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26. Februar 2019
The plugin seems to have issues with removing all codes/scripts when uninstalled through the back end of WordPress. Can you (author) point to where else the plugin installs itself so that one can do a complete, manual, thorough clean of the plugin? Because despite having been removed, it's being detected by plugin/wordpress information gathering tools which analyze websites. Please respond as this has ruined my website for months and I cannot solve the issue. Thanks.
29. September 2018
So far, I have not encountered any errors. This plugin works great. It is fast, easy to set-up and it does what it is supposed to do. Keep up the great work!
31. Mai 2018
There is no way to set how often you want the modal box to appear. That means it pops up every single time a visitor clicks a link and goes to a different page. On a blog, this is a nightmare. As the admin, even I found this annoying when testing. There needs to be an option to set how often the modal box shows up. Like only every 24 hours or X number of days. All you need to do is set a cookie for visitors. There's also no sample text a website owner can use when you go to the settings to set up the modal box. Most people have no idea what to put in the box and have to crib from other sites' language. That means including directions on how a user can whitelist your site. Most users don't know how. I was using Ad Blocker Notify Lite before but it slowed my site down to a crawl. I was hoping to replace it with this, but showing a pop-up window every time someone goes to my site or page or blog post is more annoying than any ads. Two stars for ease of use.
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