GutenBee is a collection of elegant WordPress blocks enhancing your editing experience in the Gutenberg editor and vastly extending the potential of the new editor experience.

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The plugin’s documentation can be found here.


  • Accordion: Organize your content into accordion elements. All the content including titles can be edited directly in the WordPress editor and you can choose any color combination from the block’s settings.
  • Buttons: Actionable content needs clickable buttons. Add one or more buttons, tweak their colors, borders and alignment and you’re all set!
  • Countdown: Have an upcoming event? Pick a date directly inside the editor screen, choose your layout, colors, and typography and you’re ready!
  • CountUp: Maybe not every block counts, but this one does! Pick a starting and ending number, add a suffix or prefix, style it and you’re done!
  • Divider: Provide thematic content spacing with a fancy divider, edit its style, colors, and margins.
  • Google Maps: Easy-peasy fancy maps with the Google Maps block. Just enter a location and save, it just works! With support for beautiful predefined map styles and Snazzy custom map styles!
  • Icon: Display icons from a custom designed, curated list of over one hundred icons, with more icons being added in regular updates!
  • Icon Box: Your standard icon box block on steroids. Choose from over one hundred custom designed icons, style them any way and at any size you like, add some text and you’re good to go.
  • Image Box: A standard image box with title and text block on steroids. Adjust your spacing, layout, alignment, or colors and typography.
  • Image Comparison: Need to showcase your photo editing skills or writing up a camera review? With the Image Comparison block you can enhance your posts with side-by-side comparison of any two photos you wish.
  • Justified Gallery: Create beautiful justified grid layout galleries inside any of your post or pages.
  • Progress Bar: Add stylish progress bars and display either progress or your skillset with the most visually captivating way.
  • Slideshow: Add a fancy slideshow to your posts or pages. Drag and drop your images, choose your settings and hit publish!
  • Tabs: Organize your content into fancy tabs. All the content including titles can be edited directly in the WordPress editor and you can choose any color combination from the block’s settings.
  • Container: A powerful container block allowing content grouping or splitting in columns, complete with fully responsive settings.
  • Heading: A normal heading block with responsive settings.
  • Paragraph: A variation of the core Paragraph block with responsive spacing settings.
  • Image: A variation of the core Image block with extra responsive spacing and sizing settings.
  • Spacer: Complete control spacing of elements in your posts and pages with the responsive Spacer block.
  • Post Types: List posts from any post type in a configurable grid, complete with fully responsive settings.
  • Video: Embed a video from your media library or upload a new one.


  • GutenBee's fancy new blocks.
  • Display your photos in beautiful slideshows.
  • Create awesome looking justified galleries.
  • Compare any two images.
  • Flexible Google Maps block with custom map styles.
  • Over a hundred icons to choose from with more being added regularly.
  • Tabs or Accordions, group your content the way you want.


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 23 Blöcke.

GutenBee Video
GutenBee Image Comparison
GutenBee Image
GutenBee Heading
GutenBee Gallery
GutenBee Button Group
GutenBee Icon
GutenBee Spacer
GutenBee Tabs
GutenBee Countup
GutenBee Image Box
GutenBee Container
GutenBee Column
GutenBee Icon Box
GutenBee Google Maps
GutenBee Divider
GutenBee Countdown
GutenBee Slideshow
GutenBee Button
GutenBee Paragraph
GutenBee Accordion
GutenBee Progress Bar


From within WordPress‘ dashboard:

  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for „GutenBee“
  3. Click „Install“
  4. Click „Activate“
  5. New Gutenberg Blocks will appear!

Note that if you want to use the Google Maps block you will also need a Google Maps API Key. Instruction can be found in GutenBee’s settings page.


3. März 2020
Gutenbee blocks are my go-to blocks now for every project. Stable, feature-rich and no bugs at all.
7. Oktober 2019
All elements in Gutenbee are lightweight, work great and there are some unique blocks. When you need support your problem is mostly solved within 24 hours. A pleasure to work with!
28. März 2019
I used it in two sites and I haven't encounter any problem. Simple and useful! I will use it again and again with Gutenberg!
25. Dezember 2018
Great job guys, you managed to create a functional plugin very quickly with great blocks, especially for images. Keep up the good job and I hope you add more blocks
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  • Added border and border radius settings on all blocks (except Tabs and Accordion).
  • Added box shadow settings on all blocks (except Tabs and Accordion).
  • Fixed an issue where custom classes would make some blocks break their styling.
  • Various editor UI fixes.


  • Added link in image block.
  • Update Container block to work on WordPress 5.4
  • Added the ability to rearrange columns within the container block.
  • Fix container and column block hover controls from being inaccessible.


  • Skipped.

  • Added New buttons block.


  • Added New buttons block.
  • Added background overlay option for the container block.
  • Added responsive alignment options for the Heading / Paragraph blocks.
  • Added background color and spacing controls in image box and icon box blocks.
  • Added transformations from Heading to Paragraph and Paragraph to Heading.
  • Fixed an issue where the slider controls value would keep resetting on input blur.
  • Override fixed image attachment when in mobile.
  • Minor aesthetic fixes.
  • Container alignment settings now will inherit its desktop values over to the smaller breakpoints unless explicitly overridden.
  • Fixed single column width in container block to be 100%
  • Fixed visual alignment issues in image box and icon box blocks.
  • Fixed image attachment setting to be reverted when in mobile breakpoints.
  • Updated all block icons.
  • Fixed slideshow block.
  • Add new paragraph when return is pressed for GutenBee paragraph and heading blocks.
  • Fixed an issue with the Google Maps block where it would break in the editor if the height was adjusted.


  • Added new video block.
  • Added responsive settings for blocks: ImageBox, Icon, IconBox.
  • Fixed responsive styles. Unset properties will not get applied.
  • Added font size in Heading block.
  • Fixed issue where Post Types block wouldn’t respect WooCommerce’s products visibility option.
  • Grouped block options in more relevant sections.
  • Fixed incorrect wording on labels.


  • Added new blocks: Container, Heading, Paragraph, Image, Spacer, Post Types.


  • Added new blocks: Accordion, Countdown, CountUp, Google Maps, Icon, Icon Box, Image Box, Image Comparison, Justified Gallery, Progress Bar, Slideshow, Tabs.
  • Removed the Spacer block.


  • Initial release.