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Easy Sider Revolution allows you to create a slider where the customized link button content for each slide can be anything you want – images, text, HTML,shortcodes.You can be able to generate beautiful slider entirely with prev/next navigation, bullets.

This slider plugin is extremely easy to use. The shortcode generator also make you to insert the slider to your post, page.

Easy Slider Revolution provides many features, which include:
* Slider Height – A features which allows you to Adjust Height of slider block.
* Infinite Looping – A features which allows you to the first slide is now seamlessly displayed after the last slide without any carousel rewind.
* Slide Button Link Feature – A feature which allows you to create a customized link button for any slide within your sliders.
* Touch and Drag Support – Designed specially to boost mobile browsing experience. Mouse drag works great on desktop too!

You can create image slider just in minutes, with awesome features you can easily add an images into the slider, drag & drop an images to re-order to fit your needs. No need to Re-Upload all your images because the plugin will use an images from your media library.


Please view the FAQ Page for information on how to use Easy Slider.


  • The Create/Edit slider page within the WordPress Dashboard - this is where you define the settings and create the slides for your Easy Slider slider or carousel.
  • How to Add background image and link-hover button on each slide.
  • use shortcode to display slider on post,page or custom post type.


  1. Upload the entire easy-slider-revolution folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu within the WordPress Dashboard.

You will now see the Easy Sliders menu in your WordPress admin panel.


How do I insert ‚Easy Slider‘ sliders into my WordPress pages or posts?

When you are editing your slider within the WordPress Dashboard, you will see a box with the heading Shortcode / Preview on the right-hand side. Copy the slider shortcode and Paste this copied shortcode into the page or post where you would like your slider to appear. This is also the method to use if you want to insert your slider into a text widget or another custom content type, such as a portfolio post.

How do I define slide background images?

The Slide Background box for each slide in your slider allows you to define a background image for each slide. Note that the content you add to each slide within the slide editor box for each slide is foreground content and sits on top of the slide background – this content can be other images and textual content.

To set a slide background image, click the Set Image button. The Background Size setting determines if, and how the background image is stretched/shrunk to cover the slide content area and the Background Repeat setting determines if the backgroung image should be repeated, like tiles.

The Min Height setting is also available in top of the slider settings.


4. Januar 2023
We were searching this kind of plugin for a long time. This plugin provide value to our website. Its easy to use and images and data run very smoothly. I have never encountered any error in this plugin. Must use this.
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