Etsy Shop


Plugin that allow you to insert Etsy Shop sections in pages or posts using the bracket/shortcode method. This enable Etsy users to share their products through their blog!

Feature plan


  • Options Page
  • Etsy listing rendering
  • Edit Post to include Etsy Shop


  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
  2. Give read & write access to tmp folder;
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress;
  4. Get your own Etsy Developer API key: Etsy Developers;
  5. Enter your API key in the Etsy Shop Options page;
  6. Place [etsy-shop shop_name="*your-etsy-shop-name*" section_id="*your-etsy-shop-setion-id*"] in your page or post;
  7. Viewers will be able to click on your your items.


How may I find the shop section id?

Here is an example:


So, in this example:
sushipot is etsy-shop-name
11502395 is etsy-shop-section-id

I got Etsy Shop: empty arguments

See below ‚Etsy Shop: missing arguments‘.

I got Etsy Shop: missing arguments

2 arguments are mandatory:

  • etsy-shop-name
  • etsy-shop-section-id

So, you should have someting like this: [etsy-shop shop_name="Laplume" section_id="10088437"]

More argument:
* show_available_tag [0 or 1]

I got Etsy Shop: Your section ID is invalid

Please use a valid section ID, to find your section ID, see How to find section ID

I got Etsy Shop: API reponse should be HTTP 200

Please open a new topic in Forum, with all details.

I got Etsy Shop: Error on API Request

Please make sure that your API Key is valid.

How to integrate directly in template?

Use <?php echo do_shortcode( '[etsy-shop shop_name="*your-etsy-shop-name*" section_id="*your-etsy-shop-setion-id*"]' ); ?>


24. Januar 2019
The CSS loads at the bottom of all other scripts so it overrides CSS that you have changed in your custom CSS. In order to style this with any sort of average time I had to dequeue the script or add "!important" to my css lines (not gonna happen). And then on top of that you can't change the size of the thumbnails unless you edit multiple lines in the etsy-shop.php file which will break on the next update. And another issue I have with this is that when you click an image it opens in "_self" when I wan't it to open in "_blank" so visitors don't navigate away from my page. So to sum up when it comes to customization this plugin is a complete dumpster fire. Hopefully these things will change in the next update and I can change my review.
30. November 2018
Stepped through the installation instructions and added the shortcode to my page, works great! I didn't think it would work OK since we have so many variations on our Etsy products, but that wasn't a problem at all.
17. September 2018
This app is great! I was previously ripped off by buying Etsy360 (NEVER buy that app... it's a real nightmare... expensive, no longer supportedthey .... they just take your money and give you nothing) I was SO happy to download this app and having it working so fast! My shop looks great and everything works really well! Thank you so much for providing a super product!
27. August 2018
This works perfectly fine and it easy to install, but is not pretty. Like at all. The images are tiny and there appears to be like no padding around them, so the name of the etsy listing gets cut off. Wish it was customizable because then it would be awesome. Since the point of adding my etsy shop to my site is to get people to buy things, I kind of want the page to look appealing so people click on the images. Right now I can't imagine anyone being impressed by my "Shop" page enough to want to buy my products. So, overall I think it's pretty lame.
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  • Compatible with WP 5.1.1
  • Full item description for SEO better support
  • Remove trunk duplicate folder


  • Compatible with WP 4.9.4
  • Now responsive design
  • New Quickstart form to generate short code


  • Compatible with WP 4.8.1
  • Translations update


  • Cache life now as option
  • Update logic added
  • Jump to version 1.0, follow the Semantic Versioning


  • Add version for css file
  • Compatible with WP 4.5


  • Automatically detect GBP currency
  • Compatible with WP 4.3


  • Correction for show_available_tag


  • Mistake, default columns is 3, not 4
  • You can add columns=“5″, to your short code. Replace number 5 by the number you want


  • Option to select number of columns to show
  • Option to select a single listing ID
  • Option to height & width of thumbnail
  • Option to choose thumbnail size
  • CSS Update
  • Portion of code from Steague, thanks!


  • Add Option to choose translation language for the content
  • Automatically choose Dollard Sign or Euro sign


  • Italian Translation (thanks to Pierantonio Bonato)
  • Compatible with WP 4.2.1


  • Correct old shortcode method to avoid PHP Warning


  • Option to show or not the Available Status Tag for each item


  • Permit reset of the cache in the admin page (sponsor Michael Kellar)


  • Add the option to change time out value for requests to etsy servers
  • Time out value by default is 10 seconds instead of 5


  • Compatible with WP 3.9.2
  • Now use WP Shortcode API
  • Allow maximum of 100 items per section instead of 25 items


  • HTTPS for all Etsy requests, now mandatory for new Etsy Apps.
  • Add detection for bad section ID.


  • Centering items by default (sponsor Jsay Designs).
  • Add opening in a new window link feature (sponsor Jsay Designs).
  • Add filter for Shop ID and Section ID.
  • Better filter for API Key.


  • Corrections on Debug Mode.
  • Automatically Remove spaces in API Key.


  • Debug Mode more verbose.


  • Debug Mode available.
  • Options page compatible with PHP 5.2.X.


  • Optimization of API request.
  • Add error message if empty arguments.
  • Now using WordPress HTTP API, cURL is no more require.
  • Update the Options Page.
  • Code follow WordPress Coding Standards.


  • Update installation steps.
  • Translation of listing status.
  • Correct listing table generation.


  • First release.