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Infographics & elegant Lists are now easy to make with iList using dynamic, HTML5 charts and graphs. iList is first of its kind WordPress plugin to make Infographics and elegant Lists effortlessly directly from WordPress backend. Data visualiation is now easy! Build Dynamic, HTML & Responsive infographics (data visualizer) or elegant Text and Image Lists easily with embedded HTML5 charts and graphs. Display the infographic on any WordPress page or post with a short code for elegant data visualization.

iList is compatible with Gutenberg and other visual editors like elementor. It also includes a Shortcode Generator Block for Gutenberg.

This is a new way to create, curate and visualize useful contents easily and quickly and display them with elegant designs. Make elegant text lists, image lists or infographics that your users will love, bookmark, embed and share!

Not convinced? Check our starter guide on how to
make Infographics quickly and easily with iList under 15 minutes.

Tons of extra features and 65+ templates available with iList pro!
Upgrade to iList Pro Version for All Features!

You can allow people to cast votes for your list and infographic items. You can allow anyone to embed your infographic or list on their websites! As a HUGE added bonus this creates BackLink opportunities for you because each embed code generates a backlink to your own website with custom anchor text as you define.

Charts and Graphs with iList

iList supports creating and adding Bar chart, Line Chart, Polar Area Chart, Radar Chart, Pie Chart and Doughnut Charts. Making a chart or graph is as easy as eating a pie and allows you rich data visualization in the form of infographic. The chart creation and adding processes are fully integrated with iList. Google’s chartjs version 2.0 livrary is used to generate the charts. Chartjs uses the HTML5 canvas element. It supports all modern browsers, and polyfills provide support for IE7/8.

Who is it for?

Infographic maker iList is a must have plugin for you if you are a:

  • Blogger
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Curator
  • Marketer
  • Webmaster
  • Data Visualizer
  • Anyone with a WordPress website

iList Demos

Premium Info Graphic Template 19

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iList Features with Chart Demo

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Chocolate Infographic Template

Check out Demos of All Available Templates

What Can You Do with Infographic Maker iList?

Data Visualization- Create beautiful, elegant Infographic with Charts and Graphs, Text Lists or Graphics Lists easily by simply adding your own text and images and then selecting a template of your choice. Then show the iList on any page of your website anywhere.

  1. The Infographic or Lists are all dynamic and HTML – so they are fully SEO friendly.
  2. They are also Responsive – so readable in any screen size.
  3. Info graphics are embeddable – so anyone else can share them on their websites
  4. People can vote for each individual Infographics or List items – so your users can interact with them
  5. They are customizable for every aspect of colors and fonts

Starter guide to make Infographics with iList.

How does iList help you?

iList lets you make unique and responsive Lists and Infographics with any text and images or a combination of both (infographics) with HTML5 charts and graphs. This is the first WordPress plugin that lets you build HTML infographics with charts and graphs. Make an infographic list with text and images and select an elegant infographic template to show on any page of the website anywhere. The infographics are HTML and Responsive. The infographic templates are beautiful and you can just take a screenshot and share as an image should you want to.

iList Data Visualization Advantage

Making beautiful looking lists used to take a significant CSS knowledge. With iList you get nice looking List designs without any programming or design knowledge. Forget those old style boring List styles and layouts. This innovative and powerful, yet simple Infographics and List maker WordPress PlugIn allows you to create and curate comprehensive Lists with text and images with ease. Build Useful Lists or Infographics share with your website users; and let them share yours!

Possibilities are endless.

iList Features

iList, Infographic maker lite version, comes bundled with 20+ modern and great looking Infographic, text or image List templates that are fully Responsive, Masonry and integrates with your current theme easily. We are working on more templates to release soon.

The advanced embed feature allows other website users to embed your infographics on their websites, thereby increasing sharing and engagement on your own site!

Upgrade to iList Pro for More Features

  • Create Dynamic Infographics Easily
  • Shortcode Generator Infographic Block for Gutenberg
  • Create Elegant Lists or Infographics Directly from WordPress Backend
  • Create Dynamic Image Lists Easily
  • Create Dynamic Text Lists Easily
  • Create Once Use Anywhere!
  • Responsive, Editable, Animated
  • 80+ Templates in Total with New Templates Added Each Months
  • Upvote Individual List Item
  • Customize All Colors/Fonts
  • Use Predefined Fonts or Choose from 800+ Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome Integration to Easily Add Icons
  • Create Live Links from Your Infographic. Supports tinymce editor for description
  • Create Elegent Text Lists
  • Create Elegent Graphics Lists
  • Powerful Short Code Generator
  • Extensive Options for Control Over Display
  • Elegant Box View or Open Width
  • Defince Infographic Width
  • Custom CSS to Add Your Own Style
  • Upload Your Own Images
  • Link Image to a Custom URL
  • Visual Editor for Description
  • Assign Different Colors for Each Item
  • Embed option. Other website owners can now embed the useful Infographics and lists you create on their websites with a backlink to your own website. Great for SEO!
  • Create charts and graphs and add to your iLists with few clicks. Pie Chart, Bar chart, Line Chart, Polar Area Chart, Radar Chart, and Doughnut Chart are supported
  • Google ChartJS implementation with HTML5, responsive charts and graphs
  • iChart editor button that lets you create charts on any page anywhere – even without an iList!
  • Compare Two Lists
  • Show Percentage Bar
  • Priority Support

Upgrade to iList Pro Version now!

ShortCode Generator

You are encouraged to use the handy Short Code generator from your page Visual Editor bar. But here are the shortcode parameterd if you want to do it manually.

Shortcode Example
[qcld-ilist mode=“one“ list_id=“75″ column=2]

Available Parameters:
1. mode
Value for this option can be set as „one“ or „all“. Example: mode=“one“

  1. column
    Avaialble values: „1“, „2“, „3“. Example: column=1

  2. list_id
    Applicable if you want to display a single list [not all]. You can provide specific list id here as a value. You can also get ready shortcode for a single list under „Manage List Items“ menu. Example: list_id=“404″

  3. upvote
    Values: on or off. This options allows upvoting of your list items.
    Example: upvote=“on“


  1. After activating the plugin, create some lists. Create a new page or post. In the body section write this shortcode
    [qcld-ilist mode=“one“ list_id=“YOUR LIST ID COPIED FROM Manage iList Items Page“]
  2. Save the page/post and check the page in front end. You’ll see a nicely designed Infographic or List.
  3. Under the settings page in admin you can find the help in „Tabbed Category“ menu.


  • Example Infographic/List Templates
  • Create New Lists
  • Managing your Lists
  • iList Settings


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 2 Blöcke.

iList - Shortcode Maker


  1. Download the plugin zip file. Extract and upload iList in your wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. From the wp-admin panel goto plugins and activate „iList“
  3. Create an iList
  4. Create a new page and use the shortcode generator to embed the shortcode in your page.
  5. Publish and you are done.


Go to if you have any questions, need support, want a new feature or need to report a bug


Mai 2, 2019
Great plugin with good support! I will have to spent some time to work with all the features in this plugin, but you won't be dissapointed with the results. Quick, fast and clear response! Good job!
März 15, 2019
I downloaded the free version and had a little issue with how it looked on my wordpress theme. I contacted the support team and they promptly assisted me. After a few tweaks to the CSS, I had my infographic exactly as I wanted. I highly recommend this plugin
Februar 22, 2019
The free version of the plugin is basically worthless. The paid version must be good, but if you can't afford to pay for it, don't even bother.
Januar 13, 2019
Where to begin? I downloaded the free version to give it a shot, and nothing works. After pressing the "New iList" button and accepting the default, nothing tracks from the instructions from that point. From there I went to log in a support ticket for help, but the support system won't accept any tickets because the Captcha ("I'm not a robot") is broken. It seems like this is an abandoned product, at least the free version. Too bad, because the video teaser looks great. == UPDATE == I'm changing my review from one star to four. My original review was for version 3.1 which did not work. The author requested several screen shots detailing the problem, which I sent, and it was fixed the pretty quickly and released ver 3.2. I'm still not sure if I'll use this plug-in yet, but want my review to reflect the responsiveness of the authors in supporting the free version. The Review Title was also changed.
Dezember 5, 2018
Thank you for your quick response and solution to my problem with the plugin. It works fine now and I really like using it. I will use it on other sites that I build and will recommend you to others. Thanks again. Brian
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