KONTXT Improves WordPress Search


KONTXT™ improves search for both WordPress and WooCommerce sites. We use advanced machine learning and analytics to better understand the intent behind your customers‘ visit and use this data to present a better set of search results. Plus, we included
a Pinterest-style search results which has shown to better capture your visitors‘ attention and keep them coming back.

But wait– there’s more!

  • SEO tag generator for your blog articles (compatible with Gutenberg block editor)
  • Improved search results including masonry/pinterest styled template (instant on/off control on the KONTXT > Settings page after install)
  • Content and product recommendations widget (instant on/off control on the KONTXT > Settings page after install)
  • Supports language understanding for core WordPress functionality as well as popular plugins: WooCommerce, bbPress, Contact Form 7, and Gravity Forms
  • Customer journey path & flow analysis
  • Customer intent detection and analysis
  • Tone, Sentiment & Emotional analysis
  • Keyword extraction for Google AdWords optimization

How does it work? The KONTXT™ engine analyzes all search queries and customer’s interactions with your site and predicts their semantic intent („why are they on your site and what do they really want?“). It also applies advanced parts-of-speech and semantic slot filling techniques to identify the main elements of your customer behaviors.

Moreover, it detects the emotional content for each interaction enabling you to analyze your brand’s connection with your customers and plots the major journey points that your customers take across your site.


  • KONTXTscore™ :: your real-time brand sentiment metric-- like NPS but not intrusive

  • Journey analysis :: trace the origins and paths of your customers

  • Personalized recommendations powered by AI

  • Pinterest-style masonry grid search results template

  • Sentiment Analytics :: deep insights on how your brand connects with your visitors

  • Keyword tag generator for SEO


  1. Search for KONTXT in the WordPress Plugin Directory included within your WordPress installation or Upload kontxtInsights.zip to your Plugins
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress


Is this a free service?

Yes. This plugin is completely free for up to 4 weeks of data retention. We will offer longer time periods for fee later on. If you need consultation or enterprise-level support now, you may contact us: https://kontxt.com/more-information/

What is the KONTXTscore?

Your KONTXTscore is the overall analysis of your visitor sentiment. Unlike the Net Promoter Score (NPS), our proprietary algorithm passively considers all visitor interaction with your site, including views, search, reviews, and other inbound text-based communication. Use this metric to track your brand sentiment over time and to make decisions on how to best address your customers’ concerns.

What data do you use to enable this service?

KONTXT uses visitor event data from your core WordPress and installed/supported plugins (including Woo Commerce and Contact Form 7). This includes key pages, search input, cart/checkout events, and contact text. We do not use personally identifiable information and rely on an anonymous user ID for our machine learning training. Data is encrypted in transit and deleted within 7 days of plugin deletion.

Do you support GDPR requests?

You can make GDPR requests through our contact form located here: https://kontxt.com/more-information/

Why am I not seeing analytical data?

Make sure you visit the settings page and opt-in. This plugin will only operate after you activate it and then opt-in. Depending on how your visitors engage with your site it may take an hour or a day to start seeing insights. You can submit test queries on your front end site to kick start the insights process.

How do I get more people to use my search?

Search is the best way to understand the intent behind your customers visit. After activating KONTXT’s embedded search optimizer on the Settings page, you need to make sure your search box is prominently display, is large enough to write longer sentences, and entices your audience to use more than single keywords! If you need consultation on your user experience, you may contact us for advice.


4. März 2020
I use this plugin on InternetDJ and it has expanded the search results without having to muck with any WordPress internals or other apps. I also use the recommendations option. The analytics included are great, especially the journey analytics which is a unique view of our traffic. It has helped spot content sniping sources that skip our homepage.
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Minor charting upgrades


Minor bug fixes and improvements


Improved journey reporting event details & support for WordPress 5.4


Performance improvements for journey analytics


Introducing… filtering journeys by semantic intent; extended timeout for sites with higher traffic volume


New tag generator for blog articles compatible with Gutenberg block editor


Added a feedback loop for improving search results model


Introduced support for bbPress forum events and content analysis


Introduced masonry Pinterest-style search results template


Improved search optimization


Introducing search optimization powered by KONTXT machine learning; optimized journey analytics to connect inbound sources to goals


Introducing content and product recommendations powered by KONTXT machine learning


Reporting and performance improvements


Bug fix & improvement release; improved journey analysis UI, fixed keyword labeling; introduced ALBERT model for intent classification


Initial release