The „lgv-anmeldesystem is a registration tool, where people can register itself and optional modify or delete the registration at a later time by using the provided link in the
confirmation email.

Feature overview
* Every person is identified through theit email. For one event you can only register once
* The „lgv-anmeldesystem“ consists or a frontend, which uses see and a backend which is restricted to the logged in user, editor and admins
* The registration formular has standard fields like first name, surename, street, ZIP, city, telephone and email, it can also be extened with other fields
* As extensions you can use text fields, checkboxes, selection lists and numbers
* The number of registration can be restricted
* Is the registration limit reached, a waiting list can be created
* Also it is possible, that additional people can be added to a registration
* You can group events
* All registrations can be exported as CSV file


Dieser Abschnitt beschreibt, wie das Plugin installiert werden muss.

  1. Load the files to /wp-content/plugins/lgv-anmeldesystem or install the plugin directly via the WordPress plugins page.
  2. Activate the pluginvia the ‚Plugins‘ page from WordPress
  3. Go to Settings->LGV-Anmeldungen to adjust the configuration
  4. Go to Globale Einstellungen berarbeiten and change the values accordingly
  5. Create a page and embed the plugin by adding [lgv-anmeldesystem] as content of the page


Die gesendeten E-Mails kommen nicht immer an

The included mail program directly sends the email to the receiver.
Many provider do not allow such an email (e.g. Arcor).
It is suggested, that you install the plugin WP Mail SMTP.
With this plugin you can send emails via your normal email account. For this you must enter the details into the plugin or your code.

Link always goes to the main page and not to the registration

This happens, if you have placed the [lgv-anmeldesystem] into a different page then the main page.
To make the links work correctly, you have to set the „PageName“ in the global settings of this plugin to the correct path (e.g. „/different-page“).


Für dieses Plugin gibt es keine Rezensionen.

Mitwirkende & Entwickler

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  • Erstveröffentlichung


  • Vor- und Nachname RegEx kann nun mit einer benutzerdefinierten Fehlermeldung erfolgen
  • Bool-Werte können nun als erforderlich definiert werden
  • Hinweistexte sind nun in einem eigenen Stil (kursiv)
  • Allgemeine URLs sind nun möglich; Format: text


  • Hinzugefügt: Unterstützung für Zahlungsabwicklung (Bar und SEPA)


  • Hinzugefügt: Unterstützung für andere Startseite als die Hauptseite (nicht für „einfache” Permalinks!). Der Seitenname ist entsprechend in den globalen Einstellungen einzutragen (z.B. /extra-Seite)
  • Hinzugefügt: Support für Textfarbe; Beispiel: [color:#FF00FF)]Text[/color] or [color:red]Text[/color]


  • Einige Standardtexte sind jetzt in den Einstellung statt im Quelltext


  • Small warning correction in backend / support for WP5.3


  • Removed warning if multiple names are allowed and no additional name was given


  • Compatibility with WP 5.4


  • Compatibility with WP 5.5


  • Removed default email addresses


  • OptZip/Street/City allows now <=0 (do not show) / 0 (show and required) / >= 0 (show, not required)
  • Support WP 5.6


  • Support WP 5.7


  • Support WP 5.8


  • Added „PersonHeader“ config field (to display an optional header above the persons data)


  • Added „Copy“ button in backend


  • Small bugfix in backend UI


  • Support WP 6.0