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This plugin stops loading of Open Sans and other fonts used by WordPress core or bundled themes (Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Seventeen) from Google Fonts. If another theme or plugin uses fonts from Google Fonts, those fonts still might be loaded.

Gründe für das nicht Nutzen von Google Fonts können die Privatsphäre und Sicherheit sein, die lokale Entwicklung oder Produktion, Sperrung von Google-Servern, nicht unterstützte Zeichen der Schriftart, die Leistung.

Disable Google Fonts ist sehr leichtgewichtig. Es hat keine Einstellungen. Aktiviere es und es funktioniert sofort.

Und es ist auf GitHub.


  1. Lade den Ordner disable-google-fonts in das Verzeichnis /wp-content/plugins/ hoch
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin mittels dem „Plugins“-Menü in WordPress


Installation Instructions
  1. Lade den Ordner disable-google-fonts in das Verzeichnis /wp-content/plugins/ hoch
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin mittels dem „Plugins“-Menü in WordPress



Using gettext-Hooks is not very efficient. (Handling fonts on a translation level is a strange idea anyway.)

There are much better and clear solutions out there, like the PHP snippet in this article.

The title of this plugin is too much generic, therefore misleading, since it’s about removing Google web fonts in themes shipped with WordPress only.

No word that „Open Sans“, used in WP until v4.5.x is dropped since v4.6.
So dreaming maintainers here. – No recommendation.

If you’re looking for removing all Google fonts, injected from whatever plugins or themes, then you could use the Autoptimze plugin. It has a checkbox to remove all web fonts from Google. Even async loading (non-render blocking for improving pagespeed scores) via the Google Font Loader script can be choosen there.

Works great for a raspberry Pi

So I was demonstrating my kiosk appliance with my access point appliance + LEMP stack. I installed WordPress, tested it was very fast. Like an idiot I forgot that in my flat all devices have internet access, so the fetching of Google Font by twenty-seventeen was holding up the entire page-load & render.

Using your plugin takes that problem off my hands without changing theme or writing my own plugin, so 5*. I just wish you used currying instead of having so many functions that are 99% the same.

Just works

I need to use a local copy of WP with no internet access. This plugin stops WP from trying to download fonts from google and then popping up error messages, which makes things so much easier to use.

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  • Veröffentlicht am 12. Dezember 2016
  • Schriftarten entfernt, die in Twenty Seventeen verwendet werden.


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