Dieses Plugin ist nicht mit den jüngsten 3 Hauptversionen von WordPress getestet worden. Es wird möglicherweise nicht mehr gewartet oder unterstützt und kann Kompatibilitätsprobleme haben, wenn es mit neueren Versionen von WordPress verwendet wird.

Easy Image Gallery


There comes a time when you need more flexibility than the standard WP gallery offers, That’s when this plugin steps in. This plugin’s goal is to make it easy to create a gallery and place it wherever you need. A perfect example would be to create a product gallery for an ecommerce website and then have the flexibility to position it where you wanted to match your theme’s design.

This plugin allows you to easily create an image gallery on any post, page or custom post type. Images are can be added and previewed from the metabox. Images can be re-ordered by drag and drop.


  1. Added the possibility to add two or more different galleries on one page
  2. Fixed image styles.
  3. Fixed some of PHP errors & bugs.
  4. Drag and drop re-ordering
  5. Add gallery to any post, page or custom post type
  6. If more than one image is added to the gallery, the images become grouped in the lightbox so you can easily view the next one
  7. CSS and JS are only loaded on pages where needed
  8. Images link to larger versions (can be turned off)
  9. Fully Localized (translation ready) with .mo and .po files
  10. Add multiple images to the gallery at once
  11. Uses the thumbnail size specified in Settings -> Media
  12. Custom webfont icon for hover effect
  13. Uses the new WP 3.5+ media manager for a familiar and intuitive way to add your images


Use the shortcode or the function to show the gallery.

Shortcode Usage

Use the following shortcode anywhere in the content area to display the gallery

[easy_image_gallery gallery="XXX"]

Where „XXX“ is the ID of the gallery item.

Template Tag Usage

The following template tag is available to display the gallery

if( function_exists( 'easy_image_gallery' ) ) {
    echo easy_image_gallery( "XXX" );

Where „XXX“ is the ID of the gallery item.

If you use the template tag above, you will need to remove the default content filter:

Developer Friendly

  1. Modify the gallery HTML using filters
  2. Developed with WP Coding Standards
  3. Easily add your preferred lightbox script via hooks and filters
  4. Easily unhook CSS and add your own styling
  5. Pass in a different image size for the thumbnails via filter
  6. Minimalistic markup and styling

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  • The plugin's simple configuration screen. Any existing custom post types will appear here
  • The plugin's simple metabox that is added to the publish/edit screens
  • WordPress 3.5's new media manager is launched when you click "Add gallery images". You can select multiple images to insert into the gallery
  • The plugin's Image Gallery metabox after images have been inserted and the post has been saved
  • The front-end of the website showing the gallery which has been automatically appended to the content
  • Clicking on an image launches the lightbox. Here it's shown with prettyPhoto


  1. Upload the entire easy-image-gallery folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or just upload the ZIP package via ‚Plugins > Add New > Upload‘ in your WP Admin
  2. Activate Easy Image Gallery from the ‚Plugins‘ page in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin’s settings from Settings -> Media
  4. Create a gallery on any post or page from the added ‚Image Gallery‘ metabox.


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the entire easy-image-gallery folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or just upload the ZIP package via ‚Plugins > Add New > Upload‘ in your WP Admin
  2. Activate Easy Image Gallery from the ‚Plugins‘ page in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin’s settings from Settings -> Media
  4. Create a gallery on any post or page from the added ‚Image Gallery‘ metabox.
Why my galleries don’t show up after an update to Version 1.3 or above?

In Version 1.3 of the plugin, we’ve added a major update. Now, you have the ability to add more than one galleries to your posts or pages.

For that reason, we have to introduce Gallery ID as an argument for the shortcode. E.g. you need to use [easy_image_gallery gallery=“XXX“], where XXX is the ID of the gallery you want to display.

Each of your galleries in the edit screen of your page or post will generate a new shortcode which you’ll be able to use in the page or post editor.

fancyBox looks different after upgrading to 1.1

This plugin mistakenly had fancyBox 2 included. Non-GPL software is not allowed on the WordPress repo (fancyBox 2 is licensed under Creative Commons). It has now been replaced with fancyBox 1, which is GPL compatible. If you’d like to add fancyBox 2 back into the plugin, simply download this free plugin

Where are the plugin’s settings?

In your WordPress admin under Settings -> Media

How can I add another Lightbox script to the plugin?

Read This or download this free plugin to add Colorbox and fancyBox 2

How can I use a different thumbnail size for each post type?

Read This


März 11, 2018
I am using this plugin for almost 2 years, I liked this plugin until the new version came up and I installed. They changed the whole script and everything for the plugin you cannot use the previous shortcodes. The shortcode id is a joke, after every refresh the shortcode ID change. In short don't use it for your projects.
September 3, 2016
...from the native WP image gallery. Why use this? You cannot jump from one image to the other. The gallery just adds the images to your page with a link to the full sized image file....WP can already do that out-of-the-box. An image gallery should have the feature of moving from one picture the other in full-size!
September 3, 2016
Hi,once add a photo to gallery and remove it and add it again and remove it do it again and again.After that add one more image and remove.Finally remove all the images and save.You can find all the images are getting saved from the comma seperated hidden variable "image_gallery".I fixed from my end please find the same for comment below.
September 3, 2016
Very easy to use plug-in that does the job. One thing I've noticed is that it's slightly off centre. I had a single image above which was centralized and then a gallery of 2x2 images below and it was noticeable. Tried centralizing in the editor but it does nothing. I'm sure there's a simple fix for this.
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  • Release date – May 07, 2018.
  • Remove jquery-ui.min.js from the plugin and use the WordPress Core version of the library.
  • Bugfix: add a fallback when the user is using the plugin’s function in the code, instead of a shortcoe.


  • Release date – January 19, 2018.
  • Add the possibility to add two or more different galleries on one page/post.
  • Improved the UI / UX


  • Release date – Release date – January 26, 2017.
  • The plugin ownership was transferred to DevriX. We are going to maintain and update the plugin for now on 🙂


  • Update Easy Image Gallery author


  • Tweak: Updated French translations, props fxbenard


  • Tweak: Added text domain to plugin headers in accordance with new translation system


  • Fix: Added esc_attr to title attribute. Captions that included quotes were getting cut off.
  • Fix: Updated PrettyPhoto JavaScript file to v3.1.6


  • Fix: Missing slash on path to CSS file when plugin’s CSS is overridden from a child theme


  • Tweak: fancybox 2 has been replaced with fancybox 1, as non GPL software is not allowed on the WP repo (fancyBox 2 is license under Creative Commons).


  • Fix: Settings link on plugins page
  • Fix PHP notice on Settings -> Media page
  • Tweak: removed unneeded function


  • Tweak: The plugin’s options page has been moved to settings -> media
  • Tweak: Renamed the ‚thumbnail_image_size‘ filter name to be ‚easy_image_gallery_thumbnail_image_size‘ so it’s unique to the plugin
  • Tweak: Renamed the ‚linked_image_size‘ filter name to be ‚easy_image_gallery_linked_image_size‘ so it’s unique to the plugin


  • Fix: Images now use the image’s caption rather than title field
  • New: Styling for image placeholder as images are being dragged


  • Fix: jQuery script that calls light box was being loaded when there were no gallery images


  • Tweak: Improved loading of scripts


  • Tweak: Images now link to the „large“ image size by default, rather than the original image
  • Tweak: Removed „remove“ links underneath each image and added a [-] on hover to be consistent with WordPress‘ media manager styling
  • New: linked_image_size filter for specifying which image size the thumbnails should link to
  • New: 2 new filters added for overriding the JS for prettyPhoto and fancyBox. easy_image_gallery_prettyphoto_js and easy_image_gallery_fancybox_js


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