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Cool Flipbox empowers you to showcase content in a visually appealing manner, enabling your audience to flip boxes and discover messages. This plugin allows you to easily create flip boxes within Gutenberg, making your website interactive for visitors.

Whether it’s displaying your team members, staff, employees, or any other content box, Cool Flipbox is the ideal tool for creating engaging Info Boxes on your site.

Please check the Cool Flipbox Demos:-

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Highlight the unique qualities and expertise of each team member as you present their information in a visually appealing flipbox format. Engage your audience with a seamless and interactive experience, making it easy for visitors to connect with your team on a personal level.

The WordPress Cool Flipbox plugin offers a variety of special features to enhance the appearance and functionality of your content:

  • Customize the look and feel of the flip boxes using your color scheme.
  • Easily add font-awesome icons to complement the content in the boxes.
  • Fully customize both sides of the flip box, including the title, description, and styling.
  • Incorporate buttons, images, and icons into the content.
  • Re-order the position of the flip boxes with ease.
  • Flexibly set the number of columns for the flip boxes to suit your layout needs.
  • Create an unlimited number of beautifully designed flip boxes.
  • Add links to other web pages for more detailed information.

Cool Flipbox WordPress plugin is a powerful tool for adding visual interest and interactivity to your website’s content. By using this plugin, you can easily create flip boxes that showcase your content in an engaging and dynamic way.

The plugin is incredibly easy to use, and it allows you to add the flip box anywhere on your webpage by simply using shortcodes and blocks.



There are 3 ways to install Flip Boxes inside your WordPress website.

  1. Automatically install our plugin via WordPress admin panel:- Open your WordPress website admin panel and go to Plugins > Click Add New & search ‚Flip Boxes‚ > Here you will find our plugin > Now click on install button > After this you will see a activate button > Just activate it to use Flip Boxes inside your website
  2. Install via Zip file:- In this method first you need to download our plugin from the WordPress plugins directory. Go to Flip Boxes. After this inside your WP-admin panel, click on Plugins > Add New > Upload Button. Now choose the plugin zip file that you just downloaded from the WordPress plugins directory & activate it.
  3. Install the plugin via FTP:- In this method you also first need to download the plugin zip file from the WordPress plugins directory. After this open your FTP manager and Go to > wp-content/plugins folder. Here you need to upload the extracted version of flip-boxes (please remember don’t upload a zip file directly here) After this you can activate the plugin from the wp-admin panel plugins page.


What is Cool Flipbox?

Cool Flipbox is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create visually appealing flip boxes to showcase content interactively. It can be used within Gutenberg or via shortcodes.

What can I use Cool Flipbox for?

You can use Cool Flipbox to display content such as team members, staff, employees, or any other information in an engaging flip box format.

How does Cool Flipbox enhance my website?

Cool Flipbox enhances your website by making content interactive and visually appealing. It allows visitors to flip boxes to discover messages, creating a seamless and engaging user experience.

What customization options are available with Cool Flipbox?

You can customize the look and feel of the flip boxes, including colors, titles, descriptions, and styling. You can also add font-awesome icons, buttons, images, and links, and re-order the position of the flip boxes.

Can I use icons with Cool Flipbox?

Yes, you can easily add font-awesome icons to complement the content in the flip boxes.

Is it possible to customize both sides of the flip box?

Yes, you can fully customize both sides of the flip box, including the title, description, and styling.

How many flip boxes can I create with Cool Flipbox?

You can create an unlimited number of beautifully designed flip boxes.

Can I add links to the flip boxes?

Yes, you can add links to other web pages for more detailed information.

How can I add flip boxes to my website?

You can add flip boxes anywhere on your webpage by using shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks provided by the Cool Flipbox plugin.

Can I set the number of columns for the flip boxes?

Yes, you can flexibly set the number of columns for the flip boxes to suit your layout needs.

Is Cool Flipbox easy to use?

Yes, Cool Flipbox is incredibly easy to use and allows you to create and customize flip boxes with ease.


3. Februar 2024
I just need to switch from one image to another on hover. This doesn’t do that, and if it does the user interface is so poorly designed I am unable to work out how.
29. Januar 2024
I was beyond impressed with the support received from Himanshu on the Cool Plugins team over the past week or so after a recent plugin update caused issue with our front end display of advanced Font Awesome icon styling. The issue was sorted out promptly and we’re looking fly again! Thanks, Himanshu.
16. Oktober 2023 1 Antwort
I found the plugin easy to use and all is perfect viewing in Chrome, however, in Safari and Firefox the sizes of the flip box are different. I have been unable to access any support from the creators and if this issue can be resolved I would be delighted to upgrade my review to 5 stars as actually I love the plugin
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Cool Flipbox – Shortcode & Gutenberg Block“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:



Version 1.8.3 | 23 Jan 2024

Added: wp_kses_post() function added for full HTML support.

Version 1.8.2 | 20 Jan 2024

Added: wp_kses() function added for HTML support.

Version 1.8.1 | 16 Jan 2024

Added: Flipbox Event Settings: Customize Hover and Click Interactions.
Improvements : Minor improvements with added escaping for enhanced security.

Version 1.8 | 09 Jan 2024

Integrated: Integrated Cool FlipBox Block For Gutenberg
Added: Flipbox setting page for changing plugin type (Post Type to Block).
Update: CMB2 library latest version.
Fixed: PHP deprecated errors.

Version 1.7.1 | 16 Oct 2020

Fixed: missing file warnings

Version 1.7 | 15 Oct 2020

Added: Integrated and Improved new designs in all layouts.
Fixed: Feedback from bug
Improved: Overall plugin code
Fixed: compatibility issues with WordPress 5.5

Version 1.6.2 | 02 Jan 2020

Fixed:- Content formatting issues.

Version 1.6.1 | 16 Dec 2019

Added:- Added Security checks
Improvements:-Minor code improvements

Version 1.6 | 06 Sep 2019

Added:-Integrate Shortcode Live Preview on the admin side.
Fixed:-Undefined content length bug fixed.
Improvements:- All layouts
Improvements:- Improved CSS
Improvements:- Improved all designs

Version :- 1.5

Added:- Integrated feedback on plugin deactivation 
Added:- Dynamic Target option for Read More link
Improvements:- Improved CSS
Fixed:- CSS issue in Google Chrome

Version :- 1.4

Added:- Integrated six new designs
Fixed:- Fixed responsive issues
Fixed:-  Fixed Bootstrap conflict
Fixed:- Created new options for Flipbox Height in Flipbox Settings
Improvements: Minified CSS and JS files
Improvements: Added post ID into flip boxes
Fixed:- Fixed link issue in mobile device

Version :- 1.3
Updated:- updated CMB2 version and included on a specific page.
Fixed: Read More link issue in mobile devices
Fixed:- CMB2 (to fix cmb2 color picker issue)
Fixed:- Reset Default Flipbox settings

Version 1.2.2
Added:- Fixed Minor issues
Added:- Improved styles.
Version 1.2
Added:- Integrated flip box description length settings
Added:- flip box item-based color selection settings.
Added:- Set compatibility with mobile devices and added flip effect on touch
Fixed:- Mobile devices landscape problem
Improvements: minor CSS improvements.

Version 1.0.1
After upgrading your installed plugin with the latest version(1.0.1), Please update your flipboxes effect.
Fixed: Fixed Mobile device flipping problem
Version 1.0
–Initial release–