Deligent – Variable Column Blocks


Power-up the Gutenberg editor with advanced and powerful variable column blocks that help you build websites in no time!

This plugin will work as Addons to Gutenberg’s ‘Column’ block.

The plugin facilitates the user will able to add variable column blocks with gives you advanced options to insert variable width and spacer.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Works seamlessly with other WordPress Plugins
  • Advanced Columns
  • Customization options to manage the look and feel of the column entire block


  • Select Variable Column Blocks from the common block category
  • Variable Column Blocks layout
  • Variable Column Blocks settings


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 1 Block.



  • Download the plugin
  • Upload the folder „deligent-variable-block-width“ to wp-content/plugins (or upload a zip through the WordPress admin)
  • Activate and enjoy!


In which WordPress version this Plugin is compatible?

It is compatible from 5.0.x WordPress version.

Can I change the width of column?

Yes, you can change the width of the first column.

Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Deligent – Variable Column Blocks“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:



1.0 – 18.03.2019

  • Initial Release