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This plugin extends standard woocommerce import products functionality and lets you import, not only from a local file, but also from your google sheet file which you store on your google drive and can be edited by any member of your store team.

Standard woocommerce import, that was introduced by woocommerce team since version 3.1, became a great plugin feature that lets you not use additional plugins and extensions for product import processes. However, if it’s a pain every time when you’re loading csv import files from your local machine, then this plugin is a great choice that lets you not to do it anymore. Just set your google sheet that you store on your google drive once and in the future you will only have to press the button „Import“ as usual. Plugin itself will pull the new data from the specified google sheet table.

Full instruction about plugin options you can find on our github plugin page or you can use shorter version with screenshots below.


  • Go to plugin settings and press "Get Code" button in "One Click Auto Connect" tab.

  • You will be redirected to google plugin application page. Please choose google account where you store your google sheet import file on google drive.

  • In the next page you need provide access "See and download all your Google Drive files." to plugin application.

  • Then you will be redirected back to the plugin settings page with your access code on it. Please press "Save Options" button.

  • If code valid you will see corresponding message and new select for google sheet title where you should to choose google sheet title that become your import file.

  • Sheet title you can find in upper left corner of your sheet on google drive.

  • That all. If you set all settings properly you will receive success connection message with link to standard woocommerce import page where you can process import products with your google sheet file.


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the Woocommerce Import Products Google Sheet plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Woocommerce Import Products Google Sheet Settings menu to connect your Google sheet and woocommerce import.
  4. Full instruction about plugin options you can find on our github plugin page


Where I can get „Google drive API client_secret json“ for a plugin settings

Instructions about plugin options you can find on our github plugin page
Also you can follow instructions on a screenshots above.


12. August 2021
Connecting to the Google Drive API to import a spreadsheet of all product information is so much faster than updating them one-by-one on WordPress. This allows a quick connection to your Google account and product spreadsheet. The only error I've encountered was choosing to import products by both ID and SKU at the same time (just choose one).
26. Februar 2020
Hello, I tried various plugins for bulk edit and import Woocommerce products and only this one worked perfect. Google Sheets can import properly .csv file exported from Woocommerce products page. After edit table, you can import and update products with this plugin. You can match fields while import, so i think this way will work for other e-commerce softwares's product table files. Oleg Apanovich, thank you so much.
11. Dezember 2019
This is a good plugin, simple and usable... will help you keep a Google Sheet to update your products, you can share that sheet and keep an online inventory and import it into WooCommerce anytime.
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  • Fix – ‚One Click Auto Connect‘ Google API connect method and remove deprecated oob link functionality.


  • Fix – fix error with csv get functinality.


  • Fix – move plugin functionality to new Google v4 API


  • Fix – Php warnings with not stable google API library.


  • Dev – Add new google API connection „Auth Code“ method.
  • Dev – Add notice on product page if plugin setting do not set completely.
  • Dev – Add new system error notification.


  • Fix – Fix PHP fatal error on a log activity #9
  • Fix – Fix PHP warnings on setting plugin page.
  • Fix – Fix link to setting page.
  • Dev – Add WP v-5.6 and PHP v-8 compatibility.


  • Initial release.