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Crypto Market Price Inserter


The plugin allows you to simply add the javascript at the foot of your page and then it will do the rest of the work. It will connect to the executium websocket network and stream you live price data to your page by finding cryptocurrency word occurences and appending the price next to the word.

This plugin will give your website that live feed as it plugs directly into the markets and adds life to your page.


This plugin relies on executiums websocket network. Executium freely provide access to their websockets (wss-public.executium.com) via their github repository (https://github.com/executium/crypto-market-price-inserter). You can utilize this service to display real-time data to the end user. Their license for usage exists here (https://github.com/executium/crypto-market-price-inserter/blob/master/LICENSE) and their privacy policy exists here (https://github.com/executium/crypto-market-price-inserter/blob/master/PRIVACY.md)


  • Showing prices on words occurance.
  • showing bitcoin live price.
  • showing live bitcoin price on news feed.


  • Install and activate the plugin


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