Ajax Side Cart Button for WooCommerce eshop


Custom Ajax Side WooCommerce Cart Button plugin gives the ability to customize the Cart Button and Contents in a more fancy way, positioning on the frontend of your website and can help your customers process the checkout process.

With Custom Ajax Side cart for WooCommerce, users can access sliding cart items fast and checkout faster!

The Plugin extends WooCommerce and allows you to use cart fontawesome icon, change the color of the icon, position of cart icon and content , choose custom image (PRO Version) . In the (PRO Version) you can also position customly via shortcode, or place the cart in a menu and customize the color scheme to your needs.

How I can benefit from it

  • Speed Up Checkout Process and make sliding Cart Visible to your needs
  • Choose icon to show between 3 options from fontawesome icons
  • Automatically popup cart contents for fast checkout (PRO Version)

GET Custom WooCommerce Cart Button PRO to use custom icon, auto popup cart when adding to cart, change the colorscheme and more


  • Select to show Cart on Mobile
  • Select Icon for Cart to show
  • Select the position of the Cart Icon on your Frontend
  • Select the position of the Cart Content on your Frontend – options between sliding from Right, sliding from Left – center as popup in PRO
  • Select to show Cart on Mobile


PRO Plugin Features

  • Add Custom Cart Icon that you upload
  • Option to Hide Cart if Empty
  • Option to automatically show Cart once a Product added to Cart
  • Show Cart as popup in the middle of the page
  • Show Number of Items instead of Amount
  • Show Number of Items with Amount
  • Option to hide total and number of Items
  • Option to show Cart to a menu as link
  • Use Cart as a Shortcode anywhere
  • Customize Colors of Cart Content



  • Backend Settings Page
  • Backend Style settings
  • Frontend icon and color pick


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins directory and unzip, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to WooCommerce / Custom Cart menu item and define your settings


How to position the cart and the contents?

Via the plugin settings page you can select Cart Icon Position between top left,top right, bottom left, bottom right options.
Then, for the content of the popup you can select between fixed right and fixed left.

Can i hide cart on mobile?

Yes, you can do this via the plugin settings page

Can I select number of items in the cart instead of amount ?

This is available in the PRO Version

Can I hide Cart if there are no Items

This is available in the PRO Version


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