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Gutenslider is an image slider and video slider plugin for WordPress that adds a simple to use gutenberg slider block to your WordPress editor. You can add any content on top that you want! Gutenslider is faster and slicker than any other slider around. Go and try it out yourself and make use of a content slider, image slider and video slider that will increase user engagement on your website and allow you to create your sliders in seconds not in minutes, by using the Gutenberg backend editor.

Live Examples

With Gutenslider, enhancing your blog or website is easier than ever:

  1. Simply add the Gutenslider Block from the Gutenberg backend
  2. Select images from your Media Library
  3. Add any Block you like on top
  4. Customize Gutenslider to your needs in the backend
  5. Slide! 👩‍🎤

Gutenslider is easy to use, fast, and very powerful and developed by trusted developers.

Plugin Features

  • Add Unlimited Slides
  • Change the transition mode: fade/slide
  • Add any block on top that you want
  • Block Alignment: Wide, Full
  • Content Alignment: Top, Center, Bottom
  • Arrows on/off
  • Arrow size
  • Dots on/off
  • Dots size
  • Spacing: top/bottom and left/right
  • Fullscreen slider (slider will be in the background of your content).
  • Very easy to use because it is a Gutenberg block – no need to go away from your backend editor
  • Hyperlink Slides

Plugin Pro Features 💎

  • Video Slider: add videos to your slide backgrounds
  • Transition time
  • Time of a slide
  • Color overlays of slides
  • Arrow color
  • Arrow style
  • Dots color
  • Dots style
  • Responsive Spacing Controls
  • … and of course all free features


So you can easily create a Fullscreen Video Slider for your blog or websitee with Gutenslider Pro. And even go more custom by, creating Full Screen Video Background ! Sliders !. There is no limit to your creativity.

Slider Modes

Changing Content

The slider mode you will most probably know. Each slide has a custom background and custom content.

Fixed Content

In this mode you select fixed content, that will stay on top, while the background changes and loops all slides. Great for headlines, call to actions. You name it!

Gutenslider is built using WordPress, CSS, Javascript, best practices both on the front and the backend. And it’s seo optimized. It makes use of the new Gutenberg powers built in react. As a result, it is robust, easy to use and lightning fast. It works with any theme. Go and check it out.

Help us get better

We know, that Gutenslider is nice, but we also know, that we can constantly improve. Not only code quality and security, but also features and user experience. For the latter, we need your help. If you think that we should change things. Be so kind and leave us a support or feature request in the support forum. Thanks.

Installation 🔧

Minimum Requirements

You’ll need WordPress version 5.0 or higher for this to work. For versions below 5.0, you will need to use the Gutenberg plugin.

Quick and Fast

  1. Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress
  2. Search for „Gutenslider“
  3. Click „Install“
  4. Activate the Gutenslider Plugin on your Plugins Menu

Experienced Users (same result)

  1. Upload the gutenslider folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress

Frequently Asked Questions ❓

What blocks are supported

Gutenslider works with any blocks on top. However there might be styling issues or things to improve. Either write your own custom css or submit a support request in the support forum. If it is a commonly used block, we will integrate the needed styles into Gutenslider.

Can I use Gutenslider with any theme?

Yes, you can use Gutenslider with any theme. If you experience difficulties, please contact your theme author first, before submitting a topic in the support forum.

Is Gutenslider free?

Yes! Gutenslider’s core features are absolutely free.

Can you provide support?

Yes, just post a question on the support tab, and we will answer as soon as possible.

Can you add this feature I need?

We are happy to extend Gutenslider to our users‘ needs. Just contact us on our website at https://gutenslider.org and we will see what we can do.

What is Gutenberg

To get the full experience of the next-generation WordPress block editor, you’ll need a Gutenberg-ready WordPress theme then install the Gutenberg WordPress plugin or simply update your site to WordPress 5.0. That’s it! 💥

Visit us 🔗

Visit us on https://gutenslider.org to see a full overview
of features or follow our blog.

Powered by

Gutenslider is made possible by awesome developers who release their code under reusable licenses. We use the following open source software:


  • Gutenslider in Action (Frontend)
  • Gutenslider Creation (Backend + Frontend)


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WordPress Slider Block Gutenslider


10. März 2020
I had an issue that I couldn't get the plugin to work with desktop view. Mobile views however have always been working excellent. Although I am using the free version, the Gutenslider support was there to help. They helped fast and the issue was solved in no time. Btw: it was not a Gutenslider issue. The plugin "Autoptimize" was overriding and screwing it up. So actually Gutenslider was working from the very beginning. Once I need further functionality, I will get the pro version!
5. März 2020
This is the fastest and easiest slider I found. I had all the others installed and they were way too complicated and loaded with things I don't need and understand. Especially for unexperienced users or clients this is the perfect plugin. The free version is powerful enough for me and my use cases. Hope they will add more responsive options in the future.
26. September 2019
I have tried a lot of slider (even if I'm not a fan of slider, but you know, client...). And until now, I used a handmaid slider with ACF Pro. I stopped. This one is really "The only Gutenberg Slider you’ll ever need". Save me a lot of time. And support is great too ! Have a try with the premium version
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  • Fix a bug that was not displaying buttons on WordPress 5.3


  • Style fixes for Gutenberg 7.7
  • Update deprecated functions


  • Style fixes for WordPress 5.4


  • Security: Fix 12 low level vulnerabilities
  • Code Quality: update deprecated methods
  • increase compabitility for WordPress 5.4


  • Fix a bug with responsive spacing on fixed content sliders


  • add responsive controls
  • add icons to editor panels
  • decrease file size (remove unneeded css)
  • restructure code (make more fail safe)
  • update all npm dependencies (security++)


  • fixed a bug introduced in 2.9.4


  • Improve and remove unused CSS – dont override other slick sliders,


  • Add a „loop“ setting to Gutenslider that allows disabling infinite mode (default: true)


  • Fix a fatal error when updateing Gutenslider


  • Update the readme to reflect new features
  • Update language strings, i18n


  • improve admin page style and load time
  • update freemius version to 2.3.2


  • Fix an issue with uploads (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/images-are-duplicated-when-uploaded-from-the-gutenslider-block/)


  • Fix an issue with unit button (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/the-percent-pixel-height-selector-doesnt-work/)


  • Fix an issue that did not show slides with only video content in the frontend


  • Update WordPress compabitility to 5.3


  • Update WordPress compabitility to 5.2.4


  • Small style bugfixes


  • Small style bugfixes


  • Add admin page with tutorials


  • Increase compliance with WordPress plaugin naming conventions
  • Reduce possible interference with other plugins


  • Update the readme to mirror all updates


  • Fix a bug with vertical align and refactor code
  • Fix a overflow bug in the editor that showed a scrollbar when not needed


  • Remove left, center, right align


  • Add vertical align option to the WordPress slider and to carousel slides


  • Compabitility with cutting edge features in Gutenberg 2.6.0
  • added a LICENSE


  • rewrite of UnitButton Component


  • possible fix of a recursive error in the react component


  • increase WordPress compabitility to 5.2.3


  • add an option that allows to hyperlink your slides


  • update demo video + small bugfixes
  • fixed a bug with the slider height


  • fix unwanted slider height changes introduced in 2.6.0


  • fix migration errors that occured in 2.6.0


  • allow to set fixed slider height in pixels (px) besides the option to set it relatively to the viewport height.


  • update description
  • fix linter errors
  • fix error with dragging slides


  • update description and wrong links


  • fix an issue that did not allow custom class names


  • add inner block background color for easier visual grepping


  • remove blinking of the slider when fade mode is set


  • Improve fade Transition to fade more smoothly


  • improve fade transition


  • make user experience much better by preloading first slide


  • add slider a background color to show when loading


  • style fixes
  • change default spacing to 30px


  • add more image sizes to improve page loading speed – recommended plugin: regenerate thumbnails


  • improve ui and add introduction video


  • improve ui to show block inserter better


  • include dashicons on frontend


  • fix a bug with responsive image preloading


  • fix a bug with multiple sliders per page


  • include imagesLoaded for smother sliding


  • Reorder backend for better user experience
  • add arrow styles
  • add dot styles
  • fix image drop upload
  • fix error with old WordPress Versions without register_block_type
  • update icons


  • Increase user experience by fixing an error when dropping files on Gutenslider Block


  • Enable block alignment left, center, right
  • style inner blocks


  • Style inner blocks


  • Fix dynamic block frontend


  • Add sliding content mode
  • Make Gutenslider a dynamic block


  • Update Styles for more default block integration (twitter, soundcloud, spotify, youtube)
  • Update Readme


  • Block Deprecation now works, removed unneeded scripts, smaller size


  • First Version