Flexible PDF Coupons – Gift Cards & Vouchers for WooCommerce


Flexible PDF Coupons – Gift Cards & Vouchers for WooCommerce – plugin you can use to design, sell and send by e-mail gift cards, vouchers or coupons in PDF format.

WooCommerce gives you the possibility to use discount coupons in your store. Now, you may let your customers buy such gift cards – with WooCommerce coupon on it, right in your store. Such gift cards and vouchers may be also sent as a gift.

Why to add gift cards in a store

  • Offer your customers a new way of shopping experience and buying vouchers for gifts. And boost your sale today.

  • You can sell your PDF gift cards and vouchers in minutes after installation. Find out how this plugin is easy to use!

  • You may use a gift card with a WooCommerce coupon for both Simple Product and Variable Product!

  • Let your customers decide for themselves depending on their needs by creating different prices for gift cards.

  • At last but not least, send PDF coupons automatically to your clients based on WooCommerce order statuses.

PDF Gift Cards, Coupons, Tickets, Vouchers for WooCommerce

  • PDF gift cards are using WooCommerce discount coupon system,
  • PDF tickets for online and local events,
  • PDF vouchers for your local business (beauty salon, florist’s shop, gym, and many others).

You may also design and then sell in your WooCommerce store any PDF products that fulfil your business scenarios!

Where to use gift cards

Gift cards and gift vouchers are often used e.g. in stores with:

  • clothes, shoes or fashion in general
  • cosmetics, perfumes
  • food for delivery, groceries, healthy food
  • sporting articles and accessories
  • digital products, books, ebooks, games, VOD content, subscriptions
  • services: cosmetics, courses, training, taxi rides, courses, tips
  • home and garden equipment
  • zoological articles, RTV equipment, and household appliances
  • reservation of places, trips, and transport services
  • flower delivery and occasional gift cards
  • and many more

Let’s see some features in detail that the Flexible PDF Coupons – Gift Cards & Vouchers for WooCommerce plugin offers you out-of-the-box.

Graphic editor for gift cards in WooCommerce

  • User-friendly, drag&drop graphic editor,
  • Design an unlimited number of coupon templates,
  • Add your own graphics and images to PDF gift card templates,
  • Set up coupon size. You can choose predefined A6, A5, and A4 sizes,
  • Define your own coupon background,
  • Use alignment lines to position your content,
  • Take advantage of layers.
  • Support for various fonts defined in the plugin,
  • Predefined headings,
  • Changing of font size,
  • Changing of font colour,
  • Changing of text alignment,

Support for free shortcodes for gift card templates

  • Coupon value,
  • Gutscheincode

In the PRO version, you can choose whether your voucher is to be sent directly to clients, or a buyer can choose an email address of the coupon recipient. You may also use additional shortcodes and PRO settings listed below.

PRO shortcodes for gift card templates

  • PRO Product name,
  • PRO Coupon expiry date,
  • PRO Customer name,
  • PRO Customer address,
  • PRO Recipient message,
  • PRO Recipient email,
  • PRO Recipient name,
  • PRO Site URL.

In the PRO version, you may also create and use your additional custom shortcodes

Settings for the Coupon – Edit Product Page

You may customize PDF gift cards – coupons using these options at the Edit Product Page for a PDF Coupon.

  • Expiration time – you may set the number of days that the gift card – coupon is valid (7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 360 days, never or a custom value),
  • Free shipping – allow using the voucher for purchase that will include free shipping (combined with the chosen WooCommerce shipping methods that require the use of such a coupon),
  • Conditions for the coupon – choose a product (products) and/ or a category (categories) in WooCommerce that the pdf voucher will work for.

Additional PRO settings

You may enable fields on the product page to personalise your Gift Cards & Vouchers for WooCommerce even more with these additional fields and options.

  • PRO Recipient name field on the coupon product page,
  • PRO Recipient email field on the coupon product page,
  • PRO Message field on the coupon product page,
  • PRO Allow to multiuse – a voucher can be used several times,
  • PRO Define custom product fields,
  • PRO Set the coupon expiry date format,
  • PRO Enable to add PDF coupons as email attachments,
  • PRO Coupon fields position on the product page (above, below the Add to Cart button),
  • PRO Set the coupon code prefix, suffix, and number of random characters,
  • PRO Add order numbers to the coupon code,
  • PRO Definiere eigene Gutscheincodes für jedes Produkt
  • PRO Custom settings for individual variation (template, expiration time, and other conditions).

If you would like to enhance the free version of the plugin, upgrade to PRO now →

Premium Live Demo

You may test Flexible PDF Coupons – Gift Cards & Vouchers for WooCommerce (free and PRO) and all of our plugins in free demo.


The Flexible PDF Coupons – Gift Cards & Vouchers for WooCommerce plugin is available in:

You may help us translate the plugin.


Please visit the official documentation of Flexible PDF Coupons – Gift Cards & Vouchers for WooCommerce to learn more about the plugin’s features and settings.


In the future, we plan to add the following features to the plugin to make your work with gift cards even more flexible:

  • Coupon use limitation,
  • Editable e-mail content,
  • Templates of coupon codes.

If you have any questions about these features or you have any other interesting ideas – let us know! 🙂


  • The plugin comes with a graphic design drag & drop editor for gift cards. You can add images, text, shortcodes, and more.
  • You can easily manage coupon/ voucher templates.
  • Choose if you want the gift card with a coupon to be sent and generated automatically or manually
  • The Flexible PDF Coupons - Gift Cards & Vouchers for WooCommerce plugin options are visible on the product edit page.
  • Customers can view and buy Gift Cards and Vouchers in WooCommerce just like any other product.
  • After the coupon is generated, it is automatically sent to the customer. A link to the PDF with a gift card is included.


To install the plugin and get it working:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the PDF Coupons -> Templates screen to manage coupon templates


I want to add a gift card – can I use it for every product in my shop

Yes, you may create gift cards for any products in your store. In the PRO version, you can also choose products and/ or categories for the voucher use.

Is there a limit of vouchers I can create?

No, you can create as many vouchers and coupons as you like. That way your gift cards will always be customized to your needs.

Are there predefined templates of gift cards?

Yes, you can use built-in templates and create new ones (without any limitations). You will be able to easily design such coupon templates, add your own graphics, images, text, headings. You may also use shortcodes (2 in the free and 10 in PRO) to automatically and dynamically use the buyer’s input on a gift card.

Can this voucher be used several times?

By default, the WooCommerce coupon is for one purchase. You may edit the remaining amount after the coupon is used. The PRO version of the plugin allows having both one-time and reusable vouchers.

What kind of vouchers I can create with the plugin?

Anything you can imagine. The most popular use of such gift cards is for any celebrations (birthday, wedding day, baby shower), Holidays, and special days throughout the year. The plugin gives you a better way to reach more customers that want to buy such vouchers as gifts for their loved ones.

So, you may use the plugin as you please. If you want to read more about possible scenarios and see the settings of the plugin in action see some articles e.g.
* WooCommerce Coupons for local shopping
* PDF Gift Cards in WooCommerce
* Gift Card for Course and Subscription in WooCommerce
* Reusable Voucher & conditions for the Coupon in WooCommerce

If you have any other ideas on how to use the plugin – let me know. I will write about it!

How to configure the plugin?

We have prepared for you the detailed step-by-step guide in our Flexible PDF Coupon Docs page.

Do you offer support?

We provide limited support for the free version of our Flexible PDF Coupons – Gift Cards & Vouchers for WooCommerce plugin on the dedicated plugin Support Forum.

Please upgrade to the PRO version to get the priority e-mail support as well as all PRO features. Upgrade Now →


22. Juni 2021
Although I have some issues with the translation of coupons that still need to be fixed, I really appreciate the attention and assistance of the amazing support.
15. März 2021
używam tej wtyczki od pewnego czasu i jest ona bardzo dobra. Polecam wszystkim, którzy szukają rozwiązania w zakresie kuponów PDF.
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1.5.3 – 2021-12-02

  • Fixed JS

1.5.2 – 2021-11-09

  • Fixed cart validation
  • Fixed fatal error
  • Fixed currency symbol
  • Fixed expiry date format

1.5.1 – 2021-10-25

  • Fixed coupon code

1.5.0 – 2021-10-19

  • Removed deprecated flexible_coupons_pdf_filename filter. Use fcpdf/core/pdf/filename instend.
  • Removed deprecated flexible_coupons_coupon_code_random_lenght filter. Use fcpdf/core/coupon/code/length
  • Removed deprecated flexible_coupons_coupon_code_prefix filter. Use fcpdf/core/coupon/code/prefix
  • Removed deprecated flexible_coupons_font_data filter. Use fcpdf/core/fonts/data
  • Removed deprecated flexible_coupons_font_dir filter. Use fcpdf/core/fonts/dir
  • Update plugin libraries

1.4.4 – 2021-07-12

  • Fixed own coupon expiry date
  • Fixed date in email template

1.4.3 – 2021-06-24

  • Fixed coupon expiry date
  • Fixed email template

1.4.2 – 2021-06-02

  • Update readme
  • Fixed coupon expiry date

1.4.1 – 2021-03-31

  • Fixed coupon expiration time

1.4.0 – 2021-03-24

  • Added field for define own expiration time
  • Added ‚fcpdf/core/pdf/filename‘ filter to change filename of PDF file attached in email or downloaded
  • Added ‚fc/core/editor/fonts‘ filter to adds new fonts to editor.
  • Added ‚fcpdf/core/fonts/dir‘ filter to manipulate PDF library font directories.
  • Added ‚fcpdf/core/fonts/data‘ filter to manipulate PDF library fonts data.
  • Added ‚fcpdf/core/coupon/code/suffix‘ filter to manipulate coupon suffix.
  • Remove ‚flexible_coupons_coupon_code_prefix‘ filter in next minor version.
  • Remove ‚flexible_coupons_coupon_code_random_lenght‘ filter in next minor version.

1.3.0 – 2021-02-10
* Fixed MPDF library
* Added support for WooCommerce 5.0
* Fix PDF coupon tab

1.2.2 – 2021-01-19
* Fixed email template

1.2.1 – 2021-01-03
* Readme & screenshots update

1.2.0 – 2020-12-17
* Minor version
* Added usage restriction for PDF coupon on the product edit page
* Changed PDF Coupon view on the product edit page
* Added filter ‚fcpdf/core/coupon/code/length‘ for change coupon code length
* Added filter ‚fcpdf/core/coupon/code/prefix‘ for change coupon code prefix
* Added filter ‚fcpdf/core/coupon/expiry‘ for change coupon expires date
* Added filter ‚fcpdf/core/coupon/before/create‘ for change coupon object
* Added filter ‚fcpdf/core/coupon/before/after‘ for change meta data saved to post meta
* Added ’never‘ option for expiration date of the coupon on the product edit page
* Fixed bug for auto generating vouchers with other products
* Fixed font rendering on the template editor

1.1.3 – 2020-12-09
* Added support for WordPress 5.6
* Added support for WooCommerce 4.8

1.1.2 – 2020-11-30
* Fixed RTL
* Added filter ‚fc/core/shortcodes‘ for define own shortcodes (pro)
* Added links to PDF Coupons in My Account

1.1.1 – 2020-09-15
* Fixed coupon amount format
* Fixed product title shortcode

1.1.0 – 2020-08-19
* Fixed email template
* Fixed post_per_page for coupon template

1.0.4 – 2020-08-04

  • Added disable plugin poll

1.0.3 – 2020-07-16

  • Update Mpdf
  • Fixed meta box notice

1.0.2 – 2020-07-01

  • Readme

1.0.1 – 2020-06-25

  • Readme

1.0.0 – 2020-06-24

  • First Release!