Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin


A simple and intuitive, yet elegant and fully documented Google map plugin that installs as a widget and a short code. No limited plugin editions or limited functionality! This is the full version of this free and premium plugin, which comes packed with useful features:

  • Intuitive and user friendly interface, which makes it very easy to configure Google map. No complex configuration options. OpenStreetMap imagery available
  • With over 250 amazing custom marker icons to choose from!
  • Aggregate all markers from your published content in one map – Marker Geo Mashup!
  • Dozens of configuration options to choose from, including marker clustering
  • Add end-user’s current GPS location to the map! Useful for end-users that want to find directions from their current location to map’s markers
  • Fully documented. If help tooltips are not enough, you can always refer to the full documentation about each of the settings
  • Shortcode builder available, which integrates with post/page editor.
  • Insert saved shortcodes directly to posts/pages
  • Widget enabled.
  • Compatible with jQuery tabs! No more poorly rendered map on your site!
  • Compatible with W3 Total Cache, read the solution

The plugin uses wonderful custom marker icons from the Maps Icons Collection project by Nicolas Mollet.

Please note: the official support and maintenance of this plugin has been discontinued. For more details and recommendations please visit the support forum.


Project Lead

  • Alexander Zagniotov

Additional Contributors

  • Honza Rameš


  • Help tooltip in action
  • Documentation page
  • Shortcode builder page
  • Generated short code in the editor
  • Facebook style interactive interface for map markers with custom icons and text
  • Direction panel
  • Markers info window with the direction and street view
  • Street view in the marker's infer window
  • When having marker Geo mashup, you can display in the info bubble marker's original post and post content excerpt instead of normally address and lat/long


Install this plugin by downloading and unzipping the ZIP archive into your plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins). Alternatively, you can upload the ZIP archive using WordPress upload function. Activate the plugin in order to start using it.

To use the widget, simply drag the ‚AZ :: Google Map‘ widget into a sidebar. Please note, your theme has to be widget-enabled. To change the styles of the contact form, open style.css file in the plugin editor in WordPress. The short code builder can be found under the post/page editor. To access documentation please find „Google Map“ link, under the „Settings“ in your WordPress admin panel.


  1. Where can I find the short code builder?
    After plugin installation look for the ‚Google Map‘ menu item on the left hand side of your WP admin. The ‚Shortcode builder‘ item is just there. After generating the short code, copy the contents of the popup and paste int your post/page.

  2. How to make W3 Total Cache to work with your plugin?

  3. Is your plugin compatible with jQuery Tabs or other tabs?

  4. Where is plugin documentation?
    After plugin activation, look at the left hand side menu of WP admin, look for „Google Map“ item

  5. Do I lose my saved shortcodes after plugin update?
    No, they will still be there

  6. Whats the correct way to define coordinates?
    You can use one of the following formats:
    [a] N43°38 19.39, W116°14 28.86 (Please note: single quote or apostrophe has been replaced with SPACE and no double quotes)
    [b] 43°38 19.39N, 116°14 28.86W
    [c] 43 38 19.39, -116 14 28.86
    [d] 43.6387194445, -116.2413513485235


it is comprehensive but it lacks one thing

Easy to use, extremely configurable and makes any google map look great on your website. You can check out my website to see how I am using it.

If there was two features I would love added to it, they would be:
1. The ability to add your own customized routes to the maps.
2. If Google hasn’t got a correct location for an address (this is normal in Ireland because the guys who built this country decided that addresses aren’t really important), and so you need to use long/lat coordinates, that you could create a custom address so that when someone mouses over the map, they don’t see the long/lat coordinates but the actual address of the location.

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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Comprehensive Google Map Plugin“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:




  • change Maps Marker Pro install link to explicitly use v3.1.1 (migration tool is not compatible with Maps Marker Pro v4.0+)


  • last official release – development & maintenance has been continued – for more details and recommendations please visit the support forum
  • Bug: edit screen/media editor was broken in WordPress 4.0
  • Enhancement: Maps Marker Pro plugin installer
  • Enhancement: function to convert maps for Maps Marker Pro
  • Enhancement: added Afrikaans translation thanks to Johnny Dunhin
  • Bug: broken all plugin list items (thx kitchin!)
  • Bug: transfer feature did not work on special setups


  • Bug: PHP warnings
  • Bug: user configured map height was not respected on mobile devices with disabled respective setting


  • Enhancement: Added marker clustering functionality
  • Enhancement: Corrections in French translation by Marcello Cavallucci
  • Cleanup: Changed the way map data is rendered on the client-side
  • Cleanup: Removed all JS alerts from the client-side in favor of console logging
  • Bug: marker list separator (pipe character |) was cleaned up too much


  • Enhancement: Added ability to set styles to the generated maps: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/styling
  • Enhancement: JavaScript information in „Support“ tab
  • Enhancement: Added a setting to disable plugin admin bar menu
  • Enhancement: Added a setting to enable a full screen map on mobile devices(disabled by default)
  • Bug: When pipe character | was added to marker description, double marker was generated


  • Enhancement: From „Saved Shortcodes“ page it is now possible to inject shortcode into posts directly without entering post „Edit“ mode
  • Enhancement: Added WordPress admin bar plugin menu


  • Enhancement: Added a setting to disable TinyMCE button in post/page WYSIWYG editor that loads saved shortcodes
  • Enhancement: Added a page under „Google Map“ menu that shows saved shortcodes if any
  • Bug: Admin scripts were not loaded on the widgets page
  • Bug: PHP warnings

  • Bug: TinyMCE was broken in certain cases

  • Bug: Shortcode builder does not accept non-Latin character set in marker locations


  • Enhancement: When map is viewed from major mobile devices, setting its DIV’s width to 100% and increasing the height
  • Enhancement: Added CSS class handler for map container centering DIV
  • Enhancement: Including custom post types in Geo Mashup
  • Enhancement: Using new style default marker icon when generating maps


  • Enhancement: Loading admin scripts only on its own admin pages and on post/page editor pages
  • Enhancement: Revisited plugin’s TinyMCE JS code


  • Bug: Fixed zooming when map is resized as a result of jQuery Tabs
  • Enhancement: Code cleanup (Marker shadows were removed in version 3.14 of the Google Maps JavaScript API)


  • Enhancement: Code cleanup


  • Enhancement: Documentation update


  • Bug: User set language was reset before map generation


  • Enhancement: Added server side caching for custom post types (not ‚page‘ nor ‚post‘)


  • Enhancement: Not relying anymore on theme-dependant wp_footer function to generate plugin data on the client side
  • Enhancement: Supporting multi-byte addresses (Non-Latin character set)


  • Bug: JS error in certain cases when server sent map data with empty address
  • Bug: Some markers were skipped from being cached


  • Enhancement: Revisited how plugin scripts are loaded


  • Experimental: Dropped server-side Geo validation due to Google’s request limit quota per-IP. Doing client side Geo address validation instead with server side caching.
  • Enhancement: Added help message on „Shortcode Builder“ page where to find saved shortcodes

  • Enhancement: Documentation update and some code clean up

  • Experimental: Increased waiting times between HTTP requests to Google’s Geocoder service


  • Bug: Mulitple maps on the same page were generated from the cached map data of the first map
  • Bug: Square brackets in marker description were breaking WordPress shortcode parsing functionality
  • Enhancement: Added ability to save shortcodes by name and load them up/delete them in WordPress’s post/page WYSIWYG editor
  • Enhancement: Added more debug data for cases when GeoMashup fails
  • Enhancement: Added „Support“ tab in CGMP settings with user specific debug information
  • Cleanup: Removed deprecated shortcode properties


  • Experimental: Trying to improve caching mechanism


  • Enhancement: Added caching mechanism to shortcode and widget functionality


  • Enhancement: Added caching mechanism to GeoMashup functionality


  • Enhancement: Doing server side geo address validation using Google’s service to reduce the work on the client side
  • Enhancement: Revisited GeoMashup functionality
  • Bug: Markers were disappearing in GeoMashup as a result of Google’s geo service returning OVER_QUERY_LIMIT during address validation when too many requests per second were sent. Some basic request throttling and retry mechanism have been put in place to remedy requests-per-second

  • Enhancement: Revisited workaround of the conflict between the plugin and jQuery tabs. Now resizing the map the moment placeholder DIV is not hidden


  • Bug: When Geo position could not be obtained, map was not rendering
  • Bug: Workaround the conflict between the plugin and jQuery tabs


  • Enhancement: Making use of the library by Chad Killingsworth to add end-user’s current GPS location as a marker. The marker position is automatically updated as the user position changes. Useful for users on mobile devices that want to find directions from their current location to map’s marker. This feature will function in browsers supporting the W3C Geolocation API. This excludes Internet Explorer versions 8 and older.
  • Enhancement: CSS tweaks in directions dialog


  • Enhancement: Made sure the plugin is compatible with jQuery 1.9+ (.live() -> .on(), .attr() -> .prop() where required)


  • Enhancement: Added Dutch translation (Jeffrey van Rossum)
  • Enhancement: Added ability to select default distance units for directions
  • Bug: Shortcode sent to editor had “addmarkermashupbubble” property generate twice
  • Bug: Removed incorrect CSS property value
  • Bug: Fixed IDs of direction HTML elements
  • Bug: In jQuery 1.8, the behaviour of .ajaxSuccess() changed, which caused an issue when saving widgets
  • Bug: When trying to print directions in KM, the print view was showing miles
  • Experimental: An attempt to resolve a problem of Google Maps & jQuery Tabs: resizing the map one second after it has been loaded


  • Bug: Commented out on PHP function parsing the shortcode and rendering a map


  • Enhancement: Added Polish translation (Jakub Korzeniewski)
  • Fix javascript bug that mishandles minor version number on jQuery 1.xx (Israel Shirk)
  • Php warnings removed, when in wp_debug mode (Patrick Hafner)
  • Using sprintf for html output in a few lines (Patrick Hafner)
  • IE Quirks mode fix: Making the function return rather than echo to prevent tags from outputting before the and tags. This causes IE to render the document in quirks mode which basically will destroy any modern sites styling. This occurs when using the shortcode because the function just echos out the content before the rest of the site is rendered.


  • Missing files for v7.0.30


  • Enhancement: Added German translation
  • Enhancement: Fixed CSS on the client side when direction section is opened


  • Enhancement: Added admin config setting to enable short code builder under custom post/page types.
  • Enhancement: When using geomashup, the geo address validation is done from the server side instead of the client side. If there were no changes to posts/pages (update of existing posts or new content publishing), cached geomashup is served. The check whether the street view is available is done when marker is clicked, not prematurely. All this makes sure that the map loads really fast. Tested with 500 marker map.


  • Spike: Trying to get plugin working with ParallelUS Mingle theme. The latter does some funky stuff with their footer.


  • Not relying on a global variable anymore when deciding whether to inject plugin scripts, but on DB setting instead


  • Enhancement: Added Czech (Honza Rameš) translation
  • Bug: When width of map placeholderder is a percentage, the direction section width was 10% smaller
  • Bug: CSS tweak


  • Enhancement: Width of map placeholderder can now be percentage as well as pixels
  • Enhancement: Added Italian (Nicola Spreafico) and French (Mehdi Lahlou) translations
  • Bug: Marker shadow image was fetched over non-SSL when client is on SSL


  • Reverted v7.0.23 to version v7.0.22. Errors appeared in Safari on iOS (can’t display the page) and IE7 and IE8 (permission denied)
  • Powered by message now is disabled by default


  • Bug: HTML tags were not stripped from marker location and description when using short code builder
  • Enhancement: Added extra button ’send to editor‘ above short code builder form
  • Enhancement: Making sure that HTML5 validation does not break


  • Enhancement: Added SSL detection before loading Google API


  • Powered by message is now config option that can be turned on/off


  • Powered by message


  • Bug: Not all markers in geo mashup were displayed. Revisited the whole process of marker extraction
  • Bug: Post excerpt was not displayed sometimes due to nature of PHP substr(). Replaced with mb_substr()
  • Enhancement: Added _blank attributed to links in info bubble


  • Enhancement: Revisited script loading using wp_print_scripts on demand


  • Enhancement: Injecting global data placeholder OBJECT on demand
  • Enhancement: Published page maps are now included in geo mashup along side maps from posts
  • Enhancement: Not relying on WP anymore to load jQuery explicitly, but loading dynamically from Google CDN if none was loaded


  • Enhancement: IE specific CSS on admin side
  • Enhancement: Compatibility with ThemeShock themes on admin side
  • Bug: marker geomushap config value was null instead of false
  • Bug: IE7/8 .attr(„value“) => .val()
  • Bug: In old saved untouched widgets, new plugin config options were not initialized


  • Enhancement: Added option to disable map from being draggable
  • Enhancement: Added 45 degree tilt option
  • Enhancement: Added overview map control – a small fold out map in the lower right corner of the main map
  • Enhancement: Google map API now loaded via google.load, which makes plugin compatible with plugins like Better WP Security
  • Enhancement: General CSS face lift in plugin admin and documentation


  • Bug: Fixed CSS of OBJECT element for Safari and Chrome


  • Bug: Fixed CSS of OBJECT element for Safari and Chrome
  • Enhancement: Cleaned up CSS of plugin config form for Chrome and Safari
  • Enhancement: Extracted info bubble inline CSS into dedicated classes


  • Bug: JSON bug fix


  • Enhancement: Beautified error message dialogs
  • Enhancement: Latitude and longitude can be now separated by semi-column as well as by comma
  • Enhancement: Revisited some JS functions and made them smaller
  • Enhancement: Checking for jQuery version when using parseJSON function
  • Commented on jQuery.noConflict(); as it is actually interfered with some themes poorly written JS
  • Bug: IE7 and IE8 could not display more than one map on the page


  • Enhancement: Added OpenStreetMap (OSM) as an additional map type. User can select whether to view Google map imagery or OpenStreetMap imagery.


  • Enhancement: Added marker icons from 0-20 and A-Z
  • Spike: Trying to resolve IE8 bug


  • Revisiting how I include head scripts


  • Enhancement: Checking for jQuery version for parseJSON fallback


  • Enhancement: Fixed title generation in widget
  • Bug: CSS class messing up other themes


  • Enhancement: Single quote escape when parsing JSON
  • Enhancement: Widget title is now wrapped within the DIV and H3
  • Enhancement: It is possible now to add custom marker text to info bubbles with Wiki-like style hyper link support


  • Enhancement: Making the plugin ready for translation.


  • Bug: Overlooked ‚address content‘ property in the new update in shortocode.php. My sincere apologies to users affected.


  • Bug: Setting zoom value when fitting map to its marker bounds
  • Bug: When Geo mashup enabled, missing excerpt was appearing as NULL in the info bubble
  • Spike: Trying to resolve IE8 and jQuery 1.6.2 .attr() problems (Yep, worked)


  • Bug: Enforcing zero width and height on an OBJECT HTML element
  • Enhancement: Logging was disabled for webkit browsers


  • Enhancement: Huge backend rewrite in order to minimise code base by relying on JSON data files.
  • Enhancement: No JS injected to the client side at all. As a result, the plguin’s JS running in its own eco environment without interference.
  • Bug: There was no possible to set empty title


  • Screenshot update
  • Enhancement: Added settings screen. Now user can control whether display short code builder under the post/page editor.
  • Enhancement: Replaced all native alert popups with JS popups


  • Enhancement: Replaced native browser popup with jQuery popup when generating short code.
  • Enhancement: User error messages refined.
  • Removed document.ready from map generating logic


  • Enhancement: Text widget bow can parse the map short code
  • Enhancement: Client JS scripts now loaded on demand if widget or short code are active. In other words, page that does not contain map won’t load the JS
  • Enhancement: Added setting to set the map language by adding the ‚language‘ to the Google map API


  • Enhancement: Important: the short code builder is now located on its dedicated page instead of under post/page editor. After plugin installation look for the ‚Google Map‘ menu item on the left hand side of your WP admin. This makes sure that post/page edit page is loaded quicker. The downside for now, is that you have to manually copy the generated shortage into your target page/post.
  • Enhancement: All JS is now loaded minified, including plugin admin side scripts
  • Enhancement: Revisited and cleaned up plugin admin JS
  • Enhancement: Removed explicit call to ‚jquery-core‘ module when WP admin is active
  • Enhancement: Not loading client side JS and Google API scripts in WP admin anymore, only on client side
  • Enhancement: Accepting GIF and JPG/JPEG files as custom marker icons (in addition to PNG)


  • Reverted Injecting Google API on the client side. Causes problems in Opera on Mac


  • Enhancement: Added a check before creating Google object, whether the map DIV placeholder exists
  • Enhancement: Refined user error dialog messages
  • Enhancement: Got rid of the sliders until further notice. Too much overhead for only 3 sliders


  • Enhancement: Injecting Google API on the client side. This is to workaround the problem when param sensor is missing due to plugins like Better WP Security.


  • Enhancement: Added documentation FAQ section in the plugin documentation
  • Enhancement: Added extra plugin row meta links
  • Enhancement: Not pushing JSON object to footer anymore. Some users experienced problems with how it was done.


  • Enhancement: Added check for GMap2 object from Google API v2 to identify conflicts with API v3
  • Enhancement: Some code cleanup
  • Enhancement: Refined user error dialog messages
  • Enhancement: Replacing ‚&‘ with just ‚&‘
  • Bug: Lower-casing KML URLs


  • Enhancement: Forcing map data JSON objects to be written into the footer area
  • Enhancement: Added config option to display direction hint above the map. ATM its in English, sorry 🙁 Localisation will come soon!
  • Enhancement: Refined user error dialog messages


  • Reverted 6.0.12 – sorry for the inconvenience


  • Enhancement: Forcing map data JSON objects to be written into the footer area
  • Enhancement: Added config option to display direction hint above the map. ATM its in English, sorry 🙁 Localisation will come soon!
  • Enhancement: Refined user error dialog messages


  • Enhancement: User informative error messages around KML functionality
  • Enhancement: KML tooltip refinement


  • Enhancement: When Google API cannot be reached, displaying popup warning dialog
  • Enhancement: Displaying „loading“ image when processing and loading the map
  • Reverted: Help message above the map placeholder


  • Enhancement: Not injecting anymore JS business logic to the client side. Instead injecting JSON object with map data.
  • Enhancement: Plugin JS business logic now running within its own eco system. It knows how to read the above JSON object and pass the data to Google API. This way is safer against JS clash errors.
  • Enhancement: Not displaying Lat/Long in info bubble anymore when Geo address provided.
  • Enhancement: Added help message above the map placeholder that says to click on the markers if one needs directions
  • Enhancement: Directions CSS tweak


  • Bug: PHP notices due to wrong variable naming.


  • Bug: Removed redundant call to JS timeout()


  • Bug: New lines and carriage returns broke the JSON


  • Bug: Single quotes in post titles broke the JSON


  • Enhancement: Not using document.ready to wrap the Google map JS code anymore.
  • Enhancement: Trying to apply workaround against Better WP Security (Reverted)
  • Enhancement: Documentation refinement
  • Enhancement: Stripping HTML tags from KML and Panoramio user ID fields
  • Reverted loading plugins crypts on demand. It broke short codes in text widgets.


  • Bug: Broken JSON
  • Enhancement: Trying to apply workaround against Better WP Security’s param stripping
  • Enhancement: Documentation refinement


  • Enhancement: When choosing marker geo mashup, user can now select what to display in the info bubble of the markers: Geo address or title and link to the marker’s blog post (Check the screenshots)
  • Enhancement: Zoom on mouse wheel scroll added as a config option
  • Enhancement: Documentation refinement
  • Enhancement: Making sure that Google API and plugin scripts only loaded if widgets and/or short codes are active
  • Enhancement: Added notifications for users to let them know whether they: (a) have specified un-parsable by Google map locations or (b) have not provided locations at all
  • Bug (unreported): When one of the provided locations was un-parsable by Google, the map was stopping from generation.


  • Enhancement: Disabled zooming on mouse scroll
  • Enhancement: Some CSS fixes in directions
  • Enhancement: Using jQuerynoConflict();. Renamed all ‚jQuery‘ into ‚jQueryCgmp‘


  • Enhancement: Added marker Geo mashup option
  • Enhancement: Documentation revisisted
  • Enhancement: directions.css and override.css now merged into style.css and moved into the root of the plugin home directory so it can be accessible via WP plugin editor
  • Bug: Preventing from marker location text field to be sent to editor


  • Reverted: Making sure that Google API and plugin scripts only loaded if widgets and/or short codes are active. Apparently it started causing problems to some people. Need to do more testing.


  • Enhancement: Some clarification to documentation
  • Enhancement: Removing duplicates from the list of marker addresses
  • Enhancement: Making sure that Google API and plugin scripts only loaded if widgets and/or short codes are active
  • Enhancement: Added overflow: visible to direction button for IE


  • Code refactoring and cleanup
  • When displaying rendered directions, closing any open info bubbles


  • Enhancement: Adding ability to choose custom marker icons from over 250 icons
  • Enhancement: Fixed inconsistency when setting auto panning for info bubble.
  • Enhancement: Documentation update.
  • Enhancement: Some CSS tweaks
  • Removed explicit settings for lat/long and address field. These should be set as part of the marker settings. These options are still supported for backwards compatibility.
  • Removed marker animation setting.


  • Enhancement: Directions CSS


  • Bug: Inconsistency when loading Google map API, in other words – the experiment has been reverted. Sorry 🙂


  • Enhancement: Experimenting with the load time of the Google API.
  • Enhancement: Simplified logic of the ‚bubbleautopan‘ option in the short code
  • Enhancement: Removed ‚Marker Direction‘ from the widget


  • Enhancement: address parsing


  • Bug: JS error


  • Enhancement: Documentation refinement


  • Enhancement: Miles are now default unit for directions. The direction options are not hidden anymore


  • Enhancement: Made street view service less strict when checking if there is a street view available for a given marker location


  • Unclosed HTML tag that broke layout for some of the users.


  • Rewritten directions section. Now it is very Google-like looking with toll, highways and miles options. Printing functionality is also provided.
  • Info bubble now can display marker’s street view within itself


  • Version increment to force reload of tooltip JS


  • Tooltips revisited. Worked around the conflict with Catalyst Theme.


  • Not loading jQuery UI from Google CDN anymore. Instead, loading jQuery UI core provided by WP. The new external JS that now has been included with the plugin is the jQuery UI slider, which does not come with WP.


  • CSS changes


  • Bug: Conflict with Slider Pro


  • Extension of the previous version – more safety checks when creating markers from lat/long.


  • Bug: Preventing generation of default marker with lat zero and long zero


  • Enhancement: Now using Geo service only when geo address is provided. When lat/long are provided, the service is not used which does not cause the lost of location precision when generating the marker on the map.


  • Bug: When primary marker is set to be hidden, the map was not generated


  • Enhancement: overriding background-image CSS property of the IMG tag to prevent some themes to mess up the map view. Thank you Eugene R. (http://kharkiv.vonvolt.com)
  • Enhancement: Added a setting option to specify map alignment on the page
  • Enhancement: When using Panoramio layer, added option to specify Panoramio user ID in order to filter photos displayed


  • Made the map to be centered by default. Will make an option for this setting in the future.


  • Forgot to include functionality actually to disable directions when user does select „Disable“


  • Bug: Removed clash between plugin and the Suffusion theme
  • Enhancement: Added support for getting directions by car to marker’s location (both for primary and additional markers)
  • Enhancement: When clicking on the map once, the map view is centered back to the original location with its original zoom. Useful when user dragged the map view away


  • Bug: Trying to display primary location when KML is used.
  • Disabled alert popups


  • Enhancement: As a short term solution, additional marker pins now have blue colour. This helps to discriminate between additional and primary markers. Moving forward, as a long term solution, custom marker icons will be added.


  • Enhancement: Added info-bubble auto pan configuration option
  • Added information notice above documentation tabs
  • Updated documentation


  • Enhancement: Some code clean up
  • Spike: An attempt to identify and remove duplicate Google map API from $wp_scripts, which can be loaded by another plugin and/or theme (Socialite)


  • Enhancement: Allowing 5 decimal points for latitude and longitude
  • Enhancement: Info bubble content is more descriptive now


  • Bug: Added check for Firefox when using console logging


  • Bug: Added check for null in Ajax onSuccess handler


  • Enhancement: latitude/longitude now have 3 values after decimal point
  • Enhancement: Now printing both address and lat/long in the info bubble


  • Bug: Latitude range was starting from zero instead of from -90
  • Enhancement: latitude/longitude now accept decimal values
  • Enhancement: Added management section for multiple map markers (Facebook style tokens)
  • Enhancement: Added support for Panoramio images (http://www.panoramio.com/)
  • Enhancement: User interface flow revisited
  • Enhancement: Documentation updated
  • Enhancement: When clicking on the map once, the map view is centered back to the original location. Useful when user dragged the map view away
  • Change: Disabled auto-panning when marker is clicked


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