Fast Post Lists


Fast Post Lists provides additional shortcodes to include a list of posts within another post or page.
Key features are:

  • Filter posts by a search query
  • Filter posts by category, via an inclusion or exclusion list of categories
  • Filter posts by tag, via an inclusion or exclusion list of tags
  • Order posts by a post field of your choice
  • Limit number in list, e.g. to show 10 most recent posts
  • Group posts by category or tag, with subheadings displayed for category or tag
  • Full control to configure list CSS styles, HTML per post and HTML at start and end

Shortcode Usage

The shortcode to use in your posts or pages is:


By default this will query all posts and sort by post title.

Below are some examples as to how each of the parameters can be used:

List only posts that match the search keyword ’stuff‘

[fu_postlist search=’stuff’]

List only posts that match the search keyword ’stuff‘ but don’t have the keyword ‚rubbish‘

[fu_postlist search=’stuff -rubbish’]

List only posts within the single category ‚Spiders‘

[fu_postlist cat=’Spiders’]

A single category can be listed by name or by id.

List posts within the categories Spiders or Dogs

[fu_postlist cat=’Spiders,Dogs’]

List posts within the categories Spiders and Dogs

[fu_postlist cat=’Spiders+Dogs’]

List posts not within the categories 10 or 12

[fu_postlist notcat=’10,12’]

Categories to exclude must be listed as a comma separated list of id’s.

List posts with either the tags ‚rain‘ or ’shine‘

[fu_postlist tag=’rain,shine’]

List posts with both the tags ‚heavy‘ and ‚metal‘

[fu_postlist tag=’heavy+metal’]

List posts without the tag ‚trouble‘

[fu_postlist nottag=’trouble’]

Limit the number of posts listed to 10

[fu_postlist maxposts=10]

A value of -1 or the parameter omitted entirely mean all.

Group posts by category. The category name will be inserted as a subheading at the start of the group

[fu_postlist groupby=cat]

Group posts by tag

[fu_postlist groupby=tag]

Order posts by post title (default behaviour)

[fu_postlist orderby=’title’]
However you may order by ‚ID‘, ‚author‘, ’name‘ (post slug), ‚date‘, ‚rand‘ etc.

Of course you can mix an match many of these parameters to your hearts content.


  • Screenshot 1. How to customise list presentation through HTML and CSS configuration.
  • Screenshot 2. A list of posts with thumbnails and grouped by category.
  • Screenshot 3. A list of posts with no attached images.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/fubaby_fastpostlists directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the ‚Settings->Fubaby Fast Post Lists‘ screen to configure the plugin

The options page allows you to manually enter some HTML to include at the start and end of the list, plus the exact
format of each list item. Additionally CSS styles can also be added through the options page as required.
The configured HTML per post uses a number of key values that will be substituted with data from each post. These are:

  • [title] – the post title
  • [permalink] – the post’s permalink
  • [img] – the first image attachment for the post (if any).


How do I display the 5 most recent posts in Category XYZ?

[fu_postlist cat=’XYZ‘ maxposts=’5′ orderby=’date’]

How do I display all posts alphabetically in category ‚Reviews‘, grouped by their tags

[fu_postlist cat=’Reviews‘ groupby=’tag‘ orderby=’title’]

How do I not display thumbnails images

In the plugin settings, edit the ‚HTML for each post‘ config and remove the [img] keyword.


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