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JoomSport – for Sports: Team & League, Football, Hockey & more

JoomSport – for Sports: Team & League, Football, Hockey & more


Sport league manager for your league, sport tournament, team and club

Complex solution to build a sports web site. Developed since 2009 JoomSport offers the features essential for any sports site – sports league standings, sports teams with description and stats, players with their profiles, photos and personal achievements, fixtures analytics and match results with score and game details, and finally all this put into well-structured seasons and leagues.

READY solution for UEFA EURO Cup Statorium package! *Requires pro version

Check complete overview on JoomSport.com!
Check Statorium sports API service connected (pro edition)


  • Robust structure – allows you to create different types of Leagues with chronologically organized Seasons that consist of one or several MatchDays with Matches inside.
  • Einzelne und Team Turniere, mit denen Sie Einzelspieler und Mannschaften ausführen können
  • Responsive and professionally designed pages based on bootstrap framework
  • Team and Player profiles with comprehensive statistic
  • Round robin and knockout (pro edition) matchdays used in football, hockey and other sports leagues or tournaments
  • Venue page with maps and description
  • Extra fields that allows you adding more sport data
  • Persons to add information about team coaches, sport game referees and other personnel involved (pro edition)
  • Moderation von Team und Spieler (Pro Edition)
  • Match / Schedule generator (pro edition)
  • Flexible CSV data import (pro edition)
  • Integration with Statorium.com sports API
  • Integration with Mobile App service
  • and a lot of others…
    Check the full features list on JoomSport.com

Product Demo

View Pro edition DEMO

Complementary products

  • Statorium.com sports API integration. Helps to import public leagues data automatically.
  • Sport Mobile App
  • Sport predictions WordPress plugin
  • JoomSport Achievements – solution for such sports as Racing, Gymnastics, Athletics, Skiing, etc. It is based on structure where many players compete with each other simultaneously

Themes with integrated design

Professional Edition ist verfügbar

We offer fully functional commercial edition that delivers large number of extras and actually provides our development team investments to improve the product features significantly. Browse Pro edition demo or buy from our shop.

Sport JoomSport ist bekannt für verwendet werden

  • European Football, Soccer (e.g. Champions league, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, UEFA EURO 2020, English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga)
  • Ice Hockey and Field Hockey(e.g. NHL, KHL, AHL)
  • Volleyball (z. B. FIVB)
  • Rugby
  • American Football (e.g. AFL, NFL)
  • Basketball (z. B. NBA)
  • Futsal (known as indoor Football)
  • Darts
  • Handball
  • Billard
  • Snooker
  • Ping-Pong
  • Tennis (z. B. US Open, ATP World Tour)
  • Wasserball
  • ESport Spiele (Counter Strike, WoW, Fifa, Dota)
  • Schach
  • Rasen Bälle
  • Softball
  • Badminton
  • Golf
  • Martial arts (Karate, Boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, etc.)
  • Jede andere, wo es ein Spiel zwischen zwei Teilnehmern …

Features roadmap

Wir haben eine riesige Anzahl von Sport-Features geplant und wir hören auf unsere Kunden – nur werfen Sie einen Blick auf unsere Portal für Feedback zu Funktionen


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Our Global Goal

We are changing the sport industry by creating comprehensive software infrastructure for sport league management


  • Saisonwertung (Fußball, Fußballsport)
  • Matches schedule (football, soccer sport)
  • Match view. Main (ice hockey)
  • Match view. Box score (ice hockey)
  • Team view. Main (soccer)
  • Team view. Roster (football, soccer)
  • Team view. Player Stats (football, soccer)
  • Team view. Overview (soccer)
  • Season players list (soccer)
  • Knockout tournament, brackets (pro version, soccer)
  • Single Player view (chess)
  • Team Player view. Statistic (pro version, football)
  • Venue page (American football)
  • Widgets (Soccer, American football)
  • Plugin-Einstellungen
  • Saison editieren
  • Spiel editieren
  • Knockout Spieltag bearbeiten (Pro-Version)


Dieses Plugin unterstützt 1 Block.

  • Example: Basic


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Während der Migration von STD auf PRO werden alle JoomSport-Daten gespeichert. Nur für alle Fälle empfehlen wir vor diesem Betrieb ein Back-up machen.


30. Oktober 2023 1 Antwort
Hi there! Recently we have had an issue with the plugin, we are using it since 2022, but the support team solved it really fast. Thanks for your help! I invite everyone how need a plugin for football leagues (my case) to use JoomSport!
5. Juni 2023 3 Antworten
I have been using JoomSport as a sports league manager for my website, and I must say it is a comprehensive and feature solution. JoomSport offers everything essential for a sports site, including league standings, team and player profiles, fixtures analytics, match results, and more. It is an ideal choice for managing sports leagues, tournaments, teams, and clubs.
17. Mai 2023
I am using this plugin for a hockey league and it has has many features. The supposrt is also great. They’ve always gone out of their way to help. Thanks for a great plugin.
10. April 2023 1 Antwort
I use it for the European speedway leagues without any problems. The language file a little bit adapted and by the possibility of the additional fields the plugin could be adapted very far to a speedway league. I use it to manage a good 400 riders in 7 speedway leagues…I am satisfied 🙂 HB/ Bahnsport-Info
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

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* Added seasons drop down on season page
* Ability to add flag (season featured image) in live scores shortcode
* allow upload photos for team moderators option

* Ordering leagues in screen options
* Add live status for vertical view in matches shortcode
* Make default slug for matchday unique
* Changed how matches search behaves on calendar page

* fixed favorite icon in live scores shortcode
* save permalinks after plugin install to avoid 404 in some cases


  • departed checkbox for player on season related tab to maintain better squads


  • extra field added to matchday view makes it impossible to add matches – fix
  • PHP 8.0 compatibility – warnings fixed
  • pro version – save knockout critical fix


  • PHP 8.0 compatibility
  • Plugin install vulnerabilities fixes delivered!


  • Vulnerabilities found. Critical fixes delivered!


  • Minor fixes (paging in matches tab, warnings, notices, etc.)


version overview

Features added:
* The new live scores shortcode
* Complete the new aproach for team moderation via shortcode (pro version)
* time ticker for matches connected with Statorium data
* Team stats widget and shortcode
* Match title configuration – improve your SEO
* New icons for stats
* The ability to order matchdays within selected season – ordering applied for dropdowns
* Starting Line-ups, minutes, played matches stats added on team level

* Ice hockey. Minimum value in automatic game stage can be 0
* changed the default settings for image sizes
* CSS changes for selected items
* Deafult column orders in season, on team page in overview section
* 64-256 teams knockout view improved (pro)

Bug fixes:
* save shortname of the standings column
* paging in calendar
* tabs links


  • player stats view fix


  • matchday save fix
  • search matches fix
  • pagin fix


  • critical standings fixes


  • critical matchday fixes

5.1.6 – 5.1.8

  • vulnerabilities fixes



  • new team adding pending status
  • empty season player list with paging = all
  • (Pro edition) sorting h2h matches in fixtures
  • (Pro edition) RTL h2h block
  • all items filter in calendar paging
  • matchday shortcode CSS
  • (Standard edition) featured image feature greyed out


  • double save for match required to recount table bug fix


  • Menu visibility bug for new installations


version overview

Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.6.
  • Club oriented plugin – links for players – highlighted team only
  • Game stages with automatic player events division, applicable for penalty shootout
  • Integration with https://wordpress.org/plugins/logo-slider-wp/ So you can create team logos slider automatically.
  • New Matchday shortcode
  • Option: Disable featured image for team
  • 3 new options for match divider
  • The new date format added
  • Add ability to filter custom status matches in Widget and shortcode
  • add legend to standings shortcode as a column option

Changes applied:

  • Team Moderation fixed
  • Speed improvements for many JoomSport blocks and pages
  • H2H analytics now pro version feature
  • The new way to display horisontal matches on mobile
  • showing league name once adding season to menu
  • removed tooltips for speed reason


  • Many CSS fixes
  • RTL fixed
  • Sorting last 5 matches in analytics
  • Prediction blocks are not displayed when analytics is enabled
  • Changing settings in events
  • Remove notices on standings post
  • Box score is not displayed if extra field is assigned to the season
  • Missed div in Matches widget


version overview

Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Powerfull match fixtures analytics, Head 2 Head (Pro version)
  • The new match page design
  • Custom match status for match shortcode filters
  • Season options- Spanish ranking rules added

Changes applied:

  • Improved mobile views
  • Club layout design
  • Tabs naming changed


  • Person menu for other languages
  • Hiden image for team page
  • Match page speed issue


Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Improved SEO: new URL form method for season post
  • Improved SEO: add league name for season post name
  • Improved SEO: new URL form method for match post
  • Live match: update player events, lineup and substitutes without page reload
  • New design for player events block
  • Ability to add featured image for season post
  • Brazilian data format added
  • Gutenberg blocks support
  • Extra time score in a separate block on match page
  • Ability to drag and drop player events to order them
  • PHP 7.3.8 support

Changes applied:

  • Default list of columns once creating season
  • Add matchday name on match page
  • Sort standing legend by places


  • Do not show table for season with playoffs only
  • Minor CSS fixes
  • fix URL in help section
  • cleaned many warnings and notices
  • Match widget with group filter
  • Live status filter fix for undefined season inside shortcode
  • Safari support


Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Related stats, e.g. assists
  • Live status with special display on match widgets, Shortcodes and season fixtures
  • Live updates of the match page score without page reload for live matches
  • New default fields for player (short name, home country name)
  • New default fields for team (short name, Middle size name)
  • New system field „Player number“ that connected to season and team
  • New option to display player names all over the front pages
  • Flexibility to show different Team names in Shortcodes
  • Flexibility to show different Player names in Shortcodes
  • Flexibility to show different Team names in Widgets
  • Flexibility to show different Player names in Widgets
  • Ability to add match time in 45+3 format
  • The new way to display own gloas inside the player events block

Changes applied:

  • Integrated themes CSS
  • Remove column names if icon exists for player stats tab in player profile and on season player list
  • Roster image CSS improvement
  • CSv examples integrated (Pro version)
  • Show system player number next to the team name on player profile


  • Custom status to display on matches page
  • player events are not displayed on Match FE if minute is not specified
  • Deleted match is counted into Played matches for Player


Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Delete players and teams in bulk

Changes applied:

  • Scroll matches CSS
  • Integrated themes CSS
  • Roster image CSS improvement


  • Security vulnearbilities fixed. Update is highly recommended!
  • Played match stat counting for Substitutes


Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Playoff matchday – matches that are not counted towards standings

Changes applied:

  • Standings displayed without matches added
  • Standings CSS
  • Roster CSS
  • Integrated themes CSS


  • CSV import tool – extra fields import
  • Error on match page edit


Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Integration with soccer data API provider (Pro)

Changes applied:

  • Performance improvement for number of pages
  • The new Bonus points format
  • Roster CSS
  • Integrated themes CSS
  • Responsive CSS


  • Manual points on Match page didn’t work
  • Error on match page edit



  • Error on match page edit


version overview

Changes applied:

  • Significant performance improvement for all major pages
  • Player stats widget added to standard edition
  • SEO improvements
  • Styling improvements
  • Mobile styles improved


  • Delete matchday now will recount tables
  • Knockout 7 and 77 score issue (Pro)
  • Team overview – all matches are Away
  • Moderator without team can edit any match (Pro)
  • Using the selectors to enter a zero score messes the fixture up
  • Search on Calendar is not working for Mobiles
  • Matches order incorrect on Calendar once generated by Match gen (Pro)
  • Remove Team column from Player stats page for singles


version overview

Changes applied:

  • New icons set
  • Knockout redesign (Pro)
  • Player list ordering option
  • Countable events stats added to player list
  • Added Team column to player list
  • Shortened name for Rank column on standings
  • Logo for standings widget
  • Improved design of all matches shortcodes and widgets
  • Group by matchday on Calendar mobile view
  • Improved design for Calendar mobile view
  • Improved active tabs view in FireFox
  • Minor CSS improvements


  • CRITICAL HOTFIX (Pro) – WordPress 4.9.2 compatibility – Knockout delete function clears all season matches.
  • https links in link type extra field are not working
  • Removed inline CSS from matches widget
  • Group by in roster is not working when field is not displayed on player list
  • Removed non-functional registration button on season layout
  • Current form custom name is not applied
  • Custom shortened names are not applied for standings shortcodes and widgets

3.0 – 3.0.1

version overview

Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Persons (Referees, coaches, etc.)(Pro)
  • Display persons in roaster (Pro)
  • Ability to change slug (Pro)
  • Date extra field type for age, birthdays, etc.
  • Color legend
  • Default season columns
  • Date range filter for matches shortcode and widget
  • Improved design of ranking colors
  • Optional season hierarchy
  • Display winner in knockout tree


  • Empty season when no played matches
  • CSS-Stile Anpassungen
  • Enable search for players and venues
  • Display box score from deleted match
  • Season container fixes
  • Empty raw for players statistic in STD version
  • Box score is not displayed if not grouped by extra field
  • Master Slider plugin compatibility
  • HOTFIX – Compatibility with WordPress 4.9 – Matchdays saving.


version overview

Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Flexible CSV data import (pro edition)
  • Team Roster with group by ability
  • Player list shortcode
  • Matchday shortcode
  • Berger algorithm for Match Generator (Pro)
  • Extra field display in player list
  • Player stats shortcode moved to ST edition
  • Seconds for player events. Welcome Hockey!
  • Emblem for standings shortcode
  • Redeveloped shortened names for standings
  • Add columns to Squad list
  • Ranking colors for standings shortcode


  • Knockout match statuses issues
  • CSS-Stile Anpassungen
  • Box score and statistics views and blocs fixes
  • Matches widget and shortcode issues
  • Demo data errors
  • Season bonus points were not applying

2.0 – 2.0.2

version overview

Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Überprüfung der ST / PRO Features Pack
  • Box-Score-Statistik (Pro)
  • Redesigned player events statistic (Pro)
  • Demo-Daten-Assistent
  • Verkürzte ansprechende Namen für die Rangliste
  • Spalten zu Kalender hinzufügen
  • Umbenennen und Design von menüs
  • Match generator (Pro edition)
  • Ideen sammeln Widget hinzugefügt
  • Bearbeiten von neu gestalteten Spieler- / Match-Events
  • Andere kleinere Verbesserungen


  • CSS-Stile Anpassungen
  • Stage results filled for one side
  • Update link for pro ver.
  • Matches widget logic
  • 2.0.1 Regression bug – create season fix
  • JavaScript menu error in admin interface. If the new menu design loads ok on your site there is no need to update to 2.0.1 from 2.0.0

1.3.0 – 1.3.1

version overview

Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Basic moderation options – create sport teams or players, assign to season, create or edit matches (pro version)
  • Match-Datum, das auf der Seite für die schnelle Erstellung des Spieltags hinzugefügt wurde
  • Saisongruppen, die in Standard Edition verschoben werden


  • Fehlende Menü in lokalisierten Versionen
  • Sprachzeichenfolgen
  • Datumsformat
  • Ranking mit gleichen Punkten
  • Hervorhebung der Mannschaftsbeschränkung
  • Sprachzeichenfolgen Korrekturen
  • Standard Veranstaltungsort Bild
  • Veranstaltungsort in Listen
  • Gelöschte Spiele zählen nicht in Tabellen
  • Bühnen mit 0 Punkte anzeigen
  • Team-Seite – CSS-Änderungen im Logo
  • Kalender pagination
  • Zeigen Sie keine Tabellen für Knockout-Spiele

1.2.1 – 1.2.3

version overview

Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Improved translations
  • Disconnected team inside the match when changing match status
  • Hierarchical seasons
  • Use match results inside the groups from previous season
  • Complex matches in Knockout


  • Bug connecting player to selected season inside the team
  • CSS-Stile Anpassungen

1.0 – 1.1.0

Funktionen hinzugefügt:

  • Logos in Tabellenkürzel einfügen
  • Umgekehrte Reihenfolge für Heim-/Auswärtsspiele
  • Kompatibilität mit Yoast SEO-Plugin
  • CSS-Stile Anpassungen
  • Fügen Sie die Möglichkeit zur Gruppierung nach Spieltag in Übereinstimmungen Shortcode
  • Übersetzung kompatibilität
  • Kompatibilität mit Pro-Version Knockout-Turnieren


  • Fehlerfall der Saisonerstellung
  • Aktuelle Form für die letzten 5 Spiele
  • Spielereignisse nach den erzielten Minuten sortieren
  • Zeigen Sie keine Bonuspunkte und manuelle Punkte im Knockout an
  • Zeigen nicht die Spieler, die aus der Saison entfernt werden
  • Saisonfehler
  • PHP version error