Free Shipping Label and Fortschrittsbalken for WooCommerce


With our progress bar notification, you can give your customers a clear picture of just how close they are to qualifying for free shipping. This not only stops shoppers from leaving, but also encourages them to add more items to their cart and increase their order value – boosting your revenue in the process.

Now, introducing the exciting Gift Bar module, adding a touch of delight to the shopping journey. Motivate your customers to go the extra mile, qualifying for a free gift. This strategic move not only enhances order values but adds an element of excitement to the entire purchasing process.

Not only that, but our progress bar notification also provides a sense of urgency for your customers to reach the free shipping threshold. This can drive impulse purchases and increase the likelihood of your customers completing their purchase. By keeping the progress bar front and center, your customers will always be aware of how close they are to qualifying for free shipping, making them more likely to add that one extra item to reach the threshold.

Additionally, our progress bar notification is fully customizable to fit the look and feel of your brand. You can choose from a range of colors and styles to match your website’s aesthetic, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing design.

Give your customers a smooth shopping journey and increase your average order value with our progress bar notification.


🎉 Upgrade Alert! Free Shipping Label for WooCommerce 3.0.0 is Here! 🚚✨ Unleash the power of the Gift Bar module, enjoy enhanced customization, and experience optimized performance. Elevate your store with seamless upgrades and dynamic new features. Dive into the details now.

Für wen ist dieses Plugin?

  • E-Commerce-Shop-Besitzer
  • Agenturen, die Shops für Kunden aufbauen
  • Jeder, der ein besseres Benutzererlebnis schaffen möchte
  • Jeder, der die Leistung seines Shops steigern möchte
  • Jeder, der mehr Dynamik in seinen Shop bringen will


  • NEW Animated Gift bar
  • Animierter Fortschrittsbalken
  • Anpassbarer Fortschrittsbalken
  • Einblenden auf der Warenkorb-Seite und den Kasse-Seiten
  • Ausblenden anderer Versandkosten, wenn kostenloser Versand verfügbar ist
  • Nachricht, wenn der Schwellenwert für den kostenlosen Versand erreicht ist
  • Sichtbar für alle oder nur für angemeldete Benutzer
  • Produkt-Label für einfache und variable Produkte
  • Anpassbares Produkt-Label
  • Übersetzbar
  • Einfach bedienbar, keine Programmierung erforderlich
  • Compatible with Table Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

Mehr Optionen mit Free Shipping Label Pro

With Free Shipping Label Pro, you get a lot more features, including:

  • Animated Circular progress bar
  • Customizable Circular progress bar
  • Image label
  • Label position
  • Exclude label on selected categories or products
  • Currency switcher plugins compatibility
    • FOX (former name is WOOCS)
    • CURCY – Multi Currency for WooCommerce
    • WooCommerce Multilingual by OnTheGoSystems (WPML)
  • Animated notice bar
  • Advanced customization of notice bar
  • Advanced progress bar customization
  • Progress bar cart positions
  • Progress bar checkout positions
  • Progress bar shortcode
  • Progress bar gutenberg block
  • Progress bar widget
  • Progress bar compatible with WooCommerce Cart and Checkout blocks
  • und mehr!


Wir sind hier, um zu helfen. Du kannst gerne ein neues Thema im Support-Forum eröffnen.


Die Dokumentation für Free Shipping Label kannst du hier aufrufen.


It’s funny how much joy all those 5-star reviews bring to our team. It really keeps us going and motivates us to bring more cool features.
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  • Fortschrittsbalken
  • Animierter Fortschrittsbalken
  • Circular progress bar in notice bar
  • Circular progress bar on cart page
  • Product label
  • Einstellungen-Panel 1
  • Einstellungen-Panel 2


Dieses Plugin kann wie jedes andere WordPress Plugin ganz einfach installiert werden, indem du die folgenden Schritte ausführst:

  1. Lade das Plugin in das Verzeichnis /wp-content/plugins/ hoch.
  2. Aktiviere das Plugin im „Plugins“-Menü in WordPress
  3. Gehe zur Einstellungen-Seite: WooCommerce > Einstellungen > Versand > Free Shipping Label
  4. Richte das Plugin ein und aktiviere es, wenn du bereit bist.


What do I need to do for the Free Shipping Label plugin to work properly?

In order for the Free Shipping Label plugin to work properly, you will need to set up WooCommerce zones and shipping methods. Additionally, the progress bar will only be displayed on the cart and checkout pages for zones that have defined free shipping methods. You can find more information about this in the official documentation.

Warum wird der Fortschrittsbalken im Mini-Warenkorb nicht angezeigt?

Some themes and plugins may have their own minicart templates that override or exclude the default WooCommerce hook where the progress bar should be displayed. In this case, our pro version offers a shortcode that can be placed anywhere on the site, including the minicart. Alternatively, a more advanced option is to modify the minicart template and add the woocommerce_widget_shopping_cart_before_buttons hook to ensure the progress bar is displayed correctly.

What should I do if the Progress Bar is not showing?

First, check if you have enabled the Progress Bar switch in the settings. If it’s already enabled, go through the WooCommerce setup guide and ensure everything is configured correctly. If you are still experiencing problems, contact the support team.

What if I’m using other shipping-related plugins?

If you are using any other plugins for shipping or free shipping functionalities, it may be the case that the plugin you have installed is not compatible with the Free Shipping Label plugin. You can enable the Custom threshold option in the General settings and manually set your Free Shipping minimum amount. If this doesn’t work, contact the support team.

What if I suspect a template issue?

If you have followed all steps above and still progress bar won’t show, then this might be a template issue. If the progress bar is showing for example on the checkout page but not on the cart page, or vice versa, then it’s probably a template issue. In this case, our pro version offers a shortcode that can be placed anywhere on the site, or you can edit the WooCommerce templates, but this requires a little bit of PHP, HTML and CSS knowledge. Be careful as you’ll have to figure out on your own what to do.

What are the WooCommerce hooks that are used for displaying the Progress Bar?

The WooCommerce hooks that are used for displaying the Progress Bar are as follows:

Cart page hook: woocommerce_proceed_to_checkout
Mini-cart widget hook: woocommerce_widget_shopping_cart_before_buttons
Checkout hook: woocommerce_review_order_before_submit


10. Mai 2024
The creators of the plug-in helped me solve all problems with the plug-in very quickly, contact was very quick. I recommend it to everyone!
27. März 2024
After the last update, the plugin stopped working correctly. The conditions programmed in the WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping plugin are not working in the progress bar. One of the conditions I set was that if someone in my city bought it, then shipping would be free. Previously, the progress bar detected this condition and already displayed the free shipping message. Now the plugin has stopped detecting conditions properly. Even when the customer meets the conditions, the progress bar continues to show the amount remaining to reach free shipping. Review update: I want to say a huge thank you to the plugin developer, Marin Matosevic was very helpful and professional and resolved all technical issues. In the end, the problem was not with the plugin itself, but with a simple configuration in my backend.
12. September 2023
It works excellent and above all the support they provide is the best I have found for WordPress, plus the plugin works like a 10 on both phone and PC
16. Mai 2023
Very useful complement for our virtual store. I was also struck by the good support they have. It is the first time that support responds so quickly and helps me solve a problem immediately. It was very nice. Usually free plugins have bad support and don’t help you if you have a problem or it stops working on your page. But here they did help me and were very efficient. Keep in that way!!
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  • Update – settings panel – descriptions
  • Update – language file
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 8.9


  • Update – Freemius WordPress SDK


  • Update – Freemius WordPress SDK
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 8.8


  • Update – settings panel – descriptions
  • Update – settings panel – footer
  • Update – Freemius WordPress SDK
  • Update – language file
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 8.7
  • Dev – added new fsl_progress_bar_setup_args filter hook


  • Fix – Flexible shipping instance id fix
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 8.6
  • Performance – WP tested up to: 6.5


  • Fix – console error when logged out


  • Fix – FSL block and Ajax updates
  • Add – Gift Bar module
  • Update – Progress bar styles
  • Update – Admin settings option
  • Update – Admin option
  • Update – Freemius WordPress SDK
  • Dev – removed unused position filter hooks
  • Dev – added new fsl_admin_menu_user_capability filter hook
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 8.3
  • Performance – WP tested up to: 6.4


  • Fix – error on settings page
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 7.9
  • Performance – WP tested up to: 6.3


  • Fix – broken select2 dropdown in admin settings


  • Update – Freemius SDK update to 2.5.10


  • Fix – Progress bar not loading if local pickup selected first
  • Update – readme.txt
  • Update – Freemius WordPress SDK to 2.5.9
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 7.8
  • Dev – Added new fsl_progress_bar_placeholder_html filter hook


  • Fix – custom threshold and only virtual products showing the progress bar
  • Fix – free shipping requires – both, coupon
  • Fix – when allowed zero shipping and selected local pickup showing qualified message
  • Update – Freemius WordPress SDK to 2.5.8
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 7.7


  • Fix – flexible shipping min. amount calculation


  • Fix – css classes typo
  • Fix – svg icons in settings section
  • Update – settings API
  • Update – freemius sdk
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 7.6


  • Update – color pickers with alpha/transparent option
  • Update – freemius sdk
  • Security – additional security layer in settings API
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 7.5
  • Performance – WP tested up to: 6.2


  • Security – enhanced security measures taken including input sanitization, attribute escaping, and replacement of remote select2 with woocommerce select2


  • Update – minor style changes in the settings panel
  • Update – readme.txt


  • Fix – Error related to contributors when viewing details of a plugin
  • Update – readme.txt
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 7.4


  • Update – zero shipping cost – free shipping is indicated by a shipping cost of zero
  • Update – plugin name
  • Update – language .pot file


  • Fix – WooCommerce check on multisite
  • Add – option to allow zero shipping cost
  • Update – plugin name
  • Update – language .pot file
  • Update – css for settings options


  • Fix – don’t show progress bar if shipping cost is 0
  • Fix – division by zero error when threshold is 0
  • Fix – flexible shipping with local pickup enabled
  • Fix – Deactivate free version when PRO activated
  • Update – language .pot file
  • Update – Freemius sdk
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 7.3


  • Fix – error when trying to delete plugin
  • Fix – array to string conversion


  • Performance – WC tested up to: 7.1
  • Performance – WP tested up to: 6.1
  • Enhancement – Freemius integration
  • Update – HPOS compatibility
  • Update – product label filter priority
  • Update – language .pot file


  • Fix – E_PARSE


  • Fix – Don’t show Progress Bar if only virtual products are in the cart
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 7.0
  • Update – Ignore coupon option deprecated
  • Update – language .pot file


  • Fix – Product label styles


  • Fix – Showing progress bar when free shipping coupon applied
  • Fix – typos
  • Update – language .pot file
  • Enhancement – Security
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 6.5
  • Performance – WP tested up to: 6.0
  • Performance – Code optimization
  • Dev – Added new fsl_settings_sections filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_settings_fields filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_settings_general filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_settings_progress_bar filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_settings_product_label filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_cart_progress_bar_position filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_minicart_progress_bar_position filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_product_label_html filter hook


  • Fix – Error when deleted initial shipping zone
  • Fix – Fatal Error related to shipping packages
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 6.3


  • Enhancement – Initial shipping zone
  • Fix – issues with showing labels before shipping method are chosen
  • Fix – single product page: labels on variable products not showing up
  • Fix – typos
  • Performance – WP tested up to: 5.9
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 6.1


  • Dev – Added new fsl_progress_bar_html filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_checkout_progress_bar_position filter hook
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 6.0
  • Performance – Code optimization


  • Fix – PHP Warning related to fsl_shipping_method_min_amount hook


  • Fix – PHP Warning related to fsl_flexible_shipping_min_amount hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_product_price filter hook
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 5.7


  • Tweak – Added additional classes to progress bar
  • Fix – Gutenberg error
  • Enhancement – Hide shipping rates when free shipping is available
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 5.6
  • Dev – Added new fsl_min_amount filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_free_shipping_instance_key filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_shipping_method_min_amount filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_flexible_shipping_min_amount filter hook


  • Fix – Animated progress bar


  • Fix – Minor bug fixes
  • Fix – minor style issues
  • Enhancement – Disable for logged out users
  • Enhancement – Message after free shipping threshold is reached
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 5.2
  • Update – pot file


  • Fix – minor style issues
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 4.9


  • Fix – Syntax error
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 4.8


  • Enhancement – Multilingual support
  • Update – pot file
  • Fix – Minor bug fixes
  • Performance – Code optimization
  • Performance – Tested with latest WooCommerce version (4.6.1)


  • Enhancement – Added product label
  • Enhancement – New plugin menu page and tab pages
  • Performance – Refactored code, queries, and options


  • Fix – loading translations
  • Update – textdomain


  • Erstveröffentlichung