Master Addons for Elementor


Master Addons for Elementor provides the most comprehensive Elements & Extensions with a user-friendly interface. It is packed with 50+ Elementor Elements & 20+ Extension.

Master Addons has amazing elements and extensions that will help you to create any type of landing page. Maximum Elementor Elements are highly customizable – you can customize margin, padding, typography, border, background color, hover effects, and many more.

Let me mention some necessary elements: navigation menu, carousel, blog, team member, toggle content, image hover effects, and image hotspot.

On the other hand Display Condition, Floating Effect, Custom CSS, Tooltip, Position, and more are Elementor Extensions.


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Every Addons has Extensive Customization Options.

Master Addons Overview:

To use Master Addons you will have to activate Elementor plugin in your WordPress first.

Here is the Download link for Elementor WordPress Plugin.

There are 10+ Pro Elements, 8 Pro Extensions & a lots of pro feature available to unlock 100% customization. All Star marked Elements, Extensions & features are available in the pro version. Without further delay let’s dive into the Master Addons Elements and Extensions list.

Content Element

  1. Animated Headlines
  2. Dual Heading
  3. Gradient Headline
  4. Advanced Accordion
  5. Advanced Tabs
  6. Team Member
  7. Team Slider
  8. Flipbox
  9. Infobox
  10. Blog
  11. News Ticker
  12. Tooltip
  13. Dynamic Table
  14. Progress Bar
  15. Progress Bars

Special Content Element

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Timeline
  3. Toggle Content
  4. Source Code
  5. Search
  6. Blockquote
  7. Changelogs
  8. Current Time
  9. Domain Search

Marketing Element

  1. Call to Action
  2. ⭐Restrict Content
  3. Counter Up
  4. Countdown Timer
  5. Pricing Table
  6. Business Hours
  7. Nav Menu
  8. Creative Button
  9. Creative Links
  10. Mailchimp

Image & Media Element

  1. Image Hover Effects
  2. Image Comparison
  3. Advanced Image
  4. Image Hotspot
  5. Gallery Slider
  6. Filterable Image Gallery
  7. Image Carousel

Contact Form Elements

  1. Contact Form 7
  2. Ninja Form
  3. WP Forms
  4. Gravity Forms
  5. Caldera Forms
  6. weForms

Product Compare & Feature Elements

  1. Comparison Table
  2. Featured Product

Extension by Master Addons

  1. Custom Breakpoints
  2. Particles
  3. Animated Gradient BG
  4. Reading Progress Bar
  5. Background Slider
  6. Custom CSS
  7. Custom JS
  8. Positioning
  9. Container Extras
  10. Mega Menu
  11. Entrance Animation
  12. Transforms
  13. Rellax
  14. Reveal
  15. Header,Footer,Comment Form
  16. Display Conditions
  17. Dynamic Tags
  18. Floating Effects
  19. Wrapper Link
  20. Post/Page Duplicator
  21. Glassmorphism
  22. Icons Extended
  23. Tooltips

5 Awesome Icon Library

Simple Line Icons
Elementor Icons
Ionic Font
Linear Icons
Material Icons

⭐ Master Addons White Label

Master Addons White Label Branding allows you to customize your Plugin name, plugin description, Plugin logo, Developer/Agency Name, Plugin Menu label, Plugin URL. Also you can hide the plugin option panel tab that is not required for you. White label branding is necessary for maximum agency owners who love to remove the plugin branding. Try this feature from Master Addons for Elementor Agency plan.

Use These Elements to Design Pages

Master Addons For Elementor plugin gives you access to the following widgets or elements

Animated Headlines

👉 Animated Headlines – Check out our free Animated Headline Elements. This addon lets you make any text stand out with different colors. Not only colors but also it comes with some pre-built Animation effects like Rotate, Typewriter, Loading Bar, Fade, Slide, Clip, Zoom, Scale & Push. It will help to create an eye-catching section, especially the hero section of your page.

Dual Heading

👉 Dual Heading – Dual Heading is a perfect Elements for giving your audience an interactive look at your content. This addon feature allows you to select two different colors for your headings and make them stand out in the document. There are two versions available for this element.

Gradient Headline

👉 Gradient Headline – Use this Gradients Headline Element to make stylish gradient text for your websites. You can choose different colors, and positions for your Headline in order to make them look great on all screen sizes. This is the best way to grab your reader’s eye without wasting time on coding.

Advanced Accordion

👉 Advanced Accordion – Present your Content in a discreet way to your audience with Accordion element. It can save space without affecting the content. It includes a drag and drop interface that allows you to quickly and easily add accordion elements with any number of QA (Question & Answer), or General information. There are unlimited customization possibilities to create a unique Accordion layout. With the help of Elementor Saved Section or Saved Page, you can easily create nested Accordion.

Advanced Tabs

👉 Advanced Tabs – This Tabs Widget allows you to add interactive content on your Elementor Page editor via drag and drop. It offers horizontal tabs, elementor vertical tabs, Responsive (mobile-friendly) tabs, and Tabular Tabs. Create nested Tabs as many as you want. With the help of the saved section feature, you can create Nested Tabs.

Team Member

👉 Team Member – Team Member by Master Addons has made it easier than ever to share your team members & design the layout in a creative way. You can upload a bio, Name, Job Title, Pictures, and social media handle for each member. This way you can give a face to the team that is making your business possible. You can pick a layout from our pre-built style and add text, images, social links and more. We’ve made it really easy to customize the style and make it look just the way you want!

Team Slider Element

👉 Team Slider – Introducing the Master Addons team carousel Elements. This widget makes it easy to showcase your team members with a carousel/slider that includes Name, Job Title, Image, Social URL, and arrow to navigate. You can also customize the carousel with your preferences. There are multiple variations available of the Elementor Team Carousel widget. You have to select the best team slider layout and input all data of your team members properly. In this way, you can easily arrange a nice Team Carousel or slider on the Elementor Page editor.

Flat & 3D Flipbox Element

👉 Flipbox – FlipBox helps you to deliver messages in a beautiful way with before and after effects. Flip box widget by Master Addons will help you to create amazing flip box content on your webpage. There is a lot of variation available on our Flipbox widget. Check all the demos of the Master Addons flip box widget.

Creative Infobox element

👉 Infobox – An easy way to create beautiful information boxes with your text. This widget can be used in a lot of different ways and it also offers a ton of design options. Great thing is that it doesn’t just fully customizable, but it comes with 20+ different box styles. With this info box widget, you have the flexibility to customize the Heading, Description, Icon, Color, Font, Text size, margin, padding, border, etc.

Blog Post Element

👉 Blog – The Post widget allows you to create a custom layout of your post and display it to your visitors. Grid post layout, List post layout, Card post layout, masonry post layout, and Custom Column-based post layout are available in this post element by Master Addons. You can select any post type and display them on your page. Also, there is a feature to create a filterable post page based on category.

⭐News Ticker Element

👉 News Ticker – Do you like to add a highlighted section with popular posts on your blog? Here Master Addons will fulfill your demand. Newstickers element will help you to set popular posts in your blog. Not only for popular posts, you can customize the filter criteria and showcase your desired post, or post type. It offers RSS Feed to showcase content on the newsticker. You can change the newsticker widget label text, Title, Showcase post thumbnail, highlight words, show date, and specify the height too. Also, this news ticker comes with multiple animations and you can also control the animation interval and speed. Select your desired post type on post query then select category or tags whatever you like. You can also limit newsticker items and order them on DESC or ASC.

Tooltip Element for Text, Icon, Image

👉 Tooltip – Give your website visitors more knowledge and offer them more information about any topic with the Advanced tooltip. When you enable the tooltip, you can set the position, arrow & animation of it. You can also set whether it’ll show up when someone hovers over something or clicks on it. You can add Image, Text, and Icon as tooltips. If you like to add tooltips in the elementor section or any elements then you need to use Master Addons Tooltips Extension. With the help of the Tooltip element, you can only define image, text and icon.

Dynamic Table

👉 Dynamic Table – If you are not a Developer, designing the perfect interactive table for your data can be difficult. This free Table widget will help you to design any type of Table in Elementor page editor. It is an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that automatically creates responsive tables for you. You can customize your table with lots of different options including borders, colors, columns, and sub columns. Moreover, you can add images and icons to your table, which makes the tables more readable.

Single Progress Bar or Skill Bar Element

👉 Progress Bar – This widget lets you create animated progress bars. Progress Bar widgets allow you to display stats in a fun & functional way. This widget offers various ways to style stats like % or numbers, and comes with four pre-designed styles. These skill bars styles are line, line bubble, circle, & fan. You can customize the title color, front bar color, back bar color, value color, and typography too.

Group of Multicolor Progress Bar Element

👉 Progress Bars – Whenever you like to showcase multiple progress bars, you need this addon. This Addon will help you to showcase a group of progress bar elements in a creative way. You can use multiple colors for different skill bars and change the typography style too. Align the progress bar percentage, color, typography and padding to create a perfect skill bar.

Special Content Element for Elementor

Table Of Contents

👉 Table of Contents – This is a free Table of Contents elements by Master Addons. It will help you to showcase your blog posts in a table view. This way you can quickly browse through the headlines and read any article without having to scroll down. TOC plugin by Master Addons is easy to customize. You can hide any specific headline from Table of content too. This Elementor addon will fulfil your desire for Table of Content and will help your reader to enjoy your content.

Custom or Post Timeline Element

👉 Timeline – This free Timeline widget will help you to design a custom timeline. You can add as many items as you need in this timeline addon. Generally people use a timeline to create a roadmap. But that’s not the only use of the Timeline. You can use this Timeline elements for any step by step guideline too. Also it has the post timeline selection option. If you want to showcase your post’s in a timeline view. This addon will allow you to set your timeline in a horizontal and vertical layout. The timeline slider addon will help you to input all of your necessary content without taking too much space. You can control the timeline carousel animation, arrow, style, color, margin, padding and many more.

⭐Toggle Content to Create switcher Section in Elementor

👉 Toggle Content – A premium content toggle addon that comes with Elementor Content switcher widget. Master Addons pricing page is designed with this Toggle Element. You can arrange an Elementor saved template or section to assign for Toggle element content. Also, you can simply input text, image, icon, video in Toggle content element. Generally most of the people use this Elements on Pricing Page (Price Switcher). Whenever you like to showcase monthly and yearly pricing , you will need this Toggle content extension.

⭐ Source Code to highlight code in your post or docs

👉 Source Code – Elementor Source Code Widget is a wonderful way to insert code in your documentation or tutorial posts. It’s a quick way to display codes on the page via Elementor Editor. Source Code addon by Master Addons supports 70+ different languages and has 9 different source code themes to make your page more attractive. You can easily enable the copy button for this Source Code element and also enable line number too. Set the “Copy“ button visibility if it’s necessry for you. As it’s a 100% customizable addon, you can change the button text, after copied button text, typography, color, and many more.

Add Search Form or Popup

👉 Search – Search element by Master Addons is an easy way to create a custom search bar for your users, with just a few clicks. This elements is great if you want your visitors to find the right content quickly by searching for any of their favorite blog categories and other criteria. It comes with 2 different types. First one is general Form search and second is popup. You need to select an icon from the elementor icon library and whenever someone click on your icon, it will show a popup search bar. You can also customize the search bar popup content too.

Creative Blockquote

👉 Blockquote – Wondering to display someone’s Quote in your Post, Page, or Docs? Blockquote elements by Master Addons will help you on this. Blockquote is a necessary extension that has the ability to present quotes in a creative way. You can customize the typography, color for this blockquote addon plugin. There are simple color and gradient background type available for the blockquote element. Align the text, Change color, Customize the border for this element to create an awesome blockquote section.

Changelogs elements

👉 Changelogs – It’s necessary to release updates for digital products like WordPress Plugin. Here Changelogs module will help you to arrange your fixings in a nice way. This Changelog element by Master Addons is fully customizable and you can change the color, font size, typography, border, whatever you want. People always love to check the changelog page for WordPress Plugin or any other digital product. With the help of Changelog extension, you can easily create a special changelog page and update it frequently for your visitors.

Current Time based on WordPress Configuration

👉 Current Time – This elements will help you to showcase the exact time based on your setting. The maximum newspaper or magazine blog needs this feature. They like to showcase the current time to their visitors. With the help of Current time element, you can do it without coding. Also, it offers different types of style and time variation. Using the Date time format example, you can showcase or Hide Date, Year, Month, Local Time on the Elementor page editor.

⭐Domain Search

👉 Domain Search – Domain Search element is a useful tool for those website owners who like to run their Domain hosting service or likes to work on affiliates under any existing Hosting company. Master Addons Domain search element will help you to configure domain search system on any landing page. Just drag and drop the Domain search module and you are ready to customize it. You can change the Submit button layout, Icon, Customize the default text notification and more. Overall this Domain search element is enough to start your journey.

Best Marketing Element for Elementor Page builder

Best Call To Action Element

👉 Call to Action – It will encourage your visitors to make decisions and by this way you will get more leads. The Call to Action button is a brilliant marketing addon for anyone using Elementor. It includes a wide range of design styles and layouts so you can customize them to suit your website. This also lets you add CTAs throughout your site, ensuring that visitors are directed to the content they want with just one click. You can also use this Elementor Call to action module for something more like giving people access to your special offer’s or features and products. By this way, you are able to generate more clicks and leads.

⭐Content Locker Element

👉 Restrict Content – Restrict content elements is a very creative feature developed by Master Addons. It will help you to lock your special content on your landing page. This content restriction extension comes with different types of conditions like password locker, User Based locker, age based condition, Math captcha. Now you can easily protect your content from unwanted traffic. Also the customization of this Restrict Content element is huge, you can change layout, color, typography easily. Not only this but also you can define a popup locker for this Elementor Content locker element.

Counter UP addon

👉 Counter Up – This is a free Counter up widget by Master Addons. You can use this Counter element to showcase your business statistics and more fun facts on your Elementor based Website. It’s easy to design Counter up in your landing page. Just drag and drop the Counter up element by Master Addons and you are ready to go. There are different types of layout available in this counter up element. You can define the icon position and add suffix & prefix to stand out your counter box.

Countdown Timer Element

👉 Countdown Timer – This attractive countdown widget lets you display a countdown clock and can help reinforce marketing campaigns or promotions. Add an countdown widget to your site that will remind your customers about the upcoming discount or news. You can set the timer for when the event begins, and can use this to prod them into taking certain actions before the event ends. This Countdown addon will boost your marketing strategy and will help you generate more action. It is a 100% customizable element, you can define the date, select which value you like to showcase in your page editor or website. Set the alignment and style based on your content.

Pricing Table

👉 Pricing Table – Pricing Table element by MA enables you to create a beautiful pricing table with lots of customizations and slick appearance. Also it has a Toggle Content element, which will help you to create switchers in pricing table. With this pricing table addon, you have a huge opportunity to create stunning pricing tables to manage our products pricing pages. This Master Addons element comes with tons of customization possibilities that is enough to create any type of creative Pricing table. You can take a look at our pricing table demo page. We’ve created a lot of demos for your inspiration. In this pricing table addon you will get multiple layouts, if you like to switch the layout then you are one step away only.

Business Hours Element

👉 Business Hours – Who doesn’t want to see a tabular form of the business hours? If you are running your website on Elementor then it’s hard to create section and inner section to arrange business hours section. With the help of our Business hours element, you can easily achieve your goal. The customers will be able to know when your business is open or not. This business hours widget is easy to work with. You can add this element in anywhere in your website. With the help of our Header Footer builder by Master Addons, you can add this business hour widget in footer area too. By this way, it will be applied to all of your pages dynamically. This Business hour’s widget come with 5 design preset and custom business table. That means you are free to arrange any type of content within the business hours element. If you have a booking system then just enable button and set your Booking URL.

Navigation Menu Element to Design Header & Footer

👉 Nav Menu – This is a free Nav Menu widget by Master Addons. This menu addon will bring live to your Website header. Customization of this Nav menu element is super easy then before. Whatever you customize you can see it on live. This menu addon offers Mobile Menu, Drop down menu, Responsive Nav Menu, Create hamburger menu (Choose icon yourself), off canvas menu, and more. You can define hover effects on this nav menu element. Using this nav menu element, you can design Elementor mega menu from appearance>Menus too. There are different types of off-canvas system, select the best one for your use.

30+ Creative Button

👉 Creative Button – Would you like to create a more appealing design for your website by using Custom made Elementor buttons element? A button is necessary to create Call to action and redirect your visitors to the right page. With the help of Maste Addons button element you can customize it on your way. This button addon comes with a 30+ special button hover effect and before and after text. Create emotion with our creative button widget and generate leads. Don’t forget to check our Creative button demo to get more ideas on its design.

20+ Creative Links Element

👉 Creative Links – Master Addons introduced Creative links elements to the world. Always Using the Creative button is not a good idea, creative linkes is necessary sometimes. With the help of Creative links addon, you can input some eye catching text and link it to your desired page. Add some effects for your links to a website using the Master Addons creative Animated Link widget. This widget has plenty of hover effects that you can use on your website’s links. The animated creative link addon is perfect for when you want to add a little animation to your website’s text.

Mailchimp Element

👉 Mailchimp – Add your Mailchimp Forms to the page editor with Master Addons Mailchimp Widget. By default you can’t input any Mailchimp form inside your page, but with the help of Master Addons Mailchimp form element, you can do it and customize it. Not only this but you can easily select your mailchimp email collection list with the help of this Mailchimp element. You don’t need the pro version to work with this addon. With the help of the default Mailchimp plugin, you can create a form and insert that form inside your page via the Master Addons plugin.

Best Image & Media Element for Elementor

20+ Unique Image Hover Effects

👉 Image Hover Effects – Don’t you think sometimes it’s necessary to put a title and description of your image? If you want to give your website’s images some added flair, try this Image Hover Effect Widget by Master Addons. It provides 20+ customizable hover effects. This doesn’t mean you are stuck within this 20+ pre built image hover effects style. You can customize each style and apply multiple filters to create different types of effects based on your creativity. Image hover Effect is a great way to make your site more interactive. If you want to capture your visitors attention, you will need the Image Hover Effect widget in your Elementor widget library. If you’re thinking about testing it out, be sure to check out their demo page.

Image Comparison Element

👉 Image Comparison – Do you like to showcase before and after photos in your website? If you are a photographer, Editor, Designer this image comparison elements is for you. The image compare elements will help you to add before and after photos with ribbon text too. Not only this but you can set horizontal and vertical layout, change the label color, set border, control mouse move and click, and many more. Our image comparison widget will compare your two images Old Vs New in a visually appealing manner. It has perfect resolution and will be able to recognize any major changes in the product. You can check what you are doing in the live elementor page editor, try to customize whatever you want and then check the image comparison section properly before updating your page.

Advanced Image Element

👉 Advanced Image – Do you like to display different image on hover? If yes, then Advanced Image element is for you. You can easily set a different image on hover using this element. You can also set ribbon for your image, then select the ribbon style for this advanced image element. Finally you have to select the advanced image ribbon position and ribbon size. You will have the following setting in this Advanced image addon : lightbox effect, image alignment, 5 Preload image effect, image tilt effect, & colorized shadow. After creating an Elementor advanced image, you can easily define the color, font size, typography from the style tab.

Image Hotspot element

👉 Image Hotspot – The image hotspost is a great asset for your website if you want to point out specific places or offer more information from an image. You can use it for many purposes, like highlighting a product or explaining different stuff from an image. You can also customize the image hotspot appearance according to your site’s design and content with the help of this hotspot settings panel. Our image hotspot element allows you to create unlimited hotspot and drag and drop the hotspot to their desired position. Also, our image hotspot tooltip has 2 variations, it can be triggered on click or on hover. You may noticed many hotspot elements that their tooltip goes away when you move your mouse from the hotspot, but in this Master Addons image hotspot widget – it offers you what you prefer. You can keep your tooltip content though you move your mouse from the hotspot point.

⭐ Gallery Slider Element

👉 Gallery Slider – Gallery Slider addon is enough to showcase a group of photos in a gallery with a slider. Your all gallery thumb will be placed on top, left, right, or bottom position. You can define the position of the Gallery slider thumb. Whenever you click on any thumb the larger version will\ appear on the slider. You can control the gallery thumb column from the gallery slider settings panel. Also there you can define image size, custom url and caption for this gallery slider extension.

Filterable Image Gallery Element

👉 Filterable Image Gallery – You can easily showcase your recent photos, memories, events etc on your Website using Gallery element. But when it comes to presenting your work in a filterable way, the general Elementor Gallery addon is unable to meet your criteria. Here Filterable image gallery elements come, you can create different labels and categories here then upload your images on specific labels. You can also set label name & description on this filterable gallery widget. If you think you need to redirect your images to a new link, then you can do it too. Also by default your all filterable gallery images will open via popup. There is a option to hide filter navigation also you can hide “All“ from the filter nav menu.

Image Carousel Addon

👉 Image Carousel – Image carousel widget is a great way to showcase your photos and keep your visitors interested in curiosity on what image will be the next. The image carousel widget automatically adjusts to the width of its container and has a lot of options that allow you to create anything for an Awesome image carousel. You can hide image carousel arrow from a mobile device, it will give you some extra space. There are a total 6 types of navigation available on image carousel addon. Enable to disable scrollbar, set arrow position, sect next previous icon and many more controls available on this element. There is an option called carousel settings – here you can define slides per column, layout, height, autoplay speed, slides to scroll, grab cursor, drag free mode, loop, observer and so on. Make sure to explore this Image carousel demo.

** Product Compare & Feature Elements**

⭐Product Comparison Table Element

👉 Comparison Table – Elementor pricing table is not enough to compare different products features and pricing. This Product Comparison element comes with a lot of handy features to satisfy your needs. You will get 4 Product Compare layouts and be able to add a maximum of 6 products in a single comparison table. You can insert product title, price, features using this element. One more thing, you can add unlimited features and also select Yes/No checkbox or any custom icon or text variation. Don’t forget to check our Product comparison table demo to learn how actually this feature works. If you are an affiliate marketer and like to showcase some related product on your blog post or page, then this product comparison element will satisfy you.

⭐ Featured Product Element

👉 Featured Product – Featured product element comes with 3 different creative layouts. You don’t need a plugin like WooCommerce to showcase your products. If you have a few products then this element will help you to display the products to your visitors. You can also use this ** Featured product element for Affiliate products**. The eye-catching design will attract your visitors and maybe you will grab more sales. You must check the Featured product demo to get some inspiration.

Elementor Form Elements

Contact Form 7 Element

👉 Contact Form 7 – Contact Form 7 addon will help you to add existing contact forms inside your any page or post via elementor page editor. It’s too hard to design contact form 7 layout with Custom CSS code. This contact form 7 element will solve the problem. Now you can easily design your existing form in elementor page editor. You can change the layout, typography, margin, padding, border, background color, text color, and so on. This elements comes with 10 unique contact form 7 (CF7) variations. Feel free to enjoy the demo and documentation by Master Addons and you will learn what you can do with this CF7 Element.

Ninja Form Element For Page Builder Plugin

👉 Elementor Ninja Form – With Ninja Form widget you can insert forms created with the popular Ninja Forms plugin. There’s a number of options to configure the styling of these fields to make sure they look their best on your website! This Ninja form addons is the best solution for all ninja forms users. You don’t need to get the pro versions of Ninja Form to work with this element. This ninja form element will work fine with both free and pro version of ninja form. You can design your Ninja form via this element. There is an option to change color, typography, margin, padding, border, box shadow and many more for this Ninja form builder element.

WP Forms

👉 WP Forms – WPForms is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create beautiful looking forms for your website. It is an easy-to-use and powerful form builder that works on WordPress. But it’s not easy to customize WP Forms via Elementor page builder. Master Addons Developed an element called WP Forms element. With this addon, you can easily customize WP Forms layout, color, typo, margin, padding, etc without any technical knowledge.

Gravity forms element

👉 Gravity Forms – Gravity forms are a powerful tool for collecting information and creating different type contact forms. However, they can seem a little plain in their default format. With the Master Addons plugin, you can customize the appearance of your Gravity forms to match your needs and brand. The Gravity forms is a premium plugin but the customization is not so easy for all users. If you are an Elementor user then editing Gravity Forms via editor will be awesome for you. Here Master Addons introduce Gravity forms element. With the help of this gravity forms addon, you can easily customize your full gravity form including typography. This Gravity form is so powerful that it allows you to change the default color, margin, padding and other CSS tweaks from the editor.

Caldera Forms

👉 Caldera Forms – Caldera forms are a great way to collect feedback, ideas, and input from your audience. The challenge is that Caldera Forms doesn’t have a drag-and-drop editor like the Page Builder in WordPress. Good news is with the help of Elementor Caldera Forms element you can customize the form in a very creative way. Without the Caldera Forms element you can customize the Caldera Forms too, but you must be expert in CSS. using this elements, you can easily customize everything including margin, padding, typography on the page editor.

weForms For Page Builder Plugin

👉 weForms – Just like other forms, if you are a weForms user – then you can easily change the layout for your form using this weForms element. You don’t have to be extra creative to customize forms. You can select our pre-built form style for weForms element and update your page. If you want to retouch our pre-built layout then you can easily customize whatever you need via elementor page editor.

Best Elementor Extensions by Master Addons

Custom Breakpoints

👉 Custom BreakpointsBreakpoints are used to optimize your website for different devices and sizes. They can be used to change fonts, hide or show content based on the viewport width, and center or align elements. With this Custom Breakpoint extension, you are able to add unlimited device width as breakpoint. You can design your website for large screen, mid screen, laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet and so on with this Breakpoint extension. For example, your website Heading could be displayed at 95px on desktop, 65px on tablet or 35px on mobile. This Custom Breakpoint extension now includes additional breakpoints in Site Settings.

Particles Effect For Elementor – Polygon, Snow, Nasa

👉 Particles – Particles extension comes with a predefined effect like polygons, nasa, snow, and effects. Also this particle extension has a lot of customization possibilities. You can define the number of particles, color, speed, size for your particles. Try this particles and create an attractive section for your landing page.

⭐Animated Gradient Background for Section or Column

👉 Animated Gradient BG – Have you ever looked for a way to have a gradient background on your sections and columns? If so, then you’ll be happy to hear that there is now a way! With our Animated Gradient Background extension, you can create amazing gradient backgrounds for your Elementor sections and columns by adjusting the gradient angle and styling it with multiple colors.

Eye-catching Reading Progress Bar

👉 Reading Progress Bar – Reading Progress Bar helps to engage readers and encourage them to read the content till the end of the article. Reading Progress Bar has been introduced to make it easier for you to add a progress bar for posts and pages. In one place, you can control retroactively what settings the indicator should have. Using the Master Addons plugin, you can easily create and customize awesome Reading progress bars for any post, page or post type.

Transitional Background Slider with Ken Burns effect

👉 Background Slider – A free Background slider extension that allows you to add images as a gallery on the section or columns background. This Background slider addon comes with 25 Transitions and 10 Ken Burns effects. You can select Custom Overlay too or can select any 9 pre-built overlay templates. Control the animation duration to make your section background stand out to your visitors.

Custom CSS

👉 Custom CSS – Elementor is a front-end drag and drop page builder Plugin. With this free Custom CSS extension, you can quickly write the CSS codes for a specific device. All you have to do is enable Custom CSS from the Master Addons extension manager.

Custom JS

👉 Custom JS – To create an interactive web page you must use JavaScript. Unfortunately there was no Custom JS field available for Elementor Page Editor. Now Master Addons for Elementor plugin brings this amazing Extension. You can easily input your necessary custom JS code in the Editor. After opening your post or page via Elementor editor, just navigate to Settings> Advanced option. You will get the Custom JS option there.

Positioning Addon for Any Element

👉 Positioning – What if you can place any elements or section anywhere in your Elementor page? With the help of Position extension you can easily do it without hassle. There are 4 types of positions available right now, Default, Static, Relative, Absolute. In the Editor, you can also define position for different devices too. For example, you can set a position for Desktop and another position for Laptop. This Position extension is enough to put your content wherever you need.

Container Extras Extension

👉 Container Extras – Overwrite the default Section & Column width/height with this Container Extra extension. This extension will help you to creatively arrange your webpage by defining your sections width and height. Now you can define the width in PX, EM, %, VW value with this extension. Also, with the help of position extension you can define the position of your Elementor sections. By using both Extension, you are able to create a nice landing page.

Mega Menu

👉 Mega Menu – If you want to create a mega menu, you can use the Mega Menu extension by Master Addons. It’ll help you create any type of megamenu which is impossible with default element items like the Menu. In addition, our Master Addons For Elementor plugin lets you design an easy nav menu specifically for your e-commerce site or blog. Our Mega Menu extension will allow you to create menus like Etsy, Estee Lauder, Evernote. The Mega Menu is the best solution for when you need detailed menus. it’s a groundbreaking item that can bet your customer’s attention.

⭐Entrance Animation Addon

👉 Entrance Animation – Entrance Animation is an awesome extension for creative minds and web developers who want to create an eye-catching animation on webpages. You can find pre-built animations for sections developed by Master Addons for Elementor Plugin. This Entrance animation Extension also provides a lot of customization, such as duration and delay, so the animations will be exactly what you want. There are a total maximum 100 different types of Entrance Animation available for you. You need to select your desired Entrance Animation style and update your page.

⭐CSS Transforms Extension to Translate, Rotate, Scale & Skew Elements

👉 Transforms – CSS Transforms is one of the highly demandable features. This CSS Transforms extension works for every Element. You can create a nice Transform animation by inputting Normal CSS Transform value and Hover CSS Transform value. There are **Translate, Rotate, Scale, & Skew CSS ** Transform properties available.

⭐Rellax Extension

👉 Rellax – Do you like to add a nice Parallax Scrolling effect on your landing page? Here Relax Extension comes. It will help you to set an awesome Scrolling parallax effect. You can set Speed, Percentage and also Z-Index property. Z-index in Parallax scrolling effect will help you to overlap multiple content or sections. Also, This Parallax scrolling effect extension works smoothly on responsive too. You can define multiple parallax scrolling effects for desktop, laptop, mobile devices. With the help of Custom Breakpoint extension by Master Addons, you can create different breakpoints too.

⭐Reveal Extension

👉 Reveal – Wait, have you ever thought to reveal your Webpage content using a nice transition effect? Reveal Extension by Master Addons can help you on this. You can select the content reveal direction on the Page editor. Not only this but also you have the control to select your content and reveal speed and delay. The final option is Color, you can define whether you like to use a flat color for this Reveal extension or Gradient. Select the best option that you prefer and update your page.

Header, Footer Builder & Comment Form Designer

👉 Header,Footer,Comment Form – We Developed this plugin with Header Footer builder included. Not only the Header and Footer builder but also you will get Comment form builder via Elementor Page editor. You can select different type of condition on this Header Footer builder like do you like to showcase the header on Entire site, or Singular page – If singular page then select which page, or archive page -if archive page then select your tags and category pages. You can dynamically set your Header and Footer too.

⭐Elementor Display Conditions Extension

👉 Display Conditions – This extension provides conditional display features. It allows you to present different types of content depending on a user’s behavior like browser, operating system, date range, etc. This extension helps you take complete control on what type of content you like to showcase for different types of visitors, by adding multiple conditional logic to any content. Each logic has its own purpose. This conditional logic display addon will help you to showcase exact content based on users. For example, you are running a Browser extension. Now your extension has two different variations – one for Google chrome and another for Firefox. With this Conditional display extension, you can easily create a Download button of your extension which will redirect chrome user to the Chrome store and Firefox user to the firefox store. You must try this Conditional display extension at least once to see the magic.

Dynamic Tags For a Dynamic Page

👉 Dynamic Tags – A Free Dynamic Tags Extension that provides you to arrange a dynamic landing page. Master Addons Dynamic tags plugin comes with tons of tags for Author, site, Archive, Post, Media and so on. For Example, you can dynamically showcase author bio and description under your desired page or post. This Free Dynamic tags extension is used by a lot of website owners. You can style your Dynamic Tags content via the page editor easily too.

⭐ Floating Effects for Any Elements

👉 Floating Effects – Do you like to enhance the beauty of your Webpage? Floating Effect extension can stand out your Webpage to your visitors. You can add different type of infinite floating effect animation to any Element. For example you can add Transform, Scale, Skew property for your any element via this Floating Effect extension. Just wisely define your animation value and update your page.

Wrapper Link Addon

👉 Wrapper Link – Adding links on a webpage is necessary to get more pageview from your visitors. With the help of Wrapper link extension there is no limitation to add links. You can add a link to your section, column, Any Elements, or even on an entire section that is designed with a lot of Elements. Don’t skip this Wrapper link extension by Master Addons, it’s too powerful to keep your visitors busy on your website. Wrapper Links can help increase click rates of your content on any site that is designed with Elementor. Wrapper Links are easy to apply and can be used on both native elements & third party Addons elements too.

Post/Page Duplicator Extension for Any Post Type

👉 Post/Page Duplicator – Have you ever thought a feature that allows you to duplicate your post or page? There are some post or page duplicator plugins which miss data from your actual page or post. With the help of Post Page Duplicator addon, now you can easily clone any post, page or post type within a single click. It supports all third party plugins post types like WooCommerce. It can clone your WooCommerce product data too. Using this Post page duplicator extension will save a lot of time for you. It’s really boring to design each post or page one by one, here this duplicator extension will work like magic for you.

Glassmorphism or Background Blur effect

👉 Glassmorphism – Another Free ** Glassmorphism extension by Master Addons**. Objects with a Glassmorphism effect can have images or colors behind them, but not completely visible. This is because there is always a blur in the background that prevents objects from blending together in Glassmorphism effect. This blurring can help make interactive features like buttons and menus accessible to those with a range of abilities, but also has the benefit of giving your design a sleek frosted glass finish. In Elementor you can easily do this via Custom CSS , if you have proper knowledge on how to work with ** Custom CSS.** This Glassmorphism extension doesn’t need any extra configuration. After installing Master Addons for Elementor plugin, you can easily create Glassmorphism effect on any element or section or column. Don’t forget to check our Glassmorphism demo from Master Addons website.

Icons Extended **5 Icon Library**

👉 Icons Extended – Many of you don’t want to stick with the default Font Awesome icon pack in Elementor Editor. Master Addons comes with icons extended feature. Here you will get an extra 5 icons library called Simple Line Icons, Elementor Icons, Ionic Font, Linear Icons, Material Icons pack. This icons pack comes with a lot of icons that is enough to arrange a nice webpage using Elementor page editor. These all icons work fine with any element that has an icon picker.

⭐ Tooltips Extension For Section or Any Element

👉 Tooltips – You have seen our Tooltip Element before, but this is our Tooltip Extension. You can insert a tooltip in any section, column, elements. No matter if you are using a third party Elementor Addon plugin. Our Tooltip extension will work on any third party elements too. You can insert tooltip content, define tooltip position, set tooltip height width, customize the tooltip background, change text color with typography and so on.

5 Awesome Elementor Icon Library

👉 Simple Line Icons: Input any icon from this Simple Line Icons library to your webpage. This library provides a lot of minimal eye-catching icons.
👉 Elementor Icons: I hope you are already familiar with the default Elementor Icons, enable this icon library and access to the default Elementor icons.
👉 Ionic Font: Insert some coll Ionic Font icon inside your page and make an outstanding webpage.
👉 Linear Icons: This icon library comes with some bold handy icons that are highly recommended for any online professional.
👉 Material Icons: These bold icons will attract your visitor’s intention when they visit your Website. Just enable Material icons and insert them on any page.

RollBack to Previous Version

Facing any issue after Updating Master Addons for Elementor Plugin? You can try the RollBack to Previous version, it will solve your issue. If you face this type of issue don’t forget to get in touch with us via our support forum. We Master Addons for Elementor team will provide you dedicated support and solve every issue. We always try our best to test Master Addons for the Elementor plugin in our server and then release a stable update. But if somehow it conflicts with your website you can use this Rollback feature by Master Addons for Elementor plugin.

System Information

Are you ever curious about your WordPress Environment, Server Requirements, PHP Extensions? When you debug your Website you must check your WordPress website configuration. Master Addons provides you with an extra feature called System Info. With the help of System info, you can check all of your website configuration data in one place. You don’t need to login your Cpanel or contact your hosting provider to learn about the technical configuration. You will see a cross mark in server Requirements, if your Website fails to fulfill Elementor and Master Addons demand. It will help you to figure out the exact issue of your website.

Upgrade to Master Addons Pro

Common Problems with Solutions:

Elementor not loading problem
– There are various reasons for Elementor not loading issue. For more details please check the Tutorial below.
Increasing PHP Memory limit from wp-config.php or php.ini file is simplest solutions. But there are others too –
View Tutorial

Why Use Master Addons For Elementor?

Easy To Implement

At Master Addons, we believe that building interactive pages should be easy for Elementor users. So, we have made adding any elements just a matter of a click. You just need to toggle the element you want to add, and you’re all set for adding it wherever you want in your page.

Built For Speed

We have created Master Addons with performance in mind. With Master Addons, you can load the exact elements you need on the page and not the entire script so the page load faster. We have taken extreme care to ensure there are no bloating of unnecessary codes which can slow down your website. And we’re continuously working on the development to ensure you get an awesome experience using our addon for Elementor.


The plugin is customizable by providing every element with lots of option to control every possible thing. You have the power to customize the blocks as per your choice.


The plugin does not allow messy code or extra asset which slow down your internet speed. It offers deactivation of unnecessary widgets to keep your site work smoothly.


We have an excellent and friendly support team for your assistance. Put your question in the Facebook Group or you can contact us directly via live chat and Support Forum.

Free Themes

We have added Eleven Themes within the plugin dashboard you can choose from so that you don’t waste time looking for
themes when you’re starting a project. All of our recommended themes work seamlessly with the Elementor page builder and Master Addons plugin. We provide continuous updates to the themes so that you get the best experience using Master Addons plugin. Simply, put Master Addons is the most complete Elementor add ons plugin that is on the market. We’re committed to making it the best addon plugin for Elementor. To make it easier for the users we have added a docs section. And if you still need support, there is a support forum where you can reach us.

Liked Master Addons Plugins?

Rate us on WordPress Forum 🙂

🏆 Master Addons For Elementor Customers Feedback

Professional, diverse layout options perfect for any site (useful free version):

‚Professional, diverse layout options simplify the process of building a website for any purpose. Both Free and Premium versions of the plug in offer a decent selection for useful and easy-to-use design capabilities that add to the credibility of any kind of online presence one may be trying to cultivate Useful, easy-to-use design capabilities especially for average users who have not yet mastered advanced technical skills. Intuitive designs have the potential to improve user experience and general website efficiency considerably, some of them adding previous non-existence functions and capabilities.‘


‚I highly recommend this application. I just experienced the BEST customer support by the Master Addons team. Super supportive and guided me all along until we resolved the issue through to completion. Looking forward to using the application and highly recommend it to anyone else who wants to purchase this app.‘

Great Features, Great Support and Fast Fixes When Needed:

‚I reported some bugs that I was experiencing with this plugin and within a matter of a day or so, they were all fixed and everything was working properly again. Great support experience for me. I would recommend this plugin because of all of the great features it has.‘

Master Addons is the Best Plugin for Elementor:

‚I am new to using Elementor and was searching for a few plugins that added more blocks in Elementor. I downloaded and installed Master Addons and I love the way the blocks look. Not only that they are so easy to use. Thank you for making this plugin!‘

Top Priority Add on for Elementor:

‚I would recommend Master Add ons for Elementor in number one place before suggesting any other plugin. It made my work easy. Thanks developers. Love you‘

Great Plugin and Insane support!:

‚I had some problems at the beginning with this plugin but the support reacts fast and is here to solve the problems with me. Very kind and fast support, therefore they will get five stars by me!‘


Support Forum
Join our Master Addons Community
Learn from our Tutorials on Youtube Playlist
Like on our Facebook Fan Page
Pre-Sale Questions

✋Want More –

If you like our Master Addons plugin then why not check some other plugins that developed by us:

🚀 WP Adminify: – The best WordPress Dashboard Customization plugin available in the market. With this plugin you will get 18+ modules like Dark Mode, Menu Editor, Folders, Dashboard Widget Manager, Login Customizer, Admin Columns, Activity Logs and many more.

🚴🏻‍♂️ Image Comparison for Elementor: – This plugin dedicatedly made for image comparison element. You will get a multiple variation for image comparison. Showcase your before after work easily with the help of this plugin.

🍡 Master Accordion: – If you are a default WordPress user and need a proper accordion plugin then Master Accordion is for you. You can add as much accordion as you need in multiple way.

🏕 WordPress prettyPhoto: – This plugin helps you to enable lightbox for your any media file, flash, YouTube, iframes and ajax. Just enable PreetyPhoto in your desired media file and you are done.

Upgrade Notice ==**


  • Master Addons - Accordion, Call to Action, Tooltips, Team Carousel, Flipbox
  • Master Addons - Business Hour, Image Hover Effects, Blog List Cards, Dual Heading
  • Master Addons control Panel
  • Image Hover Effects Element
  • before after Image Comparison
  • Filterable Image Gallery
  • Gradient Headline
  • Gallery slider widget


  1. Upload the Downloaded „“ Folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Or, UNZIP „“ folder and Upload master-addons on „wp-content/plugins/“ folder via FTP or Copy and
    Paste on your Local Computer
  3. Activate the „Master Addons for Elementor“ Plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress


Can I use „Master Addons“ Plugin without Elementor Plugin?

No, Elementor page builder plugin is required to use Master Addons Plugin. You must have Installed „Elementor“ Page
builder plugin to work with this Master Addons. If you forgot to Install or Active, you’ll see a notice for

How to Install this Plugin ?

Installation Process has been discussed on „Installation“ Section. Video Tutorial will help you about Installation
Process. Learn from our Tutorials on Youtube Channel

How to Configure this Plugin?

Basically, there’s no configuration required for using „Master Addons“ Plugin. You can Turn On/Off Add-ons you like on „Addons“ Section. It will make your website faster loading.

How to add Master Addons on Page/Post?

Navigate to any post or page which you want to Create/Edit with Elementor. Scroll down or search for „Master Addons“ Category. Click on that option and you will all Master Addons Elements. Just add the element you like and Customize it as like your own.

„Master Addons“ Installed but Not Working !

First, deactive Other „Addons“ plugin and try again. If nothing works then post on our Support Form(Link Mentioned above).

Is it compatible with any Theme?

Yes, it’s compatible with any WordPress Theme.

Is there any way to test Premium Features without Purchasing Master Addons?

Yes, we’re offering 14 Day Free Trial ( No Payment, No Credit Card, No Paypal account required) for testing all Premium

How can I get faster Support?

We’ve two ways to give Supports for „Master Addons“ Plugin – 1. [WordPress Support Forum](https://wordpress
.org/support/plugin/master-addons) and 2. Support Forum. Since, this is a Free Plugin, Support reply may delay for answer
but we’re Dedicated on our FB Page for chatting.

We’re adding new Features everyday. You’ll get regular Updates also !


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This addon extends elementor like no other addons can.
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Mitwirkende & Entwickler

„Master Addons for Elementor“ ist Open-Source-Software. Folgende Menschen haben an diesem Plugin mitgewirkt:


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Durchstöbere den Code, sieh dir das SVN Repository an oder abonniere das Entwicklungsprotokoll per RSS.

Änderungsprotokoll (25-01-2024)

  • Update: Security Bugs fixed (31-12-2023)

  • Update: Modula Gallery Plugin Conflict issue fixed (25-12-2023)

  • Update: Security update
  • Update: White Label Logo not updating issue fixed (23-11-2023)

  • Updated: Performance issue fixed
  • Updated: Admin Settings not working issue fixed
  • Updated: Popup notice not closing issue fixed (12-11-2023)

  • Updated: File name typo issue fixed (12-11-2023)

  • Updated: Admin Scripts updated

2.0.5 (12-11-2023)

  • Updated: Security Update issue fixed
  • Updated: Freemius SDK Updated
  • Updated: Notice not working issue fixed
  • Updated: Latest WordPress Compatibility
  • Updated: Latest Elementor Compatibility
  • Updated: Latest Elementor Pro Compatibility
  • Updated: Dashboard Welcome Widgets issue fixed

2.0.4 (11-10-2023)

  • Updated: Security Update issue fixed
  • Updated: Call to Action button „New Window“ not working issue fixed
  • Removed: Tag ‚p‘ removed from Advanced Accordion Title
  • Updated: Advanced Tabs updated with Tabular Content Alignment issue
  • Added: Bubble Line Position added on Progressbar
  • Updated: Stats Title Color and Typography not working issue fixed on Progressbars
  • Updated: Business Hours update with „Short Details“ style preset background image not working issue
  • Updated: Business Hours Sub Title Show/Hide option not working issue fixed

2.0.3 (06-07-2023)

  • Updated: Updated Freemius SDK to the latest version
  • Updated: Latest Elementor & Elementor Pro checked

2.0.2 (27-05-2023)

  • Fixed: Countdown Timer „Minutes“ typo issue fixed
  • Fixed: Master Addons icon on Editor alignment issue fixed
  • Fixed: Navigation Menu broken style issue fixed. Thanks @guitar4jc for informing about the issue
  • Fixed: Sourcemap file „“ not found 404 error issue fixed. Thanks @sneoo4 for informing about the issue
  • Updated: All icons picker codebase updated for – Toogle Content, Advanced Tabs, Team Members, Dynamic Table,
  • Added: Icon width on Style tab for „MA Advanced Tabs“
  • Added: Icon Header width, Icon Body width, Icon Header Color, Icon Body with and SVC Icon color on Style tabs for „Dynamic Table“
  • Added: Icon Color, width, border radius, background color updated for Logo Slider
  • Updated: Icon Color, Icon Width updated for Infobox
  • Added: Icon Width added for „Image Hover Effects“, updated CSS selectors for SVG icons for „Font Awesome 5“
  • Updated: Flipbox – Icon picker frontend code updated
  • Fixed: Flipbox – Back SVG Icon not resizing issue fixed
  • Added: Creative Links – Added Icon width option
  • Added: Creative Buttons – Added Icon width option and updated SVG icon color option
  • Added: Business Hours – Added Icon width option
  • Added: Business Hours – Added Icon Color option
  • Updated: Advanced Accordion – Icon library codes updated
  • Fixed: WP get_page_by_title() is deprecated

2.0.1 (22-03-2023)

  • Fixed: Call to undefined method Freemius_Api_WordPress::RemoteRequest() PHP fatal error issue fixed

2.0.0 (13-03-2023)

  • Fixed: Unsupported operand issue fixed on MA Blog widget
  • Fixed: Comment form field loading issue at backend
  • Fixed: Google re-captcha issue fixed
  • Fixed: Swiper Slider overflow issue fixed.

1.9.9 (26-02-2023)

  • Fixed: Compatibility check with latest WordPress and Elementor, Elementor Pro

1.9.8 (04-01-2023)

  • Fixed: Megamenu click/hover & width issue fixed

1.9.6 (13-11-2022)

  • Checked: Version Compatibility check with WordPress 6.1 and latest Elementor & Elementor Pro

1.9.5 (26-10-2022)

  • Fixed: „Datetime“ issue fixed on multisite dashboard error issue fixed

1.9.4 (18-09-2022)

  • Fixed: „Timeline“ addon – Date displaying twice on responsive mode fixed

1.9.3 (02-07-2022)

  • Fixed: „Infobox“ addon – default hover style visiblity issue fixed, removed duplicate settings and code cleaned up
  • Fixed: „Timeline“ addon – date displaying twice in mobile/table issue fixed, Date Format added for custom/vertical timeline date picker & logic updated for displaying post featured image.
  • Fixed: „Navigation Menu“ addon – Style issue fixed when Layout/Type is VERTICSL/SIDE.
  • Fixed: „Current Time“ addon – Name of the Month made translate able.
  • Fixed: Dynamic Tags deprecated hook updated
  • Update: „Background Slider“ addon – Added a new settings „Display Random?“ to display the slider iamges randomly on each page load..

1.9.2 (15-06-2022)

  • Fixed: „Advanced Image“ addon – Image alighment & Preload image issue fixed.
  • Fixed: „Gallery Slider“ addon – Thumbnail click issue fixed.
  • Fixed: „Navigation Menu“ addon – dropdown indicator, submenu indicator, indicator hover animation & Gap between issue fixed.
  • Fixed: „Counter Up“ addon – suffix, prefix & image display issue fixed.
  • New: New „Creative Button“ addon – added a new button style.
  • Updated: „Team Slider“ addon – added Socials network Icons – Tiktok, Youtube & Email etc
  • Fixed: PHP Fatal erorr fixed.
  • Fixed: „Welcome Screen“ php undefined issue fixed
  • Fixed: „Background Slider“ extension – overlay issue fixed
  • Fixed: „Swiper Slider“ addon – Arrow offset issue fixed
  • Fixed: Whole plugin text-domain updated for translation
  • Fixed: „Info box“ addon – css issue fixed
  • Fixed: „MA Timeline“ addon – php 8.0 issue fixed
  • Fixed: „Entrance Animation“ extension – not working (frontend) issue fixed
  • Fixed: „Gallery Slider“ addon – Thumbnail carousel display issue fixed
  • Fixed: „Filterable Image Gallery“ addon – massonry issue fixed.
  • Fixed: „Creative Button“ addon – Elevation button style issue
  • Fixed: PHP Warning undefined index issue fixed on white label
  • Fixed: Fixed typo on white label
  • Fixed: PHP undefined array key issue fixed
  • New: New Addon „Logo Slider“ Released
  • New: Added white label settings to remove MA Placeholder image
  • Removed: Timeline – Post Timeline „Date Source“ removed
  • Added: Timeline – Added Custom Label field to Custom Vertical Timeline.

1.9.1 (01-05-2022)

  • Fixed: „Info Box“ All style presets image show/alignment issue fixed.
  • Fixed: „Blog Posts“ addon’s List Layout Type > List Blur Content issue fixed.
  • Fixed: „Team Slider“ Content Drawer style not working issue fixed, Social Left on Hover icon design improved, Image border settings control added & Spacing control added for name,designation, dimension.
  • Fixed: „Nav Menu“ sub menu broken issue fixed on mobile.
  • Fixed: „Logo Slider“ Slides Per Column settings field added to contorl number of images to show in the slider.
  • Fixed: „Creative Button“ -Effect: Ujarak hover color issue fixed.
  • Fixed: White Label bugs for Welcome Tab issue fixed
  • Updated: Flipbox updated with undefined variable issue
  • Updated: Team Slider updated with undefined variables

1.9.0 (23-04-2022)

  • Fixed: Elementor Popup width issue fixed
  • Updated: Timeline scrollbar not scrolling issue fixed
  • Fixed: Image Hover effect popup icon issue fixed
  • Updated: Latest Elementor support and deprecated methods updated

1.8.9 (21-04-2022)

  • Fixed: Admin UI page tab menu responsive issue fixed
  • Fixed: Mega Menu – Default value added for newly enabled megamenu to show up builder content.
  • Added: Mega Menu – Dropdown menu width settings added to the Mega Menu Settings Popup.
  • Fixed: Mega Menu -Megamenu hover issue fixed, both mobile and megamenu was hovering at the same time.
  • Fixed: Mega Menu -Megamenu php error fixed, wrapped up by a conditoin if megamenu extension is enabled.
  • Fixed: Dual Heading – Text Alignment issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Team Member – Box Shadow issue not working fixed.
  • Fixed: Team Memer – Designation padding/margin issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Team Slider – settings „Shadow mode“ color not working issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Creative Button – „saqui“ animation efect on hover issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Info Box – style seven hover color issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Creative Links – Effect: Text Fill, Scale Down, Fall Down, Move Up broken issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Infobox – variation no 10th hover color issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Advanced Accordion – Content Color and Background Color not working issue is fixed.
  • Fixed: Progressbars – active bar color issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Image hover – effect popup not working issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Timeline – Enabling Links breaks the timeline issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Tooltip Tab settings/styles added to swiper controls.
  • Updated: Wrapper Link extension updated
  • Updated: Timeline – Vertical Timeline Enable Links breaks issue fixed

1.8.8 (09-04-2022)

  • Fixed: „MA Templates“ popup not working issue fixed
  • Updated: Admin Notices updated for Free and Pro users.
  • Fixed: Toggle Content broken HTML issue fixed
  • Fixed: Swiper Carousel Fixed „Carousel Settings > Paused on hover“ not working issue fixed
  • New: New Addon „Image Carousel“ Released
  • Updated: „Image Carousel“ addon – dyamic image Size made, Added Caption (Title & Subtitle ) Support on Lightbox(Fancybox & Elementor) popup, Elementor popup width fixed.
  • Removed: „Image Carousel“ addon – Image Fit settings removed
  • Fixed: „Image Carousel – Carousel Items > Active Tab“ style not working issue fixed. Other bugs – Dot position bug fixed, Arrows, Dots & Fraction style & position bugs fixed, Dynamic Next /Prev Icon, Scrollbar display issue fixed, Offset vertical/horizontal
  • Updated: Tooltips Extension library updated to latest version, compressed all supported files into one file
  • Updated: Tooltips Extension – Arrow type bug fixed, Distance issue fixed, Size settings removed, Manual Trigger programmatically added.
  • Fixed: Relax & Reveal display issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Mega Menu not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: Nav Menu Addon – Megamenu dropdown display issue fixed, dropdown hover animation, dropdown icon issue fixed, switching on hover dropdown display issue fixed
  • Fixed: Nav Menu Addon – PHP notice: array to string conversion issue fixed

1.8.7 (09-03-2022)

  • Fixed: Error „JLTMA_Extension_Particles does not have a method “ma_el_add_particle_admin” issue fixed. Thanks @kmrao for informing about the issue
  • Updated: SQL query bug issue fixed
  • Fixed: Space on heading class „MA Blog“ issue fixed. Thanks @steliosk82
  • Updated: „MA Duplicator“ security bug and Template Importing issue fixed
  • Updated: Error Array to String conversion on „MA Reading Progress Bar“ issue fixed

1.8.6 (06-03-2022)

  • Updated: Sanitization, Escape & Validation issues fixed
  • Updated: Freemius SDK Updated
  • Fixed: MA Blog – class spacing issue fixed. Thanks @steliosk82 for informing about the bug.
  • Fixed: MA Duplicator $wpdb->prepare() used for SQL Query
  • Updated: MA Countdown Timer updated
  • Updated: Rollback Version updated

1.8.5 (27-02-2022)

  • Updated: Sanitization, Escape & Validation issues fixed
  • Updated: Template Library not working issue fixed

1.8.4 (23-02-2022)

  • Updated: Sanitization, Escape & Validation issues fixed
  • Updated: All remote Image and Script, Style url’s moved on local scope
  • Updated: Stable Tags updated
  • Updated: Featured Product Rating style issue fixed

1.8.3 (21-02-2022)

  • Updated: MA Timeline broken html issue fixed

1.8.2 (20-02-2022)

  • Updated: All Ajax Requests Security bug issues fixed
  • Updated: Master Addons Editor icon alignment issue fixed

1.8.1 (30-01-2022)

  • Added: New Addon Element „Comparison Table“ released

1.8.0 (16-01-2022)

  • Added: New Addon Element „Comparison Table“ released
  • Updated: Counter UP Content Alignment issue fixed
  • Updated: Pro version CSS file not found issue fixed
  • Updated: Swiper Slider not working issue with Team Slider, Timeline, Blog Carousel, Logo Slider etc has been fixed
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects – External Links not working issue fixed

1.7.9 (10-01-2022)

  • Fixed: Unreleased Addons list updated

1.7.8 (10-01-2022)

  • Added: New Extension „Tooltips“ added
  • Fixed: Mega Menu Popup not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: Mega Menu Enable/Disable and „Edit with Elementor“ button switcher issue fixed
  • Fixed: Floating Effects not working issue fixed

1.7.7 (02-01-2022)

  • Fixed: Plugin Activation error fixed

1.7.6 (02-01-2022)

  • Added: New Addon „Source Code“ Addon added
  • Updated: Replaced string „MELA“ on Master Addons Options panel
  • Fixed: ‚is_pro‘ warning showing on admin panel, issue fixed
  • Fixed: Advanced Tabs – Tabular Content style issue fixed
  • Updated: Panel „Master Addons“ Icon color issue updated to white
  • Updated: Dashboard Widgets feed xml error issue fixed
  • Updated: Infobox Style – Five and Ten Updated, fixed broken Hexagon layout
  • Updated: Image Hotspot – Tooltip position for individual item issue fixed
  • Fixed: Modal Popup on Header Footer Templates not working issue fixed

1.7.5 (24-11-2021)

  • Updated: Icons Extended Extension updated with Icons Library – Elementor Icons, Simple Line Icons, Iconic Font Icons, Linear Icons, Material Icons.
  • Updated: Admin UI updated
  • Updated: Display Conditions Extension for protecting contents updated for Sections. Previously, it was only for widgets or elements. Now it supports Sections also
  • Removed: Trials removed from Master Addons for Elementor
  • Fixed: Display Conditions Output HTML checkbox not working issue fixed (24-10-2021)

  • Removed: Feather Icons, Remix Icons, Teeny Icons from Icons Library Manager
  • Added: Elementor Icons, Iconic Font Icons, Linear Icons, Material Icons, Simple Line Icons added on Icons Library Manager
  • Added: Icons Library Manager Options added on Master Addons Admin Panel and configured with White Label Options
  • Fixed: White Label Options not saving issue fixed
  • Fixed: Mega Menu popup not showing issue fixed
  • Fixed: Header, Footer & Comment Form Builder popup not showing issue fixed

1.7.4 (11-10-2021)

  • Fixed: Pricing Table button not showing issue fixed
  • Fixed: Comments addon not showing on Addons list issue fixed

1.7.3 (24-09-2021)

  • Updated: Elementor Free Icons not found issue fixed
  • Updated: Reading Progressbar extension warning issue fixed
  • Updated: Updated Pricing Page

1.7.2 (24-09-2021)

  • Fixed: Glassmorphism Extension Class not found issue fixed

1.7.1 (24-09-2021)

  • Fixed: Update notice error issue fixed
  • Fixed: Text Domain issue fixed

1.7.0 (24-09-2021)

  • Updated: All Addons and Extensions styles re-coded for speed optimization
  • Updated: RTL support for both Admin Panel and All Addons and extensions
  • Updated: Dual Headlines – fixed icon size and color not working issues. Added, Icon sizes and fixed typo „text color“
  • Updated: Deprecated method _content_template() fixed on all elements and extensions
  • Updated: Advanced Accordion – Toggle/Accordion option not working issue fixed
  • Updated: Progressbars loading bar not showing issue fixed both admin and frontend
  • Updated: Team Members – Added
  • Removed: Bootstrap dependecies removed
  • Fixed: Image Hotspots – fixed not working on editor mode and individual item icon color not changing issue
  • Fixed: Counter Up – Editor style not working issue and Counterup not working on editor mode
  • Updated: Creative Links – organized option settings
  • Updated: MA Tooltip – Completely re-coded with tippy.js with extensive options
  • Updated: MA Image Filter Gallery – Tooltip functionality updated
  • Updated: MA Hotspots – Tooltip functionality updated
  • Updated: MA Pricing Table – Tooltip functionality updated
  • Added: „Tooltip“ extension added, now any element/section can have Tooltips
  • Updated: Table of Contents – addon fully re-coded with bug fixes.
  • Removed: Team Slider – Circle svg Animation style 05,06,07 has been removed for file not found.
  • Updated: Team Slider – Carousel Arrow Distance style not working issue fixed
  • Updated: All Addons deprecated _register_controls method replaced with register_controls() for later Elementor 3.0.0 supports
  • Updated: All Element Addon translation support given, editor broken issue fixed
  • Added: Pricing Table – Icon control Color Control, Icon Size, Icon Padding, Icon Margin settings added
  • Added: MA Search Addon – added Popup settings for Input Text and Description text change
  • Added: Restrict Contents – added fields are – Password fields placeholder text,Age restricting select fields, Math Captcha fields width on style tab.
  • Added: New Addon Element Image Carousel Addon
  • Updated: Info box – Title hide while selecting icon issue fixed
  • Updated: Logo Carousel – Logo Slider updated with Swiper Slider
  • Updated: Team Slider – Team Slider updated with Swiper Slider
  • Updated: Admin Notice for Review and Upgrade design updated
  • Updated: Blog – Blog Slider updated with Swiper Slider
  • Updated: Timeline – Timeline style updated, Horizontal Timeline slider updated
  • Support: PHP version 5.6 supported
  • Updated: Current Time – reference link updated
  • Updated: Search Addon – Icon Color not changing and SVG Icon editor error issue fixed
  • Updated: Blockquote Addon – Blockquote Color, Typography, Background Color, Text Alignment etc style options added
  • Updated: Toggle Content – Default Label Content added
  • Fixed: Advanced Image – Lightbox Image not showing issue fixed
  • Fixed: Header Footer & Comment Builder – popup not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: Counter Up -Number Suffix and Number Prefix added for counter
  • Fixed: Toggle Content – Indicator Background Color, Width, Height options added

1.6.6 (08-09-2021)

  • Update: Style Tab not working on Custom Breakpoints issue fixed
  • Compatibility: Latest Elementor and Elementor Pro Compatibility

1.6.5 (09-07-2021)

  • Dependency: Elementor Custom Breakpoints plugin updated with latest Elementor Support
  • Tweak: Removed Elementor\Scheme_Typography deprecated function and updated with Elementor\Core\Schemes\Typography
  • Tweak: Removed Elementor\Core\Schemes\Color deprecated function and updated with Elementor\Core\Schemes\Color
  • Update: MA Toggle Content – Label field cann’t change issue fixed, fixed Icon picker issue also.
  • Dependency: Stratus Theme supports given
  • Fixed: Display Conditions not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: Image filter gallery Image source not getting issue fixed
  • Fixed: Removed „Master Addons for Elementor“ text on Editor Breakpoints

1.6.4 (30-05-2021)

  • Fixed: Many „MA Icons“ icons showing issue fixed.Thanks to @slipperyman, Support URL:
  • Added: Floating Effect was removed, it’s added again to work smoothly.

1.6.3 (30-05-2021)

  • Updated: Team Slider, Image Carousel Arrows & Pagination re-structured. Outside arrows not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: Oceanwp theme conflicts with bootstrap.min.css file issue fixed
  • Fixed: Animated Gradient – Add New button not working issue fixed. Thanks @oscarlopem, Support URL:
  • Updated: MA Icon not showing on Page/Post Editor. Conflicting with „Elements Kit“ plugin issue fixed

1.6.2 (25-04-2021)

  • Fixed: Admin area text „Master Addons for ElementorMaster Addons“ for network levels issue fixed. Thanks @sneoo4, Support URL:

1.6.1 (24-04-2021)

  • Fixed: Mega Menu REST API data not saving issue fixed. Thanks @toki666, Support URL:
  • Fixed: Mega Menu not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: Dual Heading: Description alignment not working
  • Fixed: Cross-Site Scripting(XSS) for widget issue fixed – Dual Heading, Accordion, Animated Headlines, Gradient Headline, Blog, Flipbox, Image Carousel, Image Hover Effects, Team Members Slider,
  • Fixed: Timeline: Icon not working issue fixed
  • Updated: MA Search color not working issue fixed. Border, Padding added for Search Icon
  • Fixed: Debug warnings ‚thumbnail_size‘ for Image Hover Effect, Team Member issue fixed
  • Fixed: „News Ticker“ content not showing as slide. When hover there is a URL but no text issue fixed
  • Fixed: „Dual Heading“ Description alignment not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: „Team Slider“ – overlapping content on Fade Effect for Team Carousel issue fixed
  • Fixed: „Team Slider“ – Style>Position not working issue fixed

1.6.0 (27-03-2021)

  • Fixed: Dynamic Tags not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: Tooltip styles broken issue fixed
  • Fixed: Dashboard Text upper menu issue fixed
  • Fixed: Timeline – Custom Timline Date not showing issue fixed

1.5.9 (11-03-2021)

  • Fixed: Menu Title not showing issue fixed

1.5.8 (10-03-2021)

  • Fixed: Form Addons and Marketing addons not found on Elementor Panel issue fixed.
  • Added: White Label Options added for Developer Plans only feature.
  • Added: System Information tab added on Settings panel. It has all necessary informations about current website. Copy to clipboard added for faster support of list of Active plugins.
  • Fixed: Advanced Accordion default padding issue fixed.
  • Fixed: MA Image Carousel – Column not working issue fixed
  • Compatibility: Latest WordPress v5.7 and Elementor v3.1.4

1.5.7 (28-02-2021)

  • Updated: ‚jquery-slick‘ updated with ‚Swiper Slider‘ library. Updated Widgets – MA Blog, MA Slider, MA Gallery Slider, MA Twitter Slider, MA Timeline etc
  • Added: New Element added „Advanced Image“.
  • Added: „MA Duplicator“ added on Extensions
  • Updated: Fully revamped plugins file structure with namespace and file locations.
  • Updated: Domain Checker – Added Search Button Link for Affiliates and anyone can integrate WHMCS for searching Domains.
  • Removed: Slick Slider removed from Gallery Slider
  • Removed: Slick Slider removed from Blog Element
  • Removed: Slick Slider removed from Timeline
  • Removed: Slick Slider removed from Logo Carousel
  • Removed: Slick Slider removed from Image Carousel
  • Removed: Slick Slider removed from Twitter Carousel
  • Updated: Blog Element updated with Swiper Slider support and improved functionality.
  • Updated: Gallery Slider updated with Swiper Slider support
  • Updated: Timeline Element fully revamped with new UI and fixed bugs
  • Removed: „MA“ word removed from all Elements
  • Added: Blog Posts Element – Added „All“ text change option on Category Tabs filter. Thanks to @link1921u. Feature Request URL:
  • Added: Blog – 2 new options added for thumbnail position – a)Top Thumb, Bottom Title and b)Bottom Thumb, Title Top. Thanks @link1921u. Feature Request URL:
  • Fixed: Filterable Gallery – Tooltip not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: Filterable Gallery – Filterable Navigation Show/Hide issue fixed
  • Added: Filterable Gallery – Tilt Effect with option settings added
  • Added: Filterable Gallery – Editor not working and „global“ undefined console error issue fixed.
  • Added: Filterable Gallery – Lightbox image overlaps like one after another issue fixed. Thanks to @pedropamn. Support Link:
  • Added: Vertical Timeline – Editor not working and „global“ undefined console error issue fixed.
  • Updated: Team Slider – Carousel Settings updated with latest Swiper compatibility
  • Updated: Image Carousel – Carousel updated with Swiper Compatibility
  • Updated: Logo Slider – Carousel updated with Swiper Compatibility
  • Updated: Twitter Slider – Carousel updated with Swiper Compatibility
  • Removed: „Instagram Feed“ removed due to recent update of Instagram API changes
  • Updated: Repeater Fields not working on Editor and having a gray color background issue fixed for – Advanced Accordion, Animated Headlines, Business Hours, Changelogs, Image Filterable Gallery, Image Carousel, Image Hotspot, Image Hover Effects, Logo Slider, Pricing Table, Slider Element, Dynamic Table, Advanced Tabs, Timeline, Toggle Content etc
  • Updated: Dual Heading – First Heading and Description Alignment not working issue fixed. Conditions applied for First Heading and Description alignment
  • Updated: Completely revamped „Advanced Accordion“ with better UX. Removed all unnecessary elements and styles. Can do any type of design now like gradient title, gradient color content etc. Toggle content alignment issue fixed and updated.
  • Fixed: MA Tabs editor preview not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Progressbars editor preview not working issue fixed
  • Updated: Team Members fixed issues – Content alignment not working fixed, Social Icons repeater not working on editor fixed, Social icons style updated, added placeholder image if no image selected.
  • Updated: Image Hover Effects – removed „No Image Selected“ notice and added placeholder image for better user experience.
  • Updated: Background Slider Extension – fixed Editor not loading issue (24-01-2021)

  • Added: Custom Timeline date_format option added.
  • Updated: Fully Multisite supported
  • Fixed: Multisite Activation error issue fixed
  • Updated: Multisite License update all over network updated
  • Updated: Widgets loading on each Multisite require files updated
  • Added: Advanced Accordion – Border Radius, Box Shodow added on Title

1.5.6 (10-01-2021)

  • Added: „Gradient Headlines“ Element added
  • Tweak: worked on Performance issue
  • Fixed: Few CSS issue fixed

1.5.5 (26-12-2020)

  • Added: Particles Extension „Z-Index“ option added
  • Added: Wrapper Link extension. Supports – Individual Elements, Sections & Columns. You can Make Section or Column Clickable on Elementor.
  • Updated: We’ve got numerous requests about performance issue. Updated Huge performance updated on both Editor and Frontend. Loading scripts and styles conditionally.
  • Added: Animation settings added on „MA Animated Headlines“ widget element
  • Added: Gradient Color Option added on Reveal
  • Updated: MA Reveal – reveal for Columns supports given
  • Fixed: Admin Notice „Never Show Again“ not working issue has been fixed
  • Fixed: Creative Buttons style issue fixed for – Winona, Tamaya, Rayen, Nina, Nanuk, Antiman, Itzel, Naira, Quidel etc
  • Fixed: Team Members – Social Icons with Content Alignment issue resolved
  • Fixed: Progressbar – input number showing wrong fill bar color issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Infobox – Color and style issue for variation one, two, five, seven, eight, nine and ten fixed (8-12-2020)

  • Fixed: Sweetalert2 issue fixed on Admin „Save Settings“
  • Fixed: Mailchimp Addon conflicting ID issue fixed

1.5.4 (22-11-2020)

  • Updated: Slow Down Elementor issue resolved. All Scripts and Styles dependecies will only active while the specific addon will be added.
  • Removed: Team Member default Background color removed
  • Fixed: Uncaught Error: Class ‚Elementor\Plugin‘ not found issue fixed for Floating Effects
  • Added: alignment, padding option added for Icon, Title, Desciption on MA Infobox
  • Added: MA Counter Up – Added Individual item Background Color Option
  • Added: MA Blog – Added Show/Hide Read More link
  • Updated: Getting Error „elementorFrontend“ is not defined issue fixed for „Custom Breakpoints“
  • Support: Formidable Form supports given, conflicting issue with Checkbox, Labels issue fixed
  • Fixed: Active Text color white issue on „MA Image Filter Gallery“ issue fixed
  • Updated: Reveal extension bug – Anime.min.js updated
  • Added: Morphing Blob Effect Extension
  • Added: Main plugin file renamed from ‚master-elementor-addons.php‘ to ‚master-addons.php‘
  • Fixed: Upsell coupon code typo issue fixed. 25% discount given. Also made the strings translatable
  • Updated: „Total Number of Posts“ on MA Blog Posts Pagination issue fixed
  • Updated: „Pagination Alignment“ on MA Blog updated and fixed
  • Added: Added „Active“ tab on MA Blog>Style>Pagination for styling Active pagination items
  • Updated: Freemius Library Updated from v to v2.3.0
  • Fixed: „responsive_icon.svg“ icon not found on Console issue fixed
  • Updated: Performance issue on Elementor Eidtor Speed increased. Re-factored files for lowest requests
  • Updated: „MA Dual Heading“ – Enable Icon condition issue fixed, General settings changed to Icon Settings

1.5.3 (28-09-2020)

  • Added: Version Rollback option added on „Master Addons“ option menu if something happened wrong. Users can Rollback to Previous version.
  • Fixed: MA Table Icon not working issue fixed
  • Released: Floating Effects extension added
  • Updated: Transfroms Extension updated. On previous there’s lack of interactions and slow the Editor Process. Imrpoved the functionality and performance.
  • Fixed: MA Advanced Accordion – Saved Section, Widget, Page Templates pro message shown
  • Fixed: MA Current Time – Custom Date Format dropdown issue fixed. Changed to TEXT format
  • Fixed: MA Countdown Timer – Datetime format issue fixed on Countdown timer. On previous time showing wrong format.
  • Added: Tooltip „Visible on Hover“ added on „MA Tooltip“ and „MA Image Hotspot“ extension
  • Removed: Group Control „Transofrms“ removed
  • Removed: Single Control „Transofrms“ removed
  • Removed: Single Control „XY Position“ removed (14-09-2020)

  • Fixed: is_woocommerce_active() function return missing issue fixed

1.5.2 (13-09-2020)

  • Fixed: Animated Headlines – Backend not working issue has been fixed. Now, working perfectly on both backend and frontend.
  • Added: Animated Headlines – Added Padding, Margin, Border, Border Radius and Box shadow for more controls on animated headlines
  • Fixed: Reading Progres Bar warning fixed
  • Added: Item Padding option added on Navmenu
  • Removed: Default Tablet background color removed from Navmenu
  • Added: Comment Form Submit Button – Background Color, Typography, Padding, Margin, Border, Border Radius, Box shadow added
  • Fixed: Progress Bars – active bar color option added, stats alignment(left,default,right) option added
  • Fixed: Call to Action – Background Color not changing issue fixed
  • Removed: Call to Action – Background Color Style Preset not required, already it has options and removed
  • Removed: Call to Action – Gradient Background Color Style Preset not required, already it has options and removed
  • Fixed: Call to Action – Background Color not changing issue fixed
  • Updated: Call to Action – Previous Icon dropdown select option replaced with Icon Picker Library.
  • Updated: Call to Action – re structured UX settings for better control. Added more controls like padding, margin, border radius, Button Style etc
  • Added: Filterable Portfolio Gallery – Image Popup Icon select option added, Added Icon size option on Style Tab
  • Added: Filterable Portfolio Gallery – Title Typography, Description/Sub Title typography and Color not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: Team Carousel – Responsive Slider Controls on Desktop, Tablet, Mobile not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: Fully compatible „MA Editor Button“ placement issue on Tweentytwenty Theme and other themes
  • Fixed: MA Counter Up – Color, Typography style not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Flipbox – Icon Picker changed on both Front and Back box from dropdown to Elementor Icon Library
  • Fixed: MA Flipbox – Front Box description not showing issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Flipbox – Title’s changed from TEXT to TEXTAREA for better visibility. Design Styles bring to front for better UX, re-arranged controls for better usablity.
  • Updated: MA Flipbox – Added more controls on Action Button Style Tabs – Normal and Hover Settings
  • Updated: Main Navigation style breaking with some Themes has been fixed.
  • Updated: Advanced Acordion – Collapse, Open icons changed from Dropdown to Icons Library. Repeater Icon also changed
  • Updated: Blog Element – Excerpt Icon changed from Dropdown to Icons Library, Icon alignment issue fixed
  • Updated: Business Hours – Icon dropdown changed to Icon Library Picker, Checked other compatibility
  • Updated: Creative Icons – Design Style Presets bring on front instead of Style Tab. Icon dropdown changed to Icon Library Picker, Icon Alignement issue fixed.
  • Updated: Creative Links – Icons Library Updated to latest Fontawesome 5 Icons support. Alignement block issue fixed, brought Style Presets in fornt for better usability
  • Updated: Dual Heading – Icons Library Updated to latest Fontawesome 5 Icons support. Alignement block issue fixed, brought Style Presets in fornt for better usability. Conditional Icons select option fixed
  • Updated: Image Hover Effects – Icons Library Updated to latest Fontawesome 5 Icons support.
  • Updated: MA Infobox – Icons Library Updated to latest Fontawesome 5 Icons support. Style Presets brought on Content Section for better experience.
  • Updated: Pricing Table – Icons Library Updated to latest Fontawesome 5 Icons support. Style Presets brought on Content Section for better experience.
  • Updated: Table of Contents – Icons Library Updated to latest Fontawesome 5 Icons support.
  • Updated: MA Tabs – Icons Library Updated to latest Fontawesome 5 Icons support.
  • Updated: MA Team Members – Icons Library Updated to latest Fontawesome 5 Icons support.
  • Updated: MA Tooltips – Icons Library Updated to latest Fontawesome 5 Icons support.
  • Added: MA Toggle Content – Icon options added on Repeater field and given compatibility.
  • Updated: MA Toggle Content – Icons Library Updated to latest Fontawesome 5 Icons support.
  • Updated: Bootstrap’s default classes changed for conflicting issues with other themes – container, navbar, btn classes changed to „jltma-“ prefix.
  • Updated: Default button color updated to Master Addons brand color also removed default font size, font family etc.
  • Supported: AcmePhoto Theme navigation broken style issue fixed
  • Supported: Comment Form – warning message showing for Hello Elementor Theme has been fixed

1.5.1 (5-09-2020)

  • Fixed: „Animated Gradient“ repeater not working for Elementor v3.0 update issue fixed
  • Update: Template Importer support given for both Elementor v2.x.x and v3.x.x
  • Fixed: WooCommerce Checkout page style issue fixed
  • Fixed: Custom Breakpoints Panel height issue fixed
  • Fixed: Custom Breakpoints updated with native Elementor support. It works exactly like default Breakpoints.
  • Fixed: Custom Breakpoints – Section/Columns and all other elements Breakpoints support given.
  • Fixed: Custom Breakpoints – Section/Column Import Export also works now
  • Fixed: Header_Footer class not found on oceanwp and other Themes issue fixed
  • Added: Reply and Show Replies button margin option added

1.5.0 (29-08-2020)

  • Added: „Elementor Custom Breakpoints“ added as Third Party Extension, which is also available on
  • Fixed: „Template Import“ not working on Elementor v3.0 issue fixed
  • Added: Dynamic Conditions Extension Added
  • Added: Dynamic Tags Extension Added (Which is available on Elementor Pro)
  • Added: Gallery Slider Addons Added
  • Updated: Toggle Content – Added Toggle Border on Style Tab
  • Renamed: Re-named extension „Transitions“ to „Entrance Animation“
  • Updated: All Animation effects working now on Entrance Animation, also fixed animation delay JS issues.
  • Updated: Notices for Pro users showing asking to purchase issue fixed
  • Updated: Added Width & Height on „Image Hover Effects“
  • Added: Comment Form – Added ‚website‘ field hide option on Comment form.
  • Fixed: Comment Form – Checkbox style issue fixed, placeholder not required for Checkbox(conditions fixed)
  • Info: Animated Gradient – Reapeater Field not working on Elementor v3.x.x Section/Columns and causing Section/Column Duplicate/Delete error. Details: Due to Elementor’s core problem we’ve temporarily disabled multiple Color picker for Animated Gradient to work smoothly. While they’ll fix the issue we’ll enable it again.

1.4.8 (26-08-2020)

  • Updated: Quick update for giving suppor Elementor v3.0
  • Updated: Editor not loading on Elementor v3.0 issue fixed

1.4.7 (16-08-2020)

  • Added: Header, Footer & Comment Form Builder extension added
  • Updated: Multiple Toggle Content on same page not working issue fixed
  • Updated: Reading Progress bar warning issue fixed
  • Updated: Activation/Deactivation hook fixed, if not saved data then warning showing on Admin Settings problem fixed.
  • Fixed: Plugin Deactivation popup style issue fixed
  • Fixed: Toggle Content alignment css issue fixed
  • Added: Alignment added on Countdown Timer
  • Fixed: Fixed Rest API Endpoins notice – „register_rest_route was called incorrectly. The REST API route definition for is missing the required permission_callback argument. For REST API routes that are intended to be public, use __return_true as the permission callback. for more information. This message was added in version 5.5.0“
  • Fixed: Mega Menu link not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: Image Comparison default Move Handle issue fixed (10-08-2020)

  • Removed: Due to error, we’ve removed „Custom Breakpoints“. We’ll release it Addon/separate plugin.

1.4.6 (10-08-2020)

  • Updated: Admin UI changed to modern look and placed necessary links in front.
  • Updated: Elementor Custom Breakpoints enabled with fixes – not editing live editor and not saving changes issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Appearance>Themes UI changed issue fixed
  • Updated: Master Addons Scripts & Styles dependency only loaded for Master Addons Menu
  • Updated: Master Addons Admin Dashboard widget blog posts style issue fixed, removed contents and only Titles are showing for better appearance.
  • Added: Group Control Transitions added on „Image Hotspot“ addon
  • Added: New Addon Element „Toggle Content“ added
  • Added: New Extension „Custom JS“ added. It’s applied on Page „Advanced“ Settings. Now, any kind of JavaScripts can be applied on specific page. (20-07-2020)

  • Removed: Temporarily removed Custom Breakpoints for layout issue on frontend. Will fix it and enable it again asap. (20-07-2020)

  • Fixed: Fatal error Elementor\Core\Base issue fixed
  • Updated: Reading progressbar warning fixed (20-07-2020)

  • Fixed: Quick fix on fatal error. (20-07-2020)

  • Fixed: Quick fix on fatal error.

1.4.5 (18-07-2020)

  • Added: Elementor Custom Breakpoints added as Extensions module.
  • Removed: „MA“ Text removed from all Addon names on Admin backend „Addons“ settings.
  • Added: Live Demo, Documentation and Video added on every Addon elements bottom for easily accessible help.
  • Added: Live Demo, Documentation and Video popup added on Addons switcher
  • Fixed: MA Blog Element – 1) Thumbnail Condition Checked on Style tab. 2) Content Color not working issue fixed. 3)
  • Updated: MA Tabs – 1) Icon & Tabs typo fixed. Border Radius issue fixed 2) Icon size was missing, now icon size can be controll on all styles
  • Updated: MA Timeline – 1) Horizontal space problem fixed 2) warning showings issue fixed
  • Fixed: Business Hours – warning issue fixed. Image size problem fixed
  • Updated: Dashboard UX changed. Demo, Documentation and Video Tutorials tooltip added with resource links. So, anyone can navigate to specific Addon and check how it works.
  • Updated: Dashboard UX codebase updated. Also, huge improvements with Clean codes & overall project codebase.
  • Removed: Image and Icon option removed from Infobox
  • Updated: MA Domain Search – Search default button style updated. Console error also fixed
  • Fixed: Dual Heading – undefined array getting errors for URL issue fixed. URL link to header issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Team Members – undefined array getting errors for URL issue fixed. URL link to header issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Flipbox – „Notice: Trying to access array offset “ error fixed and conditionally opened Image and Icons.
  • Fixed: MA Image Hover Effects – „Notice: Trying to access array offset “ error fixed and custom Message given for not selecting Image.
  • Added: Custom Message added on Helper Class. Implemented on Image Hover Effects.
  • Fixed: Master Addons>Changelogs php warning issue fixed
  • Removed: Dashboard Widget „Master Addons News & Updates“ – content excerpt, publish date removed for making it clean

1.4.4 (07-07-2020)

  • Fixed: Animated Header extra div problem fixed
  • Fixed: Team Slider Free vs Pro Message issue on Premium Version showing message issue fixed
  • Removed: MA Infobox default Description hover removed.
  • Fixed: Reading Progress Bar – loading full site issue fixed. Now, it only loads enabled pages/posts.

1.4.3 (06-07-2020)

  • Added: Header & Footers Tab added on Template Library Editor popup. Currently pre-built 20+ Headers and 10+ Footer designs added on our Template Library.
  • Added: Reading Progress Bar on Page Settings Tab
  • Added: MA Duplicator for duplicating posts/pages and given support for Duplicating all kind of Custom Post Types
  • Fixed: Off Canvas Nagivation menu toggling with anywhere on webpage clicking issue fixed
  • Updated: MA Tabs updated script for nested Tabs. Now it supports Nested Tabs beautifully
  • Tweak: MA Tabs content typography and Title typography problem fixed. Added 1/12 columns on Tabular Content style

1.4.2 (17-06-2020)

  • Updated: Before After Image – Mouse handler not showing in Pro issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Tabs – warning on installation issue fixed.
  • Fixed: MA Tabs – border radius not working problem fixed
  • Fixed: Vertical Tabs – width 70% problem fixed. Now, content is full width according to container
  • Fixed: Tabular Content – Font Size not working issue fixed
  • Updated: Cleanup unnecessary files for reducing plugin size (17-06-2020)

  • Fixed: Warning showing on Admin fixed

1.4.1 (17-06-2020)

  • Updated: Improved Admin User Experience. Typography improved, Save button border problem fixed, navigation typography improved. After saving popup will automatically close, before it needs to close manually.
  • Fixed: Animated Headlines scripts issue fixed
  • Added: MA Tabs – Tabular Content Style added. Added few more controls – Padding, Margin, Border Radius, Box Shadow, Font Size etc.

1.4.0 (11-06-2020)

  • Added: New Addon „Instagram Feed“ added
  • Added: New Addon „Image Comparison“, after and before image comparison added
  • Fixed: Image Link duplicate checkbox removed from Image hover effect
  • Updated: Team Carousel – Default Style issue fixed, Help Tab adde added for easily navigate Videos, Blog article and Documentation
  • Updated: MA Infobox – default broken style issue fixed
  • Fixed: Backend sidebar search not working problem fixed
  • Updated: Onepage & Mobile Menu close by clicking outside issue fixed.
  • Added: Added new class for reset popular theme styles. Airi, Oceanwp theme default sytles issue fixed
  • Fixed: Infobox Border not working problem fixed
  • Fixed: MA Team Members Carousel Slider Columns not working problem fixed.
  • Added: MA Infobox – Border Radius, Margin, Padding added
  • Fixed: MA Infobox- Border type not working problem fixed

1.3.9 (29-05-2020)

  • Updated: Set Border Radius individual corner, removed previous %/px settings. Added Margin, Padding for Image, Title and Description
  • Fixed: For Premium users on MA Tabs „upgrade pro“ message on Style Tabs fixed.
  • Fixed: Search – console error with JS re-factored. Icon Popup CSS and JS bug fixed.
  • Added: New Widget „Blockquote“ added
  • Fixed: Oceanwp Theme footer conflict issue fixed
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effect – Custom Image size issue.
  • Fixed: MA Team Members – Custom Image size issue.
  • Added: Image Hover Effects – Popup Image, Popup Content, Popup Section, Popup Page Template options added to PRO version.
  • Added: Blockquote – new Element added.

1.3.8 (13-05-2020)

  • Removed: Margin bottom removed from Image Hover Effects
  • Fixed: For Premium users on MA Tabs „upgrade pro“ message on Style Tabs fixed.

1.3.7 (11-05-2020)

  • Fixed: Free and Pro version conflicting fatal error issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects – Image equal and dynamic height problem fixed. Alignment problem fixed.
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects – on editor extra padding problem fixed.
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects – Added Box Shadow. Default set Lily to Sadie effect. Image height problem on editor fixed
  • Fixed: Creative Links margin issue fixed

1.3.6 (06-05-2020)

  • Fixed: If Contact Form 7 turned off all addons hidden on Editor issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Editor edit mode not working issue fixed

1.3.5 (06-05-2020)

  • Added: MA Tabs: more controls added on Tab Heading & Tab Content. Options added – padding, margin, border, border radius etc
  • Updated: MA Blogs- Filter by Category Filter and Navigation option updated. Now, posts can be filtered by category.
  • Removed: MA Navmenu- Justify alignment removed from desktop.
  • Added: MA Navmenu- Hamburger menu alignment added for Desktop
  • Fixed: MA Navmenu- On Scroll Sticky, Smart Scroll, Fixed On Scroll, Fixed Top not working issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Navmenu- Tablet screen menu not working problem fixed

1.3.4 (27-04-2020)

  • Fixed: Template Library Editor Popup Conflicting issue with other plugins
  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects: Image size warning issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Search: Fixed styling Search form and button issue.
  • Fixed: MA Restricted Content – Age Selection scrollbar css issue fixed. All „On Page“ requests done by ajax.
  • Removed: MA Restricted Content – All „On Page“ requests, reloading pages
  • Fixed: Gravity Form – Gravity Form not working problem fixed
  • Fixed: MA Creative Links – Duplicate end_controls_section() causing error issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Navigation Menu – Overlaping Mega Menu contents issue fixed
  • Fixed: Master Addons Changelog error – ‚Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated‘ issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Mailchimp menu not showing on Addons list issue fixed
  • Fixed: Oceanwp Theme Main Navigation gone while activating Master Addons issue fixed

1.3.3 (13-04-2020)

  • Fixed: Mega Menu Dropdown padding issue fixed
  • Fixed: Contact Form 7 not showing on dashboard issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Team Slider – Dots & arrow showing conflict issue fixed
  • Fixed: Mega Menu – Tablet background color issue fixed, menu_label warning issue fixed
  • Fixed: Restrict Content – Onpage restrict not working issue fixed
  • Updated: MA Contact Form – Label display half on contact form issue fixed
  • Removed: „Roboto“ font family removed as default form stylesheet
  • Added: MA Team Slider – HTML Tags option added on MA Team Slider
  • Added: MA Counter Up – Responsive Padding & Margin added
  • Added: Ma Navmenu – Tablet Menu issue fixed,

1.3.2 (05-04-2020)

  • Added: New Addon „MA Counter Up“ element added, Box Shadow removed.
  • Added: New feature added on „MA Domain Search“ with Affiliation, Custom Messages, style issues fixedma
  • Fixed: „MA Team Member“ background not changing issue fixed
  • Fixed: Image hotspot: Icon not showing issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Navmenu – Submenu Indicator no default option fixed, warning showing navmenu walker issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Dual Heading – Text Alignment on first heading option added, fixed width issue fixed. Adjustment issue fixed for first heading.
  • Updated: MA Team Member Slider – Box Shadow removed. Default space given on Desktop & Tablets.
  • Fixed: MA Image Filter Gallery – Preview Icon not showing problem fixed,
  • Added: MA Navigation Menu – On Scroll, Smart Scroll, On Scroll Fixed, Fixed menu styles and animation styles added.

1.3.1 (02-04-2020)

  • Added: „Mega Menu“ extension added with huge customization options
  • Added: „MA Navigation Menu“ element added with huge customization options
  • Added: „MA Search“ Addon added
  • Added: „MA Domain Search“ Addon added
  • Added: „MA Table“ Addon added with dynamic customization Options
  • Added: „MA Countdown“ Addon added

  • Fixed: MA Tabs – replaced Textarea with Editor.

  • Fixed: MA Pricing Table – Fixed footer link not working issue.
  • Fixed: MA Infobox – error showing on links, image not found

1.3.0 (09-03-2020)

Fixed: Mega Menu file not found issue on backend warning fixed.

1.2.9 (27-02-2020)

  • Fixed: MA Filter Gallery > Filter Nav On/Off issue fixed
  • Added: MA Filter Gallery > Button Styles- Background Color, Text Color, Typography, Box Shadow, Padding added.
  • Added: MA Filter Gallery > Filter Alignment added on Style tab
  • Fixed: „MA Add Element“ button hidden after Elementor version 2.9 issue fixed
  • Fixed: Ready Pages not showing issue fixed on MA Elementor Template Kit
  • Added: Templates Title name added on every Template on modal popups
  • Fixed: Popup color fade issue with dark Elementor fixed
  • Fixed: Filters by Addon positioned on right side

1.2.8 (19-02-2020)

  • Fixed: MA Filterable Gallery Duplicate URL issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Timeline „Posts Per Page“ error issue fixed
  • Fixed: CSS issue with other websites typography, color and other settings. Fixed problem loading CSS files while Buttons, Creative Links, News Tickers are disabled.
  • Added: 6 New Extensions added – Positions, Transforms, Transitions, Reveal, Rellax, Container Extras, Advanced animations.
  • Added: 2 New Addons Added – Restrict Content and Current Time.

1.2.7 (27-01-2020)

  • Fixed: After Activating Elementor Pro, „MA Custom CSS“ codes disappear issue fixed

1.2.6 (25-01-2020)

  • Fixed: ‚ma-restrict-content‘ error on backend issue fixed

1.2.5 (24-01-2020)

  • Fixed: Background Image issue on Business Hours addon fixed
  • Added „MA Custom CSS“ Addon.
  • Fixed: MA News Ticker conflicting with other Tickers fixed
  • Added: Text Alignment added on MA Animated Headlines
  • Re-factor all codes, conflicting with Free Version Plugin.
  • Modules – Background Image Slider, Particles, Animated Gradient Module Class re-factored.

1.2.4 (31-12-2019)

  • Fixed: Promotional Banner showing only „Master Addons“ admin Page. „Close“ button for not showing promotional content
    issue fixed.
  • Added: New „MA Pricing Table“ Elementor Addons added with exclusive, feature-rich and extensive customization options
  • Fixed: Master Addons Icon not showing on Pro version issue fixed.

1.2.3 (14-12-2019)

  • Added: Blog Excerpt „Read More“ style, typography, padding, margin added
  • Added: Read More Icon added with left,right alignment. Padding option also given.
  • Added: Border Radius added on Thumbnail Image
  • Fixed: Blog Post Meta Separator fixed
  • Fixed: Blog Pagination Margin issue fixed
  • Added: Blog Title Padding and Margin Added
  • Added: Content Scroll Indicator Element added

1.2.2 (10-12-2019)

  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects error issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Markdown Constructor method error fixed.
  • Fixed: Promotional Content Skip Link added
  • Fixed: MA Timeline ICONS method issue fixed.

1.2.1 (26-11-2019)

  • Fixed: Dashboard all checkbox Off issue
  • Added: Promotional Banner added for Black Friday and Cyber Monday lifetime deals for $29
  • Fixed: If Contact Form 7 Installed and Activated then Contact Form Element will load issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Scrolling issue on Master Addons Admin issue fixed
  • Fixed: cann’t redeclare ‚ma_el_image_border_color‘ issue fixed

1.2.0 (18-11-2019)

  • Removed: tocbot.css file removed. CSS moved to main css file. Duplicate contents of css loading
  • Fixed: Extensions Pro issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Title color not changing „Style 2“ on Call to Action fixed
  • Fixed: Applied Osaka Pro Theme Download link on Premium Plugin Version

1.1.9 (11-11-2019)

  • Fixed: ‚ma_el_blog_users‘ misspelled on MA Timeline
  • Fixed: ‚ma_el_bh_table_btn_link‘ butto link on MA Business Hours
  • Fixed: „(pro)“ removed from MA Creative Links
  • Fixed: MA Image Carousel Addon Name fixed
  • Added: MA Timeline Addons Added
  • Update: MA Image Filter Gallery Addons Added. Sponsors carousel or Logo Carousel, Client Carousel, Image Carousel
    with text will be added next update.

1.1.8 (04-11-2019)

  • Fixed: Fixed error Elementor\Group_Control_Base

1.1.7 (01-11-2019)

  • Fixed: MA Image Hotspot Tooltip issue fixed

1.1.6 (29-10-2019)

  • Added: MA Image Hotspot Added
  • Fixed: MA Image Hover effect css issue fixed
  • Fixed: Ma Flipbox hover effect issue fixed

1.1.5 (22-10-2019)

  • Fixed: Image Hover Effects Conditions fixed. Title, Social Links, Descriptions conditionally show issue fixed with

1.1.4 (15-10-2019)

  • Tweak: Team Slider Content Drawer conflicting with Slick Slider issue resolved.
  • Added: Team Slider Added Background Image Position Left, Top for proper adjustment.
  • Added: Team Slider Added Team Member Image Position Left, Top for proper adjustment.
  • Tweak: Fixed Animation SVG not showing issue.
  • Updated: Updated 6 Circle Gradient Layout styles for Team Slider Background
  • Added: Rounded Style Team Members Added
  • Fixed: Dashboard Extensions, Addons tabs error fixed.
  • Added: Image Size, Background Image size added on Team Slider Image
  • Added: Dual Heading Icon fixed
  • Added: MA Accordion Single Item class error fixed
  • Added: Added Icon Border Color on MA Flipbox
  • Added: „MA“ icon added on Widgets top right corner
  • Fixed: MA Infobox – Title and Description hover color issue fixed
  • Added: „MA“ top right corner icon added for easy identical. MA Icon css issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Creative Button style issues fixed – Winona, Tamaya, Rayen, Isi, Saqui, Nina, Nanuk, Itzel, Naira, Sacnite
    buttons etc.
  • Added: Missing Bootstrap css file added.
  • Added: MA Infobox- Icon Color, Icon Background, Icon Hover Color and Icon Hover Background Color option added
  • Tweak: MA Creative Button Box Shadow on Hover issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Team Carousel Image not showing problem fixed
  • Added: MA Team Carousel and MA Team Members Content Alignment feature added
  • Added: Added Border for MA Team Carousel Navigation items
  • Added: 3d Flipbox Added on MA Flipbox
  • Added: Added Image Hover Effects and Style issues fixed.
  • Added: MA Blog Element Addons with huge Customizations Options.
  • Added: MA News Ticker Addon, you can do any kind of variations by yourself
  • Added: MA Business Hours – bunch of Customizations and Layout Variations
  • Added: MA Table of Contents – Must have Addon for Content Creators. Unlimited variations for Table of Contents.

1.1.3 (10-09-2019)

  • Fixed: Icons Color Changed „Normal“ and „Hover“ Options given on MA Dual Headlines
  • Fixed: Creative Button Saqui Transform style fixed

1.1.2 (06-09-2019)

  • Fixed: MA Team Members Carousel JS issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Changelog h2 tag overlap issue fixed
  • Removed: MA Flipbox Duplicate Background removed
  • Removed: MA Flipbox Front Box Title, Description color Removed.
  • Fixed: MA Team Carousel Gridder offset problem fixed
  • Fixed: Call to Action Variations Added, Gradient, Background Image, Typography added
  • Updated: Master Addons Admin Page re-factored. Minimal Designed, Compressed Addons spacing for better visuals.
  • Removed: Master Addons Admin page – „How to“ section with Demo links. Removed all Images from source folder for
    decreasing Plugin size. Reduced 12MB to 4MB. All Images will be loaded from Master Addons website.
  • Updated: Flipbox Background Color Updated
  • Added: Team Slider – Item Spacing for all team member options, Gridder spacing, Gridder Background Color and
    Designation Color option Added.
  • Team Members
  • Added: MA Flipbox Front Text and Back Text Alignment
  • Added: Nested Tabs feature added for MA Tabs.
  • Updated: Re-factored MA Tabs Codes
  • Added: Multicolor Accordion Title and Content Color Option given
  • Added: Social Icon Color Change Option for „Normal“ and „Hover“ tab Option added on MA Team Carousel
  • Updated: Dashboard News widget and Blog Updates Feed Link changed to Master Addons Website. Logo Icon Placed for
    more visual appeal.
  • Added: Dashboard Master Addons News RSS feed Opens New Window.
  • Updated: Dashboard Addons, Extensions seperated. Pro Features blocked with Popup Sweetalert.
  • Added: Blocked Pro Version Ribbons, popup opens with Pro Version Pricing Links.

1.1.1 (30-08-2019)

  • Fixed: MA Headlines renamed MA Animated Headlines.
  • Fixed: Accordion Design Presets styles done.
  • Added: Accordion Items can be designed individually. Every item can be set different background color, text color etc.
  • Added: Nested Accordion feature added
  • Removed: Image and Video feature removed from Accordions
  • Fixed: Animated Gradient Background color issue fixed. Overlay color set issue also fixed.
  • Fixed: Background Image Slider for sections issue fixed.
  • Fixed: MA Animated Headlines page flipping issue fixed. Updated scripts and styles.
  • Added: Nine Style Presets added for MA Animated Headlines.
  • Fixed: Icon not showing issue on Dual Heading fixed.
  • Fixed: Added „Heading HTML Tags“ Options on Dual Heading Elements. Fixed – Typography, Color and Background issue for
    First Design Preset.
  • Fixed: Particles not showing, Animated Gradient Background not working, Background Slider Image resize issues fixed
  • Added: „Master Addons Widget Badge“ added on Particles, Animated Gradient Background, Background Slider.
  • Fixed: Caldera Form error and Styles.
  • Fixed: Infobox 10 Design Style Presets fixed.
  • Added: Infobox gradient Color Style changer
  • Removed: Custom Title and Description removed from Ninja Form
  • Fixed: Ninja Form Label and Placeholder switcher and css fixings.
  • Fixed: Dual Heading icon spacing issue fixed
  • Added: HTML Tags added on Dual heading icon spacing issue fixed
  • Fixed: MA Cards Image Alt content now showing fixed
  • Added: Flipbox- Default, Image, Diagnoal style variations added
  • Added: New Addon Element added „Creative Links“
  • Removed: Font Awesome 4, Font Awesome 5, Animate.css, wow.js removed from plugin. All are available on Elementor Core
  • Added: Affiliation Added for any Plugin Users. Starting from 50% flat commissions for all Affiliates.

1.1.0 (11-8-2019)

  • Fixed: Admin Notice not showing issue on Master Addons issue fixed
  • Fixed: Plugin uri changed to Master Addons website
  • Fixed: Contact Forms Style issues fixed
  • Fixed: Accordion Style issues fixed, conflicting JS issue fixed
  • Fixed: Team Member and Team Member Slider style issue fixed

1.0.9 (2-8-2019)

  • Fixed: Freemius SDK Live Update problem. It’s fixed now.
  • Updated: Team Section Full Size Image Replaced with backend Image size.
  • Updated: Carousel Team Slider Updated fixed Image Size to backend Image size by user Inputs
  • Updated: Forms Styles and other style issues

1.0.8 (25-7-2019)

 * Fixed: Freemius Free Version Popup issue fixed

1.0.7 (24-7-2019)

 * Fixed: Accordion issue fixed
* Fixed: weDocs sweet alert conflicting issue fixed
* Updated: Checked Free vs Pro version of Master Addons Comparisons
* Update: Pro Ribbon added on Gravity Forms, functioned frontend and backend also
* Update: Schedule Plugin Check

1.0.6 (6-7-2019)

  • Fixed: Markdown Library Error – Plugin activation Error “The plugin does not have a valid header” fixed
  • Added: Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, WPForms, Caldera Forms, weForms added
  • Updated: 12 Style Presets added for Contact Form 7
  • Update: Schedule Plugin Check

1.0.5 (4-7-2019)

  • Fixed: Plugin activation Error “The plugin does not have a valid header” fixed
  • Update: Version bump

1.0.4 (3-7-2019)

  • Added: Freemius SDK for Master Addons for Elementor
  • Added: Call to Action Element/Widget
  • Added: Call to Action Progressbars Element
  • Fixed: Addons Tabs Style fixed
  • Fixed: Move Master Addons Main menu from Sub Menu
  • Fixed: Menu Position Changed just under „Elementor“ and „Templates“ Menu
  • Added: Info Service Icons
  • Fixed: BG Slider swiper.min.css file not found issue
  • Fixed: Creative Links Conflict with website Nav Class/ID’s
  • Fixed: Admin Docs content typo fixed
  • Fixed: Script not working issue fixed- progressbars, tabs, accordion, team slider was not working. Fixed the issue.
  • Fixed: Countdown Script issue fixed
  • Fixed: Progressbar, Piechart, Progressbars, Team Slider, Counterup, Countdown, Custom waypoint Script issue fixed
  • Fixed: Dashboard Settings not working issue fixed
  • Updated: Master Addons Class CSS and JS files re-arranged with wp_register_style and wp_register_script methods

1.0.3 (26-6-2019)

  • Fixed: Ninja Forms not found issue fixed
  • Added: Added Dashboard News feed for Master Addons
  • Fixed: Cleanup Unnecessary Codes
  • Fixed: Free and Pro Creative Buttons CSS fixed
  • Fixed: Dependencies and Checked Free and Pro Version Apply Filter.
  • Added: Ninja Forms Added with unlimited customization possibilities
  • Added: Caldera Forms Added
  • Added: WP Forms Added
  • Added: weForms Added
  • Added: Call to Action Elementor Element / Widget added
  • Added: Creative Buttons Added
  • Added: Section Particles Added: BG Slider, Animated Background etc

1.0.2 (24-6-2019)

  • Fixed: Advanced Accordion JS issue fixed
  • Fixed: Animated Heading CSS issue fixed


  • Version Bump

    = 1.0.0 (17-6-2019)=

  • Initial Release