unless development version of WordPress is used.
  • All files from plugins hosted by Plugins Repository, unless author of specific plugin doesn’t use SVN tags for releasing.
  • All files from themes hosted by Themes Repository.
  • All files from plugins and themes hosted on GitHub that support GitHub Updater.
  • All files marked as available on npm in any type of theme, plugin, or MU plugin.

It aims to be both lightweight and very secure. The approach used in this plugin is safer then in any other plugin that enables usage of any CDN. First, commonWP will only rewrite file to point to one on jsDelivr if that remote file is identical to local one. Second, during comparison, it generates subresource identity hash of remote jsDelivr file and includes that hash in page’s source code so browser won’t load remote file if it doesn’t have exactly the same hash.

There are no any settings. After activation, it will fill up its cache in the background, and that may take some time depending on number of resources site uses.

For much more details about commonWP, head over to its GitHub repository.


King plugin

This is a must plugin for each and every wp site out there. Mićo svaka čast 🙂

Awesome plugin

Very well written plugin! The easiest and safest way to load your common assets through jsdelivr. Every site should be using it to help the cache. Easy to use, just activate it and you are done. Plenty of hooks to override any features that you need. Bonus points for providing a WP-CLI interface.

Very Good Plugin

This is a fantastic plugin. It works perfectly. Hope that more people starts adopting this plugin. It really does a fantastic job of loading all the common files from the jsDelivr CDN. I am hoping that the developer keeps the plugin updated for newer version of wordpress. Keep it up dude..

No savings? Great savings!

I didn't notice CND action. NGT jsDelivr CDN does a better job. Filesizes on my own server 1/4 of Commonwp. It also causes a lot of Curl calls. Don't be fooled like me, another plugin did the harm. It work realy great, there's almost no css and js in my own cache anymore! Maybe I should throw Autoptimize overboard.


commonWP reduces server load. Creative thinking. You did an excellent job. Keep it up. Wish you all round progress in life with Responsibility and Accountability. Humanly Yours
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  • Released on 27th December 2018
  • Define scripts added in WordPress 5.0 that are available on npm.
  • Fix version of WordPress core on GitHub for major versions.
  • Disable Jetpack Site Accelerator for static files.
  • Minor inline documentation fixes.