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WP Grab and Attach

The purpose of WP Grab and Attach is to automatically upload media into your WordPress Media Library, and attach it to live posts or pages.

There is two sides of WP Grab and Attach; the WordPress plugin, and the Chrome extension. Please note this plugin does NOT work without its Chrome extension companion. You can find the Chrome extension here:

Currently, all that can be uploaded and attached are images from the Chrome browser. That will change in future versions. We also plan to make extensions for other browsers.

My Chrome extension allows WP Grab and Attach to be added to your Chrome’s right-click (context) menu. Once „Grab and Attach for Chrome“ is activated, you can right-click on images, and select „WP Grab and Attach.“ A dialog will appear, and if your Chrome extension’s setup is correct, you can type in a post (or page) title. Then use the Down Arrow key to highlight your selection, and the Enter button to select your post. If everything goes well, a success message will appear, and the image will be saved your WordPress Media Library. Let’s not forget the best part, the image is attached to your live post (or page)!


This plugin does NOT work without its Chrome extension companion. You can find the Chrome extension here:


  • More media types than just images
  • Choosing if media attaches to the top or bottom of the post
  • Alignment of media
  • Media captions
  • Order of titles in Chrome extension’s auto-populate box
  • What to search for: post/pages/tags/etc.
  • AND MORE! 😀


Kevin Tesar 2021

This program is free software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


After activating Grab and Attach, when adding and editing a post or page, there will be a new meta box in the sidebar tools.
In it, you can set an alternate post title that will be used to populate the Chrome extension drop down.

You can enable and disable plugin’s functionality from the options page in the WordPress dashboard, which is found under Setting.


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  • 2021-10-16
  • Fixed bug of not being able to change the alt title in the post/page edit screen.


  • 2021-1-29
  • Initial release