Garden Gnome Package


This plugin provides an easy way to publish panoramas and object movies created with Garden Gnome Software’s Pano2VR and Object2VR.

You can embed a package via a shortcode like [ggpkg id=12] or a block in the Gutenberg editor.

Sample packages can be downloaded from our forum.


When you are using a shortcode to embed a package, you can provide additional parameters in the shortcode:

  • width: the width of the player in the page

  • height: the height of the player in the page

  • start_preview: when set to ‚true‘, the player will initially show as a preview image with a play button.

  • start_node: if the package is a virtual tour, you can specify the start node. You can find the node ID of each node in the tooltip in the tour browser.

  • start_view: for panoramas and virtual tours, sets the initial view of the first node. The format is ‚pan/tilt/fov/projection‘. The projection parameter is optional.

  • url: can be used instead of ID, to embed a package from a specific URL. Like [ggpkg url='....']

Example: [ggpkg id=12 width='100%' height='500px' start_preview='true']

If you are using the Gutenberg Editor and want to embed a package via a shortcode, use a Classic Block from the ‚Formatting‘ section, and use the Add Media button to add a package from the media library.

Gutenberg Block

You can find the GGPKG Gutenberg Block in the Widgets section.

In the GGPKG Block, you can pick a package from the media library.

In the Inspector panel on the right, you can specify if the package should start with a preview image and a play button, and set the width and height of the player in the page.

Elementor Widget

You can find the Garden Gnome Package Widget in the General section.

In the Widget settings, you can pick a package from the media library, define the height, and select if it should start with a preview image.


  • Embedded virtual tour
  • Gutenberg block
  • Settings page
  • Shortcode in classic editor


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 1 Block.




The zip and libxml PHP module must be installed on your server.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/garden-gnome-package directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress


What is a Garden Gnome Package?

A Garden Gnome Package is a simple ZIP file that contains everything necessary to display a single panorama, virtual tour, or object movie. After uploading the package, the plugin extracts the archive.

How can I create a package?

Please see the Pano2VR documentation.

How can I upload a tour with a large file size?

There are two strategies:

  • Upload the tour to a folder on a web server and use the shortcode [ggpkg url=""] to point to the tour.

  • Upload a small version of the tour (i.e., just the start node) and then replace the files in the extracted folder in the upload directory.


24. Juli 2019
Making it easy to display Garden Gnome Softwares virtual tours and objects.
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  • Forces CSS line-height to 1.0 in skins


  • Fix for uninstall hook and deprecation warning


  • New icon
  • Added WebXR support


  • Fix for copy current package player
  • Fix for multiple different skins on a page
  • Fix in Gutenberg editor for WordPress 5.4


  • Elementor widget is now responsive
  • Fix for fullscreen, if the fullscreen API is missing


  • Disable ’sslverify‘ for gginfo download, as this causes issues with PHP 7.4


  • Added and Elementor widget
  • Added a filter for packages in the media library
  • Changed div container ids


  • Improved CSS reset for images


  • Complete rewrite of the ggpkg-import plugin.