Flexible Elementor Panel


The plugin „Flexible Elementor Panel“ makes the Elementor editor panel flexible, draggable, resizable, folding and more opportunities.


  • Bewegliches Elementor-Panel mit speicherbarer Position
  • Move to right side and switch in RTL mode
  • Vertikal einklappbares Elementor-Panel
  • Die Größe des Elementor-Panels ändern und speichern
  • Verschiedene dunkle Skins für den Elementor-Editor
  • Alle Widgetkategorien können eingeklappt werden
  • Sortierbare Widget-Kategorien und speicherbare Position
  • Fügt einen Ausstiegs-Button im Footer des Panels hinzu
  • Option, um den ersten Tab in einem Akkordeon-Widget geschlossen zu halten
  • Add more options for responsive mode


  • Das Elementor-Panel kann an eine beliebige Stelle gezogen werden
  • Verlassen-Button in der Fußzeile des Editors (Panel)
  • More skin for Elementor editor
  • Einklappbares Elementor-Panel
  • More options for responsive mode
  • Flex and Sortable widgets category
  • First tab accordion closed
  • Simple settings in editor panel


Direkt aus dem WordPress-Dashboard heraus:

  1. Gehe zu Plugins > Installieren
  2. Suche nach „Flexible Elementor Panel“
  3. Klicke „Installieren“
  4. Klicke „Aktivieren“

Manuell via FTP:

  1. Upload the folder ‚/flexible-elementor-panel/‘ into the ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin über die Seite Plugins in WordPress


Wie erhalte ich den Original-Stil des Panels zurück?

Es ist einfach: du must es nur in die linke obere Ecke bewegen und dann den Titel des Panels anklicken


You can reset position / size in the settings FEP, side editor Elementor and in the FEP admin settings.


12. Januar 2021
This plugin makes it much easier to work efficiently with Elementor, e.g. removing the need to scroll down the widget list because they can be displayed compactly, and I especially love being able to exit to the WP dashboard using a single click. I hope that you can also add an option to remember the height of the TinyMCE editor! This has been annoying me for such an incredibly long time because it is small and I having to drag and resize it every single time I edit a text region.
26. August 2020
Hello, the FEP settings tab does no longer appear in the Elementor panel in version 2.1.3 that was just uploaded. So, it's impossible to get to the settings of FEP. Would you be so kind as to rectify this bug? Wordpress 5.5 Elementor 2.9.14 Elementor Pro 2.10.3 Regards
7. August 2020
This is a must for Elementor Pro. It's great, makes work a lot easier and faster. Thank you.
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  • Fix: Issue with load saved settings FEP


  • Improve: Add Controls FEP with correct action (thanks @Pixify)
  • Localization: Update French language


  • Add: Compatibility with Elementor 3.0+
  • Add: Minimum version Elementor 2.8.0 required
  • Improve: The „Settings FEP“ is move into „User Preferences“ in the editor
  • Improve: The options of Settings FEP is now associated with your user account (except the size/position)
  • Improve: Text in admin Settings FEP (thanks @Dirk)
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language
  • Localization: Update French language


  • HOTFIX: remove deprecated Manager::add_settings_manager();
  • working on the issue for add the settings FEP


  • Add: Compatibility any plugins with use the namespace php for admin
  • Add: Ask confirmation before execute action in debug setting admin
  • Add: Link settings into the list plugin
  • Improve: Set the public/private in Class php
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language
  • Localization: Update French language


  • Fix: All options working again (thanks @community)
  • Fix: Css responsive mode
  • Improve: The „Debug“ tab in FEP admin settings
  • Improve: The „How to configure“ tab in FEP admin settings
  • Improve: The „Informations“ tab in FEP admin settings
  • Improve: Updated the gif in plugin repository
  • Fix: Text in Changelog
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language
  • Localization: Update French language


  • Add: Debug tab in FEP admin settings
  • Add: Reset options FEP Database
  • Add: Check options FEP SQL / LocalStorage
  • Remove: PHP Filter admin settings FEP
  • Remove: Divers tab in FEP admin settings
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language
  • Localization: Update French language


  • Localization: Update POT/PO language
  • Localization: Update French language


  • Add: New option „Alternative Responsive Indicator“ by @Nicholas
  • Improve: Clean and more comments code by @Nicholas
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language
  • Localization: Update French language


  • Add: Compatibility with Elementor 2.9.0
  • Fix: Css label option FEP


  • Add: Compatibility with rtl mode
  • Add: News options for responsive mode (thanks @Nicholas)
  • Add: Option for display the reset panel icon
  • Add: Option for display the vertical collapse icon
  • Add: Option for display the exit icon
  • Improve: Clean the FEP settings in panel
  • Improve: Elementor Panel can be fixed to right side
  • Improve: First tab closed when accordion widget is added
  • Fix: Button reset panel in editor mode
  • Remove: CMD + P when the vertical panel is reduced
  • Note: Light skin change name for Default
  • Note: All FEP options is enable by default
  • Note: FEP come on Github https://github.com/WebMatPro/flexible-elementor-panel
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language
  • Localization: Update French language


  • Fix: Use static function of activation fep
  • Improve: Add compatibility with WordPress 5.3


  • Fix: First tab on all accordion widget is now correctly closed (only in editor)
  • Improve: Remove useless script loaded on front end for close the first tab accordion
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language


  • Fix: Use correct link option in admin notice when first actived plugin
  • Fix: Hidden elements when preview mode is enable working now (thanks to @nickdgreen)
  • Improve: Better compatibility with Elementor shortcut (ctrl/cmd + p)


  • Fix: Reset option exit point (by default „Edition“)
  • Fix: Compatibility with Elementor shortcut (ctrl/cmd + p)


  • Fix: Notice PHP (thanks to @krut1 and every user)
  • Fix: Some CSS
  • Fix: Exit point list post type
  • Fix: Freezing (thanks to @kompundi for report)
  • Fix: Clean pointer event when reset panel is used
  • Add: Link to admin settings in plugin list
  • Improve: Full compatibility with Elementor 2.6+
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language


  • Add: Reset button position/size Panel in header panel & setting fep (admin & editor)
  • Improve: Clean and reorder settings FEP (admin)
  • Improve: Handle draggable panel
  • Fix: Position panel when use vertical collapse
  • Fix: Some css in Dark skin
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language
  • Note: Thanks everybody for your participation have report the bugs <3


  • Mistake upload


  • Add: Settings page FEP in Admin
  • Add: Information page in Admin
  • Add: Preview mode actived when vertical collapse is used
  • Improve: Fully compatible with Elementor 2.5+
  • Improve: Minimum size panel (280×360)
  • Improve: Remove transition panel for more speed
  • Improve: Better button exit and vertical collapse
  • Improve: Clean code of JavaScript file
  • Fix: back to function first accordion closed (sorry)
  • Fix: Some css for dark skin
  • Tweak: Clean assets /images/
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language


  • Add: Banner for future pro version in setting
  • Fix: Correct writing changelog
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language


  • Improve: Better compatibility with Elementor 2.4+
  • Improve: Better performance and security with cleaning plugin
  • Fix: Check and correct CSS for night mode
  • Tweak: Requires PHP 5.6 and Elementor 2.4 to minimum
  • Localization: Update POT/PO language


  • Fix: Display button exit
  • Fix: Full compatibility with Elementor 2.4.0


  • Add: New option for disable the right click for minimize all categories
  • Add: New description for the option draggle panel
  • Add: New color pink for the dark skin panel
  • Fix: Performance-Verbesserungen und kleinere Fehlerbehebungen
  • Fix: Update translation
  • Verbesserung: Sauberer Code der JavaScript-Datei
  • Improve: Clean code of css files
  • Improve: Full compatibility with Elementor 2.3.1


  • Add: Translation French ready by a native French
  • Add: Now the enqueues files will use the version of plugin
  • Add: New exit point option „Front page“
  • Add: Re-order all category widget’s and save position
  • Add: Save Elementor panel position and size when panel is draggable
  • Fix: Text domain, now is ‚fep‘ and update pot
  • Fix: Collapse all categories with right click
  • Fix: Performance-Verbesserungen und kleinere Fehlerbehebungen
  • Improve: Clean code of JavaScript file
  • Improve: Full compatibility with Elementor 2.3.0


  • Fix: Compatibility with Elementor 2.1
  • Add: Minimized UX
  • Add: Exit point to Elementor library
  • Fix: Small bugs


  • Add: Plugin settings in editor


  • Fix: Fix bug with Theme Builder


  • New: Button for collapsible Elementor Panel in header
  • New: Toggle button for collapsible all widgets
  • Add: Remove overlay on content when Elementor Panel position is left:0 and top: 0
  • Add: New logical function
  • Fix: Small bugs


  • Fix: Bug with ‚Dynamic Content‘


  • Hinzugefügt: Sortierbare und einklappbare Widgetkategorien im Elementor-Panel


  • Add: Night/Day skin switcher for Elementor Panel
  • Add: Remember your last selected skin
  • More compatibility with Elementor 2.0


  • Add: ‚Exit to Dashboard‘ button in Elementor Panel footer


  • Fix: change stylesheet in custom CSS editor


  • New: Added resizable function
  • New: Added night skin for Elementor Panel
  • Fix: small bugs


  • Erstveröffentlichung.