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Calculate Contact Form 7 Provide easy to calculate contact form 7 to make Loan Calaculation, Booking Calaculation, Math Calaculation. Cost calculator Contact Form 7 can be Calaculation price base on text, checkbox , radio and select box base adding price with prefix in WordPress site.

Price calculator contact form 7 to make each field between to setup calculation to field so we can know costing for contact form 7.

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Example Formula

EX-1   [calculator calculator-123 "Fieldname-1 + Fieldname-2 * (Fieldname-3 + Fieldname-4)"]
EX-2   [calculator calculator-900 "Fieldname-3 * Fieldname-4"]
EX-3(with prefix $)   [calculator calculator-959 Prefix:$ "Fieldname-3 * Fieldname-4"]
EX-4(sqrt)   [calculator calculator-265 "sqrt(Fieldname-1) ** Fieldname-2"]
EX-4(with prefix $ and Precision 2)   [calculator calculator-266 Prefix:$ Precision:2 " Fieldname-1 % Fieldname-2"]

Plugin Features

  • Support all summation , deducation , multiply and devision formulas
  • Customize format total
  • Additional support % = Find Modulus ex. 12 % 5 // 2, ** = Find power (^) ex. 3 ** 2 // 9, Sqrt = Find Square root ex. Sqrt(25) // 5
  • You can put Prefix on total
  • Range Slider Feature
  • One Total field
  • Make inputbox price field
  • Make radio price field
  • Make select box price field
  • Make checkbox price field
  • Cross browser’s compatible
  • Paypal Supported
  • Save Data in Database
  • Calculators Finance
  • Calculator Quote
  • Booking cost calculators
  • Compatible in all major browser
  • Easy use

🔸 Get Pro

  • Multi Total field
  • You can put Prefix with field wise

How it works Calculate Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 with paypal allow to payment with pass custom field if you want in paypal payment gateway

You can be send contact form 7 calculated fields to email so we know how much costing need for it formula.

Calculate Contact Form 7 for best arithmetic expression provide to setup sum , deducation , multiplication and many other expersion can be make.

Now days for calculation and getting data mostly using contact form 7 calculate price in your WordPress site.

For multiple field with dropdown, radio, checkbox most using calculated fields contact form 7.

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Can I contribute to the code?

You’re more than welcome! This plugin is hosted on github, where you can post issues or make pull requests.
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11. Oktober 2021
I periodically require a form that does calculations on a site I maintain. I have the PRO version of this plugin, which "did the job" - until this season. It looks like this plugin works fine with Contact Form 7 up to version 5.3.2, but breaks with 5.4 or above. This update occurred in February, and its now 7 months later, and no new released version. No apparent way to contact author, no notes anywhere about this - this plugin appears to be a time sink dead-end.
19. August 2021
This plugin saved me from making above 500 combinations in the normal contact form 7! It works like magic! I didn't find any other plugin like this, it's simple, clear and it has so many opportunities. The support team is more amazing! I don't have anything to say bad about them, they are very fast, concise and willing to help. I want more people to find out about this plugin and the team that developed it. I will use every other plugin they launch in the future no matter the use of it because simply they are the best. I know it sounds cheesy but I love them! Thank you again avdevelopers426!
29. Juli 2021
1) Awfully designed: Plugin outputs Alert("Please Enter Valid Formula in Calculator") for any reason. Guess what the plugin doesn't like in the formula by yourself! 2) Almost doesn't work: Can you guess what's wrong is this example below? [radio d use_label_element default:1 "2" "1"] [calculator sum "a + ( d - n1 ) * ( b - a )"] [number n1 "1"] [number a "3"] [number b "5"] Finely I guested, that improved my rating of the plugin from 1 to 3 (hardly working). 3) Poorly documented: Try to find the strict rules of formulating in the documentation!!! Moreover, examples use pro options without explaining it!! 4) Zero support: You can check it by yourself on the plugin support page. There are no answers on almost issues for months.
24. Mai 2021
I purchased a pro plugin and it works great for my requirement. I wanted support and the team responded very quickly to me & solved all issues.
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