IBANTEST for WooCommerce


** IBANTEST for WooCommerce ** extends WooCommerce by the payment method direct debit including (optional) validation of the entered IBAN.
It helps to avoid incorrect IBAN entries and return debits.

To use the full functionality of IBAN validation, an account at IBANTEST with credits is required.
Create your IBANTEST account now and receive 100 credits for free (there is neither an annual fee nor setup costs).
We also have a fair usage feature: same IBAN validations within 15 minutes are charged only once.

Please have a look at our IBANTEST info page or try it at
IBANTEST WordPress Demo


  • Direct debit payment for WooCommerce
  • IBAN / BIC validation
  • best usability with AJAX: finds the matching BIC for the IBAN and automatically fills the BIC field (not available for all countries)
  • fair usage: same IBAN validations within 15 minutes are charged only once.
  • Export SEPA Direct Debit XML
  • Encryption of IBAN, BIC and account holder
  • saves (encrypted) bank account data in the user account for the next order
  • SEPA Mandate generation and handling
  • show only defined number of IBAN-chars in admin order view
  • supports WooCommerce Subscriptions

Do you want to report a bug or improve IBANTEST for WooCommerce?

GitHub repository.


  • Plugin settings
  • SEPA creditor payment information
  • SEPA-Mandate
  • Hide IBAN characters
  • Admin order view with SEPA Direct Debit XML download


We recommend installing IBANTEST for WooCommerce through the WordPress Backend.
Go to the plugin-settings for configuration.


Juli 22, 2019
A service that is offered for FREE at every European bank and openiban on Github, I don't see this model working for the developer. I don't mind paying a flat fee to buy the plugin and possibly have an annual upkeep fee to get updates, but to change for queries, its a dumb business model and greed! the result is in the putting! 10 downloads since 2018 and were moving into 2020.
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  • WooCommerce 3.5 compatibility
  • WordPress 5 compatibility


  • WooCommerce Subscriptions support added


  • rename woocommerce-ibantest to ibantest-for-woocommerce


  • rename assets folder to files for deploy reasons


  • Initial release.